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KI TI WG ITU-T SG17 Q10/17 Identity Summit Event 10 Dec. 10, Geneva Jonas Högberg, Ericsson 1.

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1 KI TI WG ITU-T SG17 Q10/17 Identity Summit Event 10 Dec. 10, Geneva Jonas Högberg, Ericsson 1

2 KI TI WG Group – Formed in 08 as a LAP SIG – Operates as KI since spring 10 – Jointly chaired by Orange and Ericsson – Voting members: Orange, DT, Oracle, Fraunhofer Fokus, Ubisecure & Ericsson – 30 people on the member roster 2

3 KI TI WG Charter – Goal: help reconciling fragmented efforts in the telco specifications development area and in the telco market place regarding IdM. – How: acting as a forum to facilitate the dialog between KI and the telco industry sector. – The WG wants to: Provide telco knowledge/needs on the IdM space towards KI Facilitate that KI specifications address telco specific needs Produce telco adaptations/refinements in KI specifications Drive communication between KI and other telco work/standardisation through liaisons 3

4 KI TI WG Work Done – White paper on IMS & Internet Identity* Official LAP publication. In process of being donated to KI. 4 *Download at: Telco services are no longer clearly separated from the Internet, particularly looking into identity issues.

5 KI TI WG 5 *Download at: GAA/GBA Web Authentication from IMS SAML assertions in SIP messages Federations in IMS Networks ID-WSF Using IMS resources on the Web No new technology is needed! Main Finding Ideas

6 KI TI WG Ongoing Work Telco Requirements for IdM IdM Frameworks in Network APIs Architecture for Scalable IdM Systems SOAP & REST Harmonisation 6 Addressing security challenges on a global scaleGeneva, 6-7 December 2010

7 KI TI WG Telco Requirements for IdM 7 Target Areas Increasing user experience Third party integration Providing Telco assets Exercise of the type see where we stand and later draw conclusions.

8 IdM FWs in Network APIs KI TI WG 8 One thing seen: IdM is always mentioned but hardly makes it to the first release. APIs OMA Parlay X NGSI GSMA OneAPI WAC SDOs ETSI ITU-T 3GPP OIPF GSMA/WAC OneAPI

9 KI TI WG Massively Scalable IdM Systems Architecture – Target: L (50 m. users) to XXL (500 m. users). – Focus: telecom use-cases other systems: governments, banks, web-2.0, etc. – Idea: virtual identity infrastructure transparent & seamless to both users & developers. – End goal: provide a cook book enabling implementation of a reference architecture. – Please find more info at: ssively+Scalable+Architecture+Video+Introduction ssively+Scalable+Architecture+Video+Introduction 9

10 KI TI WG SOAP & REST Harmonisation – From the network APIs study: 10 State-of-the-art on Telco's APIs Identify what can be done to improve the current situation… aim

11 KI TI WG SOAP & REST Harmonisation – From network API study; Telco network APIs come in two flavours, namely REST and SOAP. – WI; see how one can expose both HTTP/RESTful and SOAP versions of the APIs easily and in a consistent way. – Typically, for IdM & security, OAuth (REST) is often used for simple and non-secure services. – For more complex and secure services, a SOAP binding using ID-WSF as a standard component could be the choice. 11

12 SOAP & REST Harmonisation Opportunity to push ID-WSF as a FW for SOAP-based Telco APIs. KI TI WG 12 HTTP/RESTFul API OAuth SOAP ID-WSF IdM, security, … KI TI WG SOAP & REST Harmonisation

13 KI TI WG Q & A – Thank you! – Please contact KI and/or KI TI WG if you are interested in joining the group or have any other queries. 13 Jonas Högberg, Ericsson Co-Chair KI TI WG Kantara Initiative Telecommunications Identity WG 445 Hoes Lane Piscataway| NJ 08854 | USA Phone +1-732-981-3434 | Fax +1-443-647-0099

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