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Bike Rally/Walk-a-thon Communications Support DCARA Roles and Radio Operator Duties.

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1 Bike Rally/Walk-a-thon Communications Support DCARA Roles and Radio Operator Duties

2 What is Amateur Radios Role? Stations and assignments What equipment are needed to help out? Tour De Cure – August 3 rd Other upcoming events How do I sign up?

3 Amateur Radio operators provide safety and welfare communications support for the event o Extra eyes on the course o Track the first and last riders o Get help to riders that need assistance o Relay supply and logistical information o Look for hazards and lost riders o Verify the course is clear of riders

4 Whats a SAG?! Lets clear up some acronyms and terminology NCS Rover SAG Rest Stop Shadow Tail Lead

5 OK, So what does each communications positions do?

6 NCS Net Control Station Maintains orderly communications and serves as the focus for net functions Keeps track of all resources, active and reserve Directs radio traffic (Directed Net) Maintains net discipline Logs incidents and traffic

7 Persons wanting to be an NCS, The net control is in charge of the net during the event and is responsible for the information flow and the character of the event net. The net control operator can make or break a net. o Have strong, clear signal with good audio o Issue all instructions in a clear and concise tone o Keeps track of the status of all stations and their capabilities and functions o Keeps a written log of traffic handled during the event

8 Rover Rovers monitor the course looking for hazards, riders or participants that need assistance, and track the location and status of the first and last riders/participants Typically are assigned a specific portion of the route/course and remain in that section until directed by Net Control to relocate or secure

9 Rest Stop Operators The primary responsibility of the operator will be to report incidents involving rider or volunteer safety Generally, these incidents are rare The most likely reports will be involving supplies or transportation requests (SAG)

10 Be at the rest stop about 30 minutes before the first riders are anticipated to arrive. You should not request permission to secure until the last ride has left the rest stop While youre specific assignment is communications, feel free to assist the rest stop staff as long as you can still maintain radio communications at all times

11 Event Shadow Allows constant contact with some person who is important to the event operation Thus the amateur operator MUST remain in the immediate vicinity of the person shadowed AT ALL TIMES Because the person being shadowed will usually be involved in some important activity, the shadow should be mostly unobtrusive in the vicinity of the person, interjecting only when communications is needed

12 The shadow operator must remain with the person being shadowed at all times. In addition, the amateur must monitor the radio AT ALL TIMES. The operator should be in good physical condition to be able to walk and sometimes long distances with the official

13 OK, So what equipment do I need?

14 NCS – the club will generally supply the equipment for the NCS station Everyone o ICS 205 communications plan and course maps Rover o Your Vehicle o Mobile Radio, preferably dual band (2m and 70cm) o APRS is preferred (but not required) so NCS can monitor your location o Safety vest Rest Stop Operator o Hand Held Radio (HT) – at least 2m, prefer dual band o Safety vest Event Shadow o Hand Held Radio (HT) – at least 2m, prefer dual band o Safety vest

15 What else could be helpful?? Portable Go Kit for remote/distant rest stops (this is a great opportunity to make sure your go kit still works!!) Magnetic Signs for Rovers indicating you are an Amateur Radio Communications vehicle Amber LED or revolving lights for Rovers and Tail

16 Tour De Cure August 3 rd 6:30am to 3:00pm Start/Finish at Texas Motor Speedway 3 courses (15mi, 32mi, and 62mi) 4 rest stops NCS will be in the parking lot South of the South Tunnel (Look for the Grey Denton County Emergency Management Motor Home – CLEATUS)

17 Other Events this year Oct 12 – North Texas Bicycle Rally o Start/Finish South of Roanoke o Four courses encompassing Trophy Club, Keller, Roanoke, Haslett, and more October 26 – Komen Ride for the Cure o LBJ Grasslands National Park (Wise County) o Horse Ride o Stationary positions o HTs will work fine

18 November 2 - Touched By Suicide Community Walk o Bartonville Town Center o Course is on the trails and through Lantana November 16 – Turkey Roll Bicycle Rally o Start/Finish at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (West of North Lakes Park) o Courses go North as far as Valley View o 5 courses – 5 miles to 68 miles Keep an eye on the calendar on the web site

19 How do I sign up to help with events?

20 Join the DCARA Operations Yahoo Group Also Linked from the DCARA Web Page The call for operators only gets sent to those that are registered in the OPS Yahoo Group

21 Questions??

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