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22 мая 2013, Киев Построение Windows 8 приложений для доступа к SharePoint 2013 Бельский Сергей.

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1 22 мая 2013, Киев Построение Windows 8 приложений для доступа к SharePoint 2013 Бельский Сергей

2 Agenda Getting started with Windows 8 Apps Which SharePoint APIs are suitable? Binding SharePoint data Searching SharePoint Notification 2

3 What is a Window 8 app? 3

4 Touch First No chrome – full screen experience Designed for Touch and Pen input 4

5 What is a Windows 8 app? Full screen window with multiple views Supports touch and works great without Runs on a variety of devices Sandboxed Uses tiles instead of icons Can be distribute via Windows Store 5

6 Why Windows 8 App and SharePoint? Great way to visualize data Business Intelligence Charts / Graphs Reports Brings SharePoint to the Desktop Executives love touch Great app opportunity Easy to develop 6

7 Getting Started 7

8 Getting Started - Environment At least two machines required Server running SharePoint 2013 SQL, Active Directory, Workflow, WAC optionally on other servers Client running Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise works best Ideally both machines are on the same domain 8

9 Getting Started - Server Windows Server running SharePoint 2013 Visual Studio not required More memory is ideal 9

10 Getting Started - Client Client running Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise ideal Connected to same domain Visual Studio 2012 RTM 2 GB – 4 GB of memory Internet connection required 10

11 Which Language? HTML5 + JavaScript XAML with C#, Visual Basic, or C++ code-behind DirectX with native C++ and HLSL 11

12 DEMO Simple App. Simulator 12

13 SharePoint Integration Points Authorization Data binding Contracts Search Live Tiles Notification 13

14 Authorization 14

15 Authorization 15

16 DEMO Authorization to the office 365 16

17 Data binding 17

18 Data binding steps Retrieve data from SharePoint Bind data to default view model Customize template 18

19 SharePoint 2013 APIs RSS Client Script Object Model Web Services REST 19

20 Whats covered in the new CSOM/REST APIs? 20 And much, much more!

21 Why is REST the best choice? Simple and Easy to Use Much easier to use than SOAP-based Web service Higher productivity when using JavaScript and jQuery Results can be returned in JSON and ATOM format Test in a browser 21

22 ODATA URIs URI has three significant parts Service root URI Resource path Query string options (select, filter) 22

23 REST URLs in SharePoint 2013 23 JavaScript Library Silverlight Library.Net CLR Library Custom Client Code Client Server _api is new alias for _vti_bin/client.svc REST OData JSON CSOM

24 Mapping Objects to Resources Example REST URLs targeting SharePoint sites _api/web/lists _api/web/lists/getByTitle('Announcements') _api/web/lists/getByTitle('Announcements')/$select=title,body,expirationdate 24

25 Response XML 25

26 ATOM XML or JSON? Response data format selected with ACCEPT header XML can be easier to deal with from managed code To get ATOM XML response use "application/atom+xml" JSON is easier to deal with when using JavaScript To get JSON response use "application/json" 26

27 REST Queries from Windows 8 Apps Use HttpClient object to GET SharePoint data Use HttpClientHandler object for authentication Add headers to request data in ATOM XML format Parse data with LINQ to XML 27

28 Data Templates Bind data to SharePoint fields Change look and feel of results Can be defined in: Page.Resources StandardStyles.xaml 28 …

29 Package.appmanifest Specify information about your app i.e.: Name, logo, supported orientations, splash screen Declares capabilities your app requires SharePoint typically requires: Enterprise Authentication (not for office 365) Internet (Client) Private Networks (Client & Server) (not for office 365) 29

30 DEMO Data binding a document library using REST + JSON 30

31 App Contracts 31

32 What is App Contract? An agreement between one or more apps Built with special Visual Studio project items File Picker Play To Search Share Settings 32

33 Search Contract Great for SharePoint Add SharePoint Search to the Charms menu Touch friendly interface App automatically launched if not open Can be activated on keyboard input 33

34 Creating a Search Contract Use Search Contract Project Item Query search via REST Format XML into expected format Bind results to this.DefaultViewModel[Results] 34

35 Searching SharePoint Search Web Service deprecated REST API preferred query method Search REST URL 35

36 DEMO Searching SharePoint documents from Windows 8 App 36

37 Tiles and Notification 37

38 Tiles Combination of text and images Defined by XML 34 Templates Available Can be updated by app 38

39 Tiles come in all shapes and sizes 39

40 Tile XML 40

41 Apps can notify users with Tiles Badges Toast Lock Screen 41

42 Types of notification Periodic Polling – occurs at regular intervals until stopped Scheduled – occurs at a scheduled time Push 42

43 Strategy for updating Tiles with SharePoint No client side code executed when polling Tile XML Avoid custom code in SharePoint Solution: Custom RSS 43

44 DEMO Notification 44

45 Resources Windows 8 Apps + new Office 365 (SharePoint Online) online.aspx My technical blog Programming using the SharePoint 2013 REST service 45

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