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Holiday Lighting Tips Compliments of

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1 Holiday Lighting Tips Compliments of

2 Hanging Christmas Lights Start to Finish

3 Materials and Supplies Needed Christmas Lights Light Clips Timers and Controllers Sturdy Ladder Replacement Bulbs

4 Measure Measure Base Outline of Building Where Lights Will Be Measure Around Doors and Windows if Being Lit Measure any Roof Peaks to be Covered –Ensure Safety While On Roof or ladder Measuring Determines # of Strings of Lights Needed

5 Evaluate Hanging Surface Study Roof Line, Gutters, and Shingles For Safety Choose The Type of Light Clips to Use. –Clips are specific to surface type Locate The Power Source Measure How Much Power Cord Is Needed

6 Choose Your Lights Select The Type Of Light That Best Suits Your Design –C7 or C9 Roof Lights (Incandescent or LED) –Icicle Lights Choose Your Bulb Color –Alternate Red and White Bulbs for Candy Cane Look Ensure Electrical Cords UL Approved For Outdoor Use

7 Calculate # Of Lights/Strings Needed Determine Bulb Spacing –Most homes will be 12 to 15 –Check Spacing On Pre-made Light Strings Determine # Of Bulbs Needed –Divide Length Of Area In Inches by Bulb Spacing To Find # of Bulbs Required –Divide # or Bulbs Required by # Of Bulbs Per String To Find # of Strings Required

8 Calculate Power Usage Determine # of Watts Per Bulb Multiply Watts Per Bulb Times # Of Bulbs In String –Equals Total # Of Watts Per String Divide Total # Of Watts Per String by 120 Volts –Equals Total # Of Amps Per String Example: –100 Bulbs X 5W per bulb = 500 Watts –500 Watts / 120 Volts= 4.17 Amps –20 Amp household circuit / 4.17 Amps = 4 Strings

9 Select Your Light Clips There Are Light Clips For Different Types of Surfaces –Gutters –High Peaks –Flat Roof Tops –Siding –Paint –Brick –Shingles –All-In-One Clips Ensure Your Light Sockets Fit The Clip

10 Install – Inspect - Enjoy Assemble Lights On The Ground As Much As Possible Pre-Test and Replace Faulty Bulbs Carefully Attach Clips and Lights To Surfaces Plug In To Power Source Test Timers and Controllers Share Your Handiwork With Friends and Family Take Pictures

11 Final Reminder Use Only Lights and Wire UL Approved For Outdoor Use Use Extreme Caution When Working On Ladder Or Roof Do Not Overload Electrical Circuits Ensure Any Heat Generating Lights Do Not Touch Combustible Materials Protect Power Cords From Foot Traffic Protect Power Cords From Chewing Animals

12 Bonus Tip!! Do Not Limit Your Outdoor Lighting To Only Christmas If You Use C7 or C9 Bulbs, Change Out The Bulb Colors To Match The Season Or Event Being Celebrated. –Orange For Halloween? –White For Weddings? –Red, White, and Blue For July 4? –Red or Pink For Valentines Day?

13 Enjoy Your Christmas Compliments of

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