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HAPPINESS Dr. Leena Leon, Asst. Professor, Department of Home Science, St. Teresas College, Ernakulam. Copyright © 2011, Leena.

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2 HAPPINESS Dr. Leena Leon, Asst. Professor, Department of Home Science, St. Teresas College, Ernakulam. Email: Copyright © 2011, Leena Leon. All rights reserved.

3 H APPINESS... Happiness belongs to those who are sufficient unto themselves. For all external sources of happiness and pleasure are, by their very nature, highly uncertain, precarious, ephemeral and subject to chance. - Arthur Schopenhauer When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. - Helen Keller 2

4 W HAT IS HAPPINESS ? Happiness is a feeling of peace, it is the gratification of the heart and the soul. Happiness is the internal realization and it is an intangible state of mind, very difficult to define… Happiness does not exist in the past or in the future. It only exists within our state of life right now, here in the present, as we face the challenges of daily life Happiness is the key to success. 3


6 I S ANYONE HAPPY IN THIS WORLD ? So many of us are neither happy nor unhappy. The state of happiness or unhappiness does not last forever. Nature is a cycle of rotating pair of opposites. Night follows by day, cold follows by hot, pain follows by pleasure, good times follows by bad times. Similarly HAPPINESS follows unhappiness... 5

7 A NYONE CAN BE HAPPY... Happiness is a wealth, that is unique and has to be deserved and deserved right. To be happy one should be able to know what do one really want in life and what are his/her priorities. If one is able to control her desires, she is a happy person. It would simply mean that every human being rich or poor, child or adult, beautiful or ugly, has the ability to find happiness. 6


9 H APPINESS... Happiness brings good mental and physical health. Happiness brings success. Removes tension and creates emotional stability. Brings better interpersonal relationship – both in the family and in profession. Brings popularity and charm. Happiness is to enjoy work. 8


11 1. H APPINESS IS ALWAYS P OSSIBLE... Happiness is best achieved by deserving, not by running after. We all can be happy. We have our own sense of fulfilment. When God gave us the power to think, he gave us a heart that could be fulfilled. Happiness is an inner realization and, as such it cannot be achieved through force outside of you. You have to work in harmony with your inner self. It is easy to be happy but it needs hard work and a solid base. 10

12 2. S PREAD H APPINESS Happiness rebounds on the giver. Develop compassion for others. When you spread happiness some of it sticks to you too. When you spread happiness you are the one who will know it and feel it the most. To be able to spread happiness, you will have to be at peace with yourself first. Do not indulge in unnecessary self-denial, you have the right to be happy. Do what makes you happy as long as it does not harm the interest of others. Try to do whatever you can to make people happy. Spreading happiness is a reward. 11

13 3. C OUNT YOUR B LESSINGS Be optimistic. See the sunshine, not the shadow. When you look at your blessings, they will smile at you. Look at your assets and strengths, they will inspire you and make you happy. Be aware of your shortcomings only as much as you need to for improving and moving ahead. Be aware of the goodness of your family and friends, they can be your greatest source of happiness if you let them be. 12

14 4. C HANGE WHAT YOU CAN AND ACCEPT WHAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE Fighting the irreversible will not change it, accepting it will help you handle it better. Strike the right balance between what you should try to improve up on and what you should accept and ignore. Accepting the inevitable does not make you weak. In fact it gives you more strength to carve out a new future. Acceptance does not mean resignation: it means hope, a new future, happiness and peace. 13

15 5. N EVER WORRY ; BE CONCERNED... When worries moves in; happiness leaves. Do not let problems overwhelm you. Learn to relax. Worry and happiness never go together. You can either worry or be happy. Worrying solves no problem; it can only take you deeper into them. Always know that as long as you are worrying you cannot be happy. Break your worry habit. 14

16 6. N EVER LET SMALL THINGS B OTHER YOU... Learn to be patient and understanding. Accept the fact that life is never perfect or fair. Small things can be made too small or too big, it is for you to choose. Do not let your ego get challenged by what others think of you and what you do. Live your life according to your conscience, your wants and your needs. Never let small things bother you, it is not worth it. 15

17 7. D O NOT LET CRITICISM UPSET YOU... No one can upset you if you do not let them. Work under the dictates of your conscience. Do not let public opinion bother you. When your conscience dictates your life no one else can. Peace of mind can be achieved only when our life is in harmony with our inner self, when our value system are right and we live our lives according to our principles. True happiness can be achieved only by living a life of integrity. 16

18 8. F ORGIVE... Anger burns; never heals. Let go of all anger and resentment. Grievances are like garbage, they can only clutter your mind. When you harbour negative emotions inside they change you as a person. They make you bitter and resentful, unable to receive and give love. 17

19 9. T HE MAGIC OF GAINFUL OCCUPATION Keep busy and be happy. Let work throw worry out of your mind. You cannot entertain worry, till you are free from work. Work helps you to keep fit, both mentally and physically. Work gives you a feeling of self-worth that is essential for a feeling of well-being. 18

20 10. D ISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF LIFE... Think happy thoughts and be happy. Life is beautiful, do not complicate it. Condition your mind to think positive. Your peace of mind depends on your perceptions, make sure they are positive and constructive enough. Learn to be patient with yourself and other too. 19

21 B E HAPPY... ALWAYS... Every morning raise your spirits, brighten your day, educate and inspire, learn and enjoy, entertain yourself, open the doors of happiness, help yourself and others to become better, ignite the flame of success, cheer and encourage everyone around, and emerge as a winner and a happy person. 20


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