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The easy way to connect to millions Of customers every week.

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1 The easy way to connect to millions Of customers every week

2 For many years we tried to catch the consumers attention for our sales and promotions, products and services. Now, Hyper malls in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf States includes both the private and government services and it is the number one place for family entertainment, spending weekly many hours visiting and is a suitable place for relaxation and unwinding though shopping and dining places, having social gatherings, meeting up with friends and relatives. Simply, the mall is a part of our daily lives The way to connect to millions OVERVIEW

3 WHY SHOULD WE BE THERE ? We should be there to cover all the categories of people. They have the perfect time to receive the message and interact with your message. They have the time to receive, to think and to discuss your message with others. This is the time to influence the consumer at their point of purchase.

4 Creative Location Solutions Creative Customization Unique Production The way to connect TO millions OUR SERVICES : Creative To choose the right location and the right kind of media and depending on the kind of message and the target of your customers though our accurate statistics about the consumers behavior inside the mall and in each outlet in the mall. It will depend also though the statistics about the number of customer visits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. One message, different designs, it depends on the location and kind of idea you wish to express and the relation to the customer behavior. An example of this would be different designs from sliding doors, 3d floor posters, wall posters, and other mall media. We will choose the intelligent material to be used and print it in vivid, high quality finish in order to attract and catch the customers attention.

5 Static Media Motion Media Promotion Media OUR SERVICES : The Media Steady Viewer Dynamic Viewer InteractiveViewer The way to connect TO millions

6 The Media: Using Sliding Door or Fixed Door. S01 Entrance Door Enormous and Spacious Ad Area Wall Ads Attract Shoppers Distinctively Floor Stickers (3D) Catch Their Attention Banner Ads The way to connect TO millions Stati c S02 S03 S04

7 Traditional Poster Advertisement Poster Ads -Elevator Door -Elevator Body Elevator Ads Entertain while Dining. Dining Table Ads Last minute purchase decisions. Cashier Counter The Media: Stati c S05 S06 S07 S08 The way to connect TO millions

8 -And more available Spacious Ad Solutions The Media: Stati c S10 The way to connect TO millions - Column Ads - Parking Wall Parking Solutions S09

9 - LED exclusive rental - Shared LED Ads. L.E.D. Screen -Exclusive rentals. - Monthly - Yearly L.C.D. Signboard We build your LCD channel in the mall by a yearly contract. L.C.D. Channels - Normal Style - Interactive Style ProjectorSolutions The Media: Moti on M01 M02 M03 M04 The way to connect TO millions

10 - Station includes an LCD Touch Screen and an ample space for Flyers. - Monthly Rental Basis. P01 Self-Service Interactive Station - Flyers and Sampling distribution process. P02 Hand to Hand Dissemination - Distribute customer samples, questionnaires, and flyers and return their opinions and feedbacks. P03 2-Way Assessment Participation - Samples, questionnaires, and flyers distribution shared with another company. P04 Collective Distribution Process The Media: Promoti on The way to connect TO millions

11 Statistical Services: Our Special Service # # We can provide you the actual data views for your ads per media points for the number of customer visits based on a daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. # # The statistical information can be provided upon request. * At an additional cost

12 How To Be There? The way to connect TO millions Mall Media We are pleased to share and invite our major clients to be with us in the mall media. Acquire stronger benefits and your message will arrive directly to your target audience without any waste. To be there, here are the guidelines to follow: 4. After choosing and deciding the kind of media, we shall submit our customized and tailored quotation for the media pricing and production cost. Start your mall media plan now and place your ads in front of your target audience. 1. Start creating your mall media plan. You should have at least 1 month timeframe before your campaign begins. We can help you to be there in the mall media. 2. Choose from our different and interesting media list. We can help you make the decision. 3. The life cycle for the mall media is 1 month minimum. Bookings and campaigns should be placed for at least 1 month duration.

13 The way to connect TO millions Organized by: www. jibal. com RIYADH JEDDAH DAMMAM Powered by: Contact Us: Jibal Advertising & Publicity Riyadh Head Office : Riyadh Tel. +966 (1) 462 8550 Fax: +966 (1) 462 7530 Email: Jeddah Jeddah : +966 (2) 672 3349 Dammam Dammam :+966 (3) 857 7777 Creating the difference Production House

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