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Jason Wells Circleville HS & Mike Hartley Logan Elm HS

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1 Jason Wells Circleville HS & Mike Hartley Logan Elm HS
400m training Jason Wells Circleville HS & Mike Hartley Logan Elm HS

2 A few of my favorite quotations
“The reason most people fail is that they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.” “In times of crisis, you will not rise to the occasion but default to your level of training. “A lot of coaches know the ingredients but very few know the recipe.” --Mark Wetmore, Colorado

3 Clyde Hart’s energy systems
What are the ingredients? Energy Systems Types of workouts Pace and rest Anaerobic Alactic (Phosphagen)—14% 100’s 133’s Faster than race pace Lots of rest Anaerobic Lactic (Glycolytic)—48% 300’s 3-1-3 2-1-1 A lot of race pace Various rest intervals Aerobic—38% Easy running 90:10 Conversational to steady state pace Energy System Link #1 Energy System Link #2 Energy System Link #3 Clyde Hart’s energy systems • Speed endurance • Tempo endurance • Strength endurance • Endurance Running • Power speed • Event running • Speed • Strength

4 Offseason plan Circleville • Run 5 days/week. Lift!!!
• Monday—8 to 12 minutes of 90:10—90 steady state, 10-second sprint • Tuesday—20-minute run w/ strides OR Flying 30’s • Wednesday—Hills OR 3-1-3 • Thursday—20-minute run w/ strides OR Flying 30’s • Saturday—20- to 40-minute run Logan Elm • Run 6 days/week. Abs and Push Ups •Saturday’s long= Early Season 3 miles, early mid season 4 miles, late-mid season 5 miles, last 3 weeks taper 5, 4, 3 miles. •Wednesday’s= Intervals 200’s, 300’s, 400’s; Ladders; late season 500’s and 600’s. •Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday= Distance & Strides. Distances start with 2 miles work to 4 miles. Some type of stride workout- start with 4x work to 8x.

5 Circleville season plan
Basic principles • Set goals • Easy-Hard-Easy • Lots of 100’s and 300’s—No 200s—Brooks Johnson/Ken Jakalski • Workouts 2½ x race distance • “Relaxed speed” Workouts Early season • Hard days—Hills, 90:10, 300’s, 3-1-3 • Easy days—20-minute run + strides, Flying 30’s, or 50:50 Mid-season • Hard days—300’s, 3-1-3, 2-1-1, 133s, 100s Late season • Hard days—300s (?), 2-1-1, 133s, 100s • Easy days—10- to 15-minute run + strides OR Flying 30’s

6 Logan Elm season plan Philosophy- Speed always. Everyday some form of speed training endurance through intervals. First 3 weeks- Light base training of 4 days of 20 minute running with a form of striders of 6-8 with 2 days of interval training: Ladders, 300’s,, or 200’s with 3 minutes rest, fartlichs 30 on 30 off, with 10 minute cool down. Sundays off. Next 6 weeks minute runs 3 days a week on Saturday, Sunday and usually Thursday with a form of striders from 8-10x. 4 hard days consisting of 2 meets (Tuesday & Friday), and Monday and Wednesday intervals a lot of 300’s and 200’s with some 400’s and 600’s typically 3:00 rest. All out long intervals 10 minute rest. Notice this has 3 hard days in a row Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday easy Thursday, Invite Friday. League to State meet- Sundays off, 2 days of meets, 2 days of 2 miles and strides (4-6x), 2 days of intervals with at least one day between intervals and meet. Intervals are all 200’s some 300’s. Shorter, Faster with 5:00 rest.

7 Problems with this philosophy
Logan Elm season plan •The early and mid season intervals with short rest creates, speed, strength & endurance, but may have tired heavy legs for early to mid meets. •End of season intervals creates much greater speeds, times, drop drastically, legs are fresher and stronger. •Important tough finishing workout- 300 all out, 1 minute rest, 100 all out sprint. Problems with this philosophy Getting the first group of kids to buy into it. Once one group does, it becomes standard to all incoming kids. Keeping freshmen healthy or first year runners. Once a runner has put a year in, the runner knows what to expect, and their bodies know how to handle it. Not a lot of early results. Getting kids and keeping kids running hard 3 days in a row. *Important note-expect some injuries first year.

8 Logan Elm season plan Important things to do. Time every Interval
Give kids copies of the workouts Understand their times and listen to the kids. You may see that they need a break. Remember that as long as you can hang tough and get them through the early workouts, the benefits will come.

9 Race Strategy CIRCLEVILLE
• 0-50m—Get out fast!!! • m—Find your rhythm • m—“Glide” down the backstretch • m—Position yourself on final turn • m—On homestretch, maintain stride rate—“relaxed speed”/“quick arms” • 4x4: Teach the handoff—face the track! Teach the cut-in. LOGAN ELM We have a quote that we use for our strategy. Basically we know that running fast or slow, you are going to be tired the last 100 meters, so cover 300 meters fast.

10 Ancillary Work Strength • Dynamic warmup • Core
• Hurdle Drills—3 drills x 2 sets x 8-10 hurdles = total hurdles • Weights on own Stretching—Only do static stretching after workout/race Nutrition handout • Post-race/workout recovery • 20 mins after a race/hard workout, 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio • Chocolate milk!!! Misc. • Ice bath • Massage sticks/foam rollers/self-massage • Golf balls • Barefoot running

11 Contact Info /

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