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The role of corporate lobbying in the European Parliament.

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1 The role of corporate lobbying in the European Parliament

2 Massive lobbying pressure Estimated 15,000+ lobbyists in Brussels 1641 groups and firms in EP lobbyists register 4013 lobbyists in EP register (2643 with longterm pass)

3 Dependency on lobbyists? Complexity / lack of expertise Absence EU-wide public debate Weak interaction with voters Whats good for business

4 Lobbyists writing amendments REACH (chemicals): over 1,000 amendments EPP: 29% identical wording industry lobbies (Liberals 20%, Socialists 16%, Greens 0%) EPP: 62% similar wording to industry lobbies

5 Animal testing directive (spring 2009) Slovenian liberal MEP Mojca Drcar Murko publicly criticised excessive lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry aimed at defeating proposals that would reduce testing on animals in laboratories "A lot of colleagues were repeating the same arguments I heard all the time from the research community and pharmaceutical industry -- the same arguments, and even the same words."

6 Financial market regulation -Radwan report on Basel-2 (capital requirements): 1000+ amendments, many drafted by banking lobbyists No counter lobby Inadequate regulation

7 Intergroups & cross-party groups Sky and Space Intergroup European Parliament Financial Services Forum Forum for Automobile and Society European Energy Forum

8 Conflicts of interest Examples: Worst Conflict of Interest Award Examples:

9 Revolving doors Elly Plooij van Gorsel – Blueprint Partners Pat Cox – APCO and many large firms Rolf Linkohr - CERES Piia-Noora Kauppi – Finnish banking lobby Julian Priestley - EPPA

10 Place Luxembourg

11 European Parliament Business Scheme (EBPS) Office, phone lines, email addresses Parliament Lima summit 2008: Telefonica, Suez and other European firms Closed down in autumn 2008

12 European Parliament elections Low turnout, PSE loses, PPE winner, far- right breakthrough Election debates not about EU policies or record for MEPs

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