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GEMINI – A GENI Instrumentation and Measurement System Overview and Status.

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1 GEMINI – A GENI Instrumentation and Measurement System Overview and Status

2 Current Status (Tutorial tomorrow) To have an instrumentized slice: 1. Add a "GN" node to your rspec. 2. Run the script with appropriate credentials and slice name.

3 GEMINI Architecture GEMINI Global Registry (UNIS) GENI I&M Archive GENI I&M Archive Portal(s) Event Messaging Service perfSONAR (REST and SOAP) Measurement Point BLiPP MP NEW (Openflow, Layer2, Virtual Machine) NEW (Openflow, Layer2, Virtual Machine) Meas. Stores MA GENI AuthN/Z Instrumentize GENI RACKS GEMINI SLICE GEMINI SLICE Measurement Controller / Collector Measurement Controller / Collector Network

4 What you get: INSTOOLS and LAMP (perfSONAR for GENI) together as one. Passive Metrics (INSTOOLS) Active Measurements (LAMP) Archiving (INSTOOLS) User workspace for ease of setup and use (New)

5 Current Capabilities Active Metrics Bandwidth (bwctl) One-way latency (OWAMP) Latency (Pinger) Archiving IRODS CNRI Local GMOC Passive Metrics CPU Utilization Memory Utillization TCP Traffic UDP Traffic ICMP Traffic IP Traffic Host Network Info (Routing tables etc.) Host Process Info

6 Issues with current version Multiple interfaces Configuration confusion perfSONAR services are specialized and hard to extend, many services for different metrics. Different stores/databases for different metrics. Old/Clunky SOAP and XML

7 New Architecture Features New Measurement Store (MS) o NoSQL data store o Stores all metrics in a common (JSON) format o REST API New UNIS o Also NoSQL/JSON o REST API BLiPP (An MP) o Collects many host metrics and sends to MS o Registers metadata and config/status with UNIS

8 Next Steps Integration of ABAC support (prototyped) Application metrics with NetLogger

9 Goals: High rate, low impact monitoring o We want the ability to have very fine grained data. Single consistent interface o We aim to simplify configuration while still leaving advanced options open Fewer moving parts o Consolidated MS o UNIS unifies topology, configuration, and metadata Easy processing, retrieval, and visualization of data

10 https://mail- attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=9e81e4c5 f6&view=att&th=13869c c2 c&attid=0.3&disp=inline&realattid=f _h4eznr952&safe=1&zw&saduie=A G9B_P- f3pWUgBD2MTVoNiluhF0N&sadet = &sads=VEKDdQt 1LPhh7RsUgentxXC3Ii8&sadssc=1 GEMINI Architecture

11 Questions? Thanks for your attention!

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