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CATEGORY. Work, Rest, Play your Part for England BUSINESS TO CONSUMER.

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2 Work, Rest, Play your Part for England BUSINESS TO CONSUMER

3 CATEGORY Summary of Sponsorship In 2012 Mars bar faced a challenge to drive brand growth in the face of intense competitor activity particularly around London 2012. As an Official Sponsor and Adult Partner of the Football Association (FA), Mars bar had a strong platform to deliver a campaign in association with the England Team at UEFA EURO 2012. A 360 integrated campaign was developed around the theme Work, Rest, Play Your Part for England which delivered against sales, brand, internal and external stakeholder objectives. It also helped continue to drive awareness for Mars in football and the brand message of Work, Rest & Play.

4 CATEGORY Sponsorship Planning Mars positioning was built around insights in three key areas: Consumers: England fans are renowned for their passion and support of the National Team especially around Major Tournaments. UEFA EURO 2012: during this Olympic year Mars had an opportunity focus on football, the National Game. Mars: Mars provides fans with the positive energy to play their part in supporting the England team. Mars role was to deliver an integrated campaign to celebrate and reward everyday heroes who play their part in supporting England.

5 CATEGORY Television Commercial (TVC) Developed featuring England players, Theo Walcott, Scott Parker, Glen Johnson; and Holland star Robin Van Persie. The TVC showed an England fan wearing the Official Special Edition Shirt, which could be won on the pack, playing is part for the team by saving penalties against the Dutch. This was played out over a 12 week period in the build-up and during EURO 2012. The TVC reached #3 for Marketing Weeks Ad Watch in the first week in May, 10 places above Cadburys Olympics Ad. Interest in the TVC was enhanced with cryptic teasers which were seeded across digital media prior to the TVCs first airing.TVCcryptic teasers

6 CATEGORY Out of Home Key sites secured for wide outdoor media buy to support the campaign. Press Two-tiered strategy: 1. Tactical press around England matches showing consumers playing their part 2. Promotion press ads linked to the on pack offer of a shirt giveaway

7 CATEGORY Public Relations Campaign amplified through PR Activity included: - Multiple interviews with ambassadors (Theo Walcott, Scot Parker, Glen Johnson, Robin Van Persie) promoting the shirt offer - Theo Walcott dedicated media day - Multiple interviews with non-football celebrities, to target more than just the sports pages: Paddy McGuinness, Denise Van Outen and Alesha Dixon - Photo push out featuring football and celebrity ambassadors

8 CATEGORY Digital Mars used digital channels to reward England fan effort. This included: - Shirt giveaways - Match tickets - Access to England training sessions - Opportunity to write messages of support which featured (real-time) on the Wembley LED boards at England matches - Exclusive player content England players and celebrities involved in the campaign used their social media channels to encourage their followers to get behind the campaign.

9 CATEGORY England Match Day Assets Contractual assets were used to increase campaign awareness and reach. LED boards were used at England home matches, supported by Big Screen footage and programme adverts Mars also used The FAs digital channels to engage with England fans and drive traffic towards promotion and content pages

10 CATEGORY Trade Promotions - To gain in-store space and prominence Mars provided key trade accounts with bespoke overlays using contractual assets to provide unique and exclusive access to the England team - Customer accounts engaged in the promotions included Tesco, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Compass and Argos

11 CATEGORY Associate engagement Crucial to any activity at Mars is the full buy-in and involvement of their Associates (staff). An internal engagement plan was developed which rewarded Associates through: - Guest appearances at the head office from Theo Walcott, Stuart Pearce and Sir Trevor Brooking - Free supporter shirt for every Associate - 800 tickets provided to Associates and their families for the England v Belgium match at Wembley, with a free ride on the England team coach - 6 all-expenses paid trips to watch England v Sweden in Kiev at EURO 2012 - Signed England merchandise

12 CATEGORY Sponsorship Evaluation ObjectiveResult Drive sales growth o Increase sales growth 16% additional growth vs target Drive penetration and share gain Penetration was increased Share gain in Independent Impulse sector for the first time on Mars since 2006 Achieve market reach o Target 90% of all UK adults Media buy led to +1 Reach ads: 98% In addition: Outdoor campaign reached 24m people On pack offer reached 35m adults Consumer competition entries o Beat 2011 Mars campaign by 20% 2012 campaign more than doubled 2011 campaign (220,000 vs 102,000) Build awareness of Mars sponsorship of the England team o Demonstrate an increase in fan and general awareness England Fan awareness: Mars: January 27% June 46% VS FA Sponsor Average: January 20% June 16% Maintain association of Work, Rest, Play with Mars brand All adult association raised 5% from 20 to 25% over campaign period Provide the best Mars Associate (staff) engagement in the companys history o Engage over 90% of Associates 100% of Mars Associates were engaged with the internal engagement programme The highest rated internal engagement piece in history Boost Mars Facebook fans o Increase base by 20% 25% increase of Facebook fans over the campaign

13 CATEGORY Lessons Learned Amplifying the England Partnership during a tournament year is extremely successful England players provide credibility for brands talking through the lens of football Internal buy in and engagement with staff, who become ambassadors for the campaign, is crucial for any successful brand activity

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