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1 General Education Office IHM.316 / ILA2401 English for the Hotel Business Chapter 2: Hotel Facilities.

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1 1 General Education Office IHM.316 / ILA2401 English for the Hotel Business Chapter 2: Hotel Facilities

2 2 Objectives The objectives of this unit are…. 1. Language Focus: Describing and Comparing Facilities 2. Vocabulary Focus: Symbols, Terms and Usage The purpose of this unit is to become familiar with the English pronunciation of various facilities and purposes in a hotel.

3 3 Hotel Guidebook Symbols A standard set of symbols has been developed to REPRESENT GRAPHICALLY the availability of hotel facilities. a) Fitness room Guess the meaning of the following symbols: b) Doctor service e) Room service d) Live music entertainment f) Water sports (at or near) c) Seafront locationg) Hairdressing salon h) Air-conditioned room

4 4 Facilities Symbols Look at the following symbols. Do you know what they mean?

5 5 Facilities Symbols Now identify some of the facilities with their symbols…

6 6 Making Comparisons When we want to compare two or more things we use adjectives. To use adjectives for comparisons we have to change the spelling. Look at some of these examples… To compare two things we use theComparative form, but to compare three or more things we use theSuperlative form: AdjectiveComparative Superlative cheapcheaper cheapest But there are more rules to using adjectives for comparisons. The following rules should help you remember how to compare...

7 7 Making Comparisons There are also adjectives that do not follow any of the normal rules. These are called irregular adjectives… goodbetterbest They each have their own spelling, so you learn each one.

8 8 Making Comparisons Review the table on Page 23 Write six sentences using comparatives and superlatives Include each factor Mention each Hotel at least once

9 9 Hotel Facilities Read this description of a room and make a list of all the facilities and furniture included in the room. What adjectives were used to describe the location of the hotel? What adjectives were used to describe the features of the room?

10 10 Hotel Facilities Look at the hotel rooms and the facilities included, and match them with the guests preferences below. : Guest A : Guest B : Guest C : Guest D I need a full suite with I need a adapted room I may have colleagues I need a double-room full broadband access and with facilities for handicap arriving later, so two with room service and web-conferencing. amenities and laundry. beds are needed. a splendid view.

11 11 Hotel Facilities Some guests will have special needs that a good hotel employee will know and prepare for to provide the best professional service. Look at these people and decide what services they might require… a. organized games and activities b. nappy-changing facilities in toilets c. a resident nurse d. push-chairs e. special wide doors f. a courtesy bus to town g. ramps at all stairs h. a playground or playroom i. hoists in bedrooms j. lifts to all floors k. notices in Braille l. a low-level front desk

12 12 PRACTICE IT! Look at these four rooms again and read their descriptions… In groups of 4 or less, write 8 sentences that compares each room using comparative or superlative adjectives. Each member of the group must stand and read for the class.

13 13 How about WANTs not NEEDs? Your guest is a very affluent vocalist/musician. He enjoys playing poker, blackjack and roulette. He is American. He wants to go and play these games. He wants to share accommodation with 10 friends. He loves to watch HUGE televisions. He wants a personal BUTLER. He wants his OWN conference room. He has NO BUDGET!

14 14 How about WANTs not NEEDs? Him……….. His friends… His bodyguard….

15 15 Top of the Range The Bellagio is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in the Paradise area of, Nevada, USA and a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. It is owned by MGM Resorts International and was built on the site of the demolished Dunes hotel and casino.Dunes

16 16 The Presidential Suite

17 17 The Presidential Suite Our Presidential Suite - 380sqm. of contemporary ambience. Enjoy your own : Spacious mosaic marble foyer with glass chandelier and water features Verdant indoor garden and fountain Outdoor solarium with water features Master bedroom and guest bedroom with fireplaces and 30-inch LCD Sunken full service bar with seating for six 50-inch plasma and home theatre entertainment system with Surround Sound Whirlpool therapeutic bath and rainforest Swiss steam showers Automatic drapery and sheer controls Conference room 24-hour butler attention VIP check-in and lounge access For your personal staff, three 92sqm. square-foot Entourage Suites are available on the same floor.

18 18 Summary Vocabulary and symbols for hotel facilities Comparatives and Superlatives for Adjectives Understanding Guests requirements

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