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Painting Artist: Faith Roper Development of Art Works.

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1 Painting Artist: Faith Roper Development of Art Works

2 Observational skills can be developed through still life studies.

3 Artists employ the elements and the principles of art to create spatial depth. Colour Line Shape Tones Detail Perspective Vanishing point

4 Texture : Marks seen up close reveal: Palette knife to create long thin lines and water ripples. The thickness of paint applied by a brush can portray smooth or rough bark on the tree trunks. Dabbed brush tips form the leaves.

5 Experiential drawing is often used to prepare an artist for painting.

6 Behind Closed Doors Objects can be used to portray human emotion. This work represents the trauma of hidden child abuse.

7 Memory: An Abstraction A Painting can de developed from themes, emotions or memories. This painting was developed from a memory of the artist and her brother in flood waters. A n old black and white photo of the event helped to pose the children. Paintings can contain symbolic meanings. The notion of memory is represented by the ripples of water moving across the figures.

8 Paintings grow And develop

9 Abstraction Based on Emotion This abstract painting is based on stong emotions. Colours can be used to evoke emotions in the viewer. Red can be passion, anger or love. This painting is also a representation of a life journey where passion must find a pathway through obstacles (the blue lines). A path is visible which is indicative of the artists positive outlook on life.

10 Artists experiment with colour and styles. Identifying tones, lights and darks through exaggeration.

11 Adapting the experimentation to create an individual style.

12 Creating the work through planning, mapping, and blocking in.

13 Refining and perfecting the work.

14 Juxtaposing images is purposeful to invoke strong contrasting emotions.

15 Sometimes after a busy day, all you want to see is tranquility…

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