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HippiesHippies Leidy Johana Pinto Rojas Kelly Katerin Pallares Fernández 2012.

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2 HippiesHippies Leidy Johana Pinto Rojas Kelly Katerin Pallares Fernández 2012

3 Content Main Characteristics Symbols Music wardrobe

4 Main Characteristics

5 The hippies originated in the 60's, manifesting as a culture in which its basis is peace, love, rejecting violence and war, proclaiming freedom and happiness. They make their own clothes, for not following the system and support the artisan.

6 Main Characteristics They are born in protest against the capitalist and violent world.

7 Main Characteristics They grow their hair and beards, women don't wearing high heels, makeup, bra and it is common they leave grow hair in the armpits and legs. This is why they came to call anti-hygienic.

8 Main Characteristics They like to travel, visiting new places and to acquire knowledge.

9 Main Characteristics Free love: supporting practices such as cohabitation, promiscuity, polyamory, homosexuality, bisexuality, interracial relationships and celibacy and monogamy.

10 Main Characteristics Their style and colorful psychedelic was inspired by hallucinogenic drugs such as lysergic acid and embodied in fashion, graphic arts.

11 Main Characteristics within culture also manifests the consumption of cannabis and psychoactive drugs, but reject the cocaine, heroin and others for their addictive tendency

12 Main Characteristics They had positive attitude, cheerful, vibrant, energetic

13 Symbols

14 symbols Represents peace. Designed by Gerald Holtom in 1958. It was designed as part of a Campaign to promote nuclear disarmament. The designer of the symbol would represent The letters N and D of: nucleardisarmament"of the alphabet traffic light.

15 symbols He also wanted to represent "an individual in despair, with open hands outward and downward in the manner of Goya's peasant before the firing squad." It was first seen in an anti-nuclear march in London in 1958. Then came to the United States, where it was used in demonstrations for civil rights for black people, then adopted as a flagship anti- Vietnam marches and eventually became popular in the sixties with the hippie movement American and means "love and peace. "

16 symbols The index finger and middle extended while others are bent, and palm out was used as well as "V" for victory, as the symbol of "Peace and Love", which originated in the '60sstill influences at present.

17 Music

18 psychedelic rock and folk contestation Janis Joplin Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane Pink Floyd Bobs Dylan The Doors John Lennon

19 wardrobe

20 Brightly colored clothes. Clothes faded.

21 wardrobe Shirts long, long skirts, pants with cuffs like elephant foot.

22 wardrobe Indian and African clothing

23 wardrobe Symbols like the flower or drawings of Native Americans


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