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Le Conditionnel Saying what would be.

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1 Le Conditionnel Saying what would be

2 Le Conditionnel Just as the futur simple is a tense that describes what will happen; The Conditionnel describes what would happen In English, to form the conditional, you insert the helping verb « would » before the present tense verb. - I go → present tense - I would go → conditional (present tense with the helping verb « would » in front)

3 Le Conditionnel In French, however, the conditional is formed by adding endings to the infinitive: Je parle → I speak (present tense) Je parlerais → I would speak (conditionnel) In other words, the English word « would » is included in the ending.

4 Forming le conditionnel
To form the conditional: -ais -ions Infinitive of the verb + -ais -iez ait -aient parler → je parlerais finir → tu finirais For –re verbs, drop the final « e », before adding the endings rendre → nous rendrions

5 Le verbes irréguliers avoir → j’aurai (futur simple)
Just like in the futur simple, there are irregular verbs in the conditional; however there is good news! The conditional has the exact same stems as the futur simple avoir → j’aurai (futur simple) j’aurais (conditionnel) être → nous serons (futur simple) nous serions (conditionnel)

6 You already know all these irregular stems from the futur simple, but here they are again:
aller → ir- avoir → aur- devoir → devr- être → ser- faire → fer- pouvoir → pourr- venir → viendr- voir → verr- vouloir → voudr-

7 Could and Should In English, the word could is simply the combination: « Would + can » or « Would + to be able to » Similarly, the word Should is the combination « Would + must » or « would + to have to »

8 À-vous I would eat You would talk He would do She would celebrate
One would light We would come You (pl.) could They (m.) should

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