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3 World Federation of Advertisers ASA breakfast (2004) Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director

4 WFA vision WFA vision is that advertising standards: Function within a regulatory framework Provide an extra layer of consumer protection Adapt to changing societal expectations Involve non-industry stakeholders Ensure accountability and transparency Are enforced effectively WFA is implementing this vision worldwide

5 SA marketing fraternity Marketing Federation of SA Closed its doors (Oct 2005) Marketers without common interest forum Marketing Association SA Opened its doors (Feb 2007) Members of WFA CGCSA took initiative to develop an industry response (May 2006) Food and beverage code

6 South African food and beverage code In drafting SA code took into account: WHO global strategy Limit exposure of young children to heavy marketing practices of energy-dense, micro-nutrient poor foods. ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Communications (2004) International principles of best practice EU Pledge programme No advertising to children under the age of 12, unless product meets specific nutrition criteria No commercial communications in primary schools United Kingdom Office of Communications (Ofcom) Ban on advertising HFSS products on television to children younger than 16 Ban on use of celebrities / cartoon characters, and promotional activity in advertising HFSS products on television to children younger than 10 United States of America Childrens Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative Limitations on advertising directed to children under 12 to promote healthier dietary choices and/or healthy lifestyle messages No advertising in elementary schools Use of licensed characters Guidelines for Childrens Advertising Revisions to the Childrens Advertising Review Unit (CARU) self-regulatory guidelines Compliance CARU to monitor and respond to complaints Implementation Each participant to submit a pledge

7 South African food and beverage code In drafting SA code also considered: South Africa Department of Health Act 54 of 1972 R2034 of 29 October 1993 Draft regulation of 20 July 2007 ASA to administer and determine code Receipt of complaints Appendix M adopted in October 2008


9 Nick Tselentis Legal and Regulatory Affairs Manager CGCSA 9

10 1. Introduction 2. Public Health 3. Key Features of the Pledge 4. SA Industry commitment 10

11 Introduction (1) Who is the Consumer Goods Council? Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, merchandise, and logistics service providers in Consumer Products Part of FLAG – Food Legislative Advisory Group (Department of Health) since 1988 Attendance in Codex Alimentarius work Ongoing meetings with various departments/ministries on the Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health since 2003 Other... 11

12 Introduction (2) Lead Business facilitator of the Food Fortification Program Formal collaborative approach on various matters i.e. Nutrition, nutrition education, National Nutrition Week 2009 Food Composition/RDA and other related matters - MRC Initiators of the Food Safety Initiative (launched 2006) 12

13 Public Health Issues in South Africa The WHO Global Strategy – highlighted the overnutrition issue facing certain developed countries Malnutrition and overnutrition – key Burdens of Disease in Children –2005 MRC report (Bradshaw and others) Numerous reasons for over nutrition, including lack of physical activity Type 2 diabetes incidence growing at rapid rate Food Based Dietary Guidelines not properly promoted CGCSA interactions with DOH/DOE/NDA and the Presidency 13

14 Key Features of the Pledge (1) Preface Core Principles Participants International pledges – company The Pledge itself Questions and Answers 14

15 Key Features of the Pledge (2) Alignment with current ASA code Formal Public Acknowledgement by the Department of Health that it was a good start Allowance for introduction of Regulations, when and if, related to the Code (World Health Assembly deliberations on Advertising to Children in May 2010 may help direct matters) 15

16 SA Commitment – (1) Compared to others: EU Pledge 11 manufacturers US Better Business Bureau 13 manufacturers 2 QSR (McDonalds/Burger King ) Australia 15 manufacturers 16

17 SA Commitment – (2) 31 Companies 2 Retail Groups: Shoprite and Pick n Pay 4 QSR: Wimpy, Nandos, Steers, Yum (KFC) 25 Food and Beverage Manufacturers And still counting... 17

18 SA Commitment (3) SA Food and Beverage Industry committed to : The Marketing Pledge and Physical Activity promotion Nutrient Profiling studies for Health Claims ASA Code compliance ASA Code Review processes National Nutrition Week – October 2009 18

19 Thanks Questions Go to for the pledge and further updates/ developments. 19


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