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Dhananjay Kumar

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1 Dhananjay Kumar http://dhananjaykumar.net

2 REST is a architecture style not standard to design and create Service REST is the Service on the WebIt uses HTTP protocolIt uses URI for resource identification (REST)


4 WCF Data Service ODATA ADO.Net Data Service Project Astoria

5 WCF Data Service ODATA ADO.Net Data Service Project Astoria

6 It is a web ProtocolIt is used for updating and querying dataIt uses HTTP protocolIt uses ATOM and JOSON web message formatsIt uses URI for resource identification (REST) OData is released under the Open Specification Promise to allow anyone to freely interoperate with OData implementations.Open Specification Promise

7 Application :SharePoint 2010, IBM Web Sphere, SSRS, SQL Azure, Azure table Live Services : facebook,Pluralsight, vanGuide, TechEd2010, NerdDinner Browsers, ODATA Explorer, Excel 2010, LINQPAD, SesName Odata Browser Client Librarries : W7Phone, Javascript,.Net, PHP PRODUCER CONSUMER

8 WCF Data Services Framework Consists of a combination of patterns and libraries that enable the creation and consumption of data services for the web. The goal of WCF DATA Service is to facilitate the creation of Flexible data Services that are naturally integrated with the web WCF Data Service exposes CRUD operation as REST service using ODATA protocol

9 CREATE Data in Table HTTP POST RETERIVE Data from table HTTP GET UPDATE Data in table HTTP PUT DELETE Data in table HTTP DELETE

10 Message Format JSONATOM JSON for AJAX clients ATOM for any type of clients



13 Demo #1 Creation of WCF Data ServiceDemo #2 URI optionsDemo #3 Consuming in Console ClientDemo #4 Server side Paging



16 Download ODATA client library for Windows 7 Phone Remove digital signatureCreate Proxy class Consume in Windows 7 Phone app


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