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Government Academy April 26, 2012 Development Services Dev Svs.

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1 Government Academy April 26, 2012 Development Services Dev Svs

2 Session 3: Stamp of Approval: Building, Code & Community Development Welcome & Agenda Preview – Cybil Barbanes, Development Services Coordinator Ice-Breaker – People Bingo Community Development – Jim Hickey, Chief Planner-Zoning Building Division – Maryellen Serra, Development Services Administrator Trivia Break & Refreshments Code Enforcement – Ken Maroney, Chief Code Enforcement Officer Questions and Closing Remarks

3 Community Development


5 Coral Springs Population 1990 Census 2000 Census 2010 Census2011 BEBR Estimate 78,864 3.398 pph SF 2.078 pph MF 117,549 3.08 pph SF 2.73 pph MF 121,096 2.89 pph 3.25 pph family 121,651 Land Area 23.93 Sq. miles Median Age 36.5 Years Dwelling Units 45,433 Households 41,814 41,814 occupied (92%) Owner occupied 65% vs Renter Occupied 35% 3,619 vacant (8%)* Single Family (54%) Multi-Family (46%) Median Household Income: $65,348* *SOURCE: 2010 Census

6 15 th Largest City in Florida (2010 Census)

7 City Boundary Map 23.93 Square Miles

8 Community Development Core Services 1)Maintain Comprehensive Plan 2)Process Land Development Actions 3)Conduct DRC/Building Plan Review Conduct Architectural Review including Paint Palette 4)Process with County all CDBG, SHIP, HOME Grants, NSP, Housing Trends ($28 million in grant funding) 5)Coordinate Neighborhood Partnerships (Slice of Springs – 107 formal partnerships) 6)Public Art To Be Discussed at Later Government Academy: 1)Maintain Environmental Awareness / Partnerships 2)Sustainability Index / Florida Green Local Government 3)Tree Canopy Restoration 4)Traffic Calming – 29 streets in Program

9 Future Land Use Plan Map

10 Zoning Map

11 Responsible for Committees and Boards Planning & Zoning Board Neighborhood & Environmental Committee Development Review Committee Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Architectural Review Committee Public Art Committee Traffic Management Team / MPO Board of Adjustment CRA Board Support 50 th Anniversary Committee

12 Stabilizing the Neighborhood Tracking neighborhood information –Properties in Default (foreclosure) –Code Cases –Vacant Registered Properties

13 Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Overview Assistance to facilitate the acquisition and rehabilitation of foreclosed and/or abandoned properties that might otherwise become sources of abandonment and blight within the community.

14 NSP 1 City received $3,378,142.00 Income Properties Purchase and Rehabilitated Low10 Middle/Moderate28 Total38

15 NSP Properties

16 NSP 3 City received $1,657,845.00

17 CDBG Overview CDBG funds programs/activities that benefit very low, low and moderate income persons. To provide a suitable living environment To provide decent housing To expand economic opportunities CDBG and CDBG-R funds received since 2000: $11,158,344 $11,158,344

18 CDBG Overview To be eligible, a program must meet one of these national objectives: Benefit to low income persons (either within a defined area or for a group presumed low- income like seniors). Housing Activity (creating low income housing, or renovating low income housing). Eliminate Slum and Blight (area basis, spot basis or urban renewal area)

19 Planning & Zoning Business Initiatives Commercial Façade – Working with local business owners to provide matching grant for storefront improvements Street Indexing – Phase II installed 13 signs along Sample Road and 14 signs along Wiles Road over the next couple of months. (32 installed on University)

20 Planning & Zoning

21 Key Development and Redevelopment Projects CS Medical ER (Complete) Lady Bird Academy (Proposed) Turtle Run Child Care (Completed) Broward College (Under Construction Daniela Springs (Under Construction) Development Redevelopment Marshalls (Under Construction) Sports Authority (Proposed) Ulta Cosmetics (Proposed) Coral Landings III (Under Construction) Fire Station 71 (Under Construction) Salt Life (Completed) TD Bank (Proposed)

22 Architectural Review Design Review Guidelines – Design, Colors, and Building Materials Color Palette – FY2010 445 Residential Permits 10 Commercial Permits Roof Tiles and Colors ( List is available online) Commission may look at Commercial Pallette over next year

23 A no-fee paint color application. Online Paint Palette underway. Free recycled exterior beige paint is also available to Coral Springs residents. Paint is the #1 reason for our customer walk-in. Homeowner Paint Approval Process

24 Ongoing Issues 50 th Anniversary Foreclosures/ Housing Broken Woods Redevelopment Vacant Commercial Space Commercial Signage Coconut Creek Casino Expansion

25 Public Art Funded through Developers fee, not tax dollars Established in 2004 Twelve current pieces or artworks purchased Includes Public and Private art purchase

26 Community and Public Art Some artworks are readily accepted… Kevin Barrett. Union One. Jack Howard- Potter. Rotate. James Burnes. Lauras Ego.

27 Community and Public Art While others are controversial… Internationally recognized artist –Installations all over the world (Italy, Germany, Slovenia, The Netherlands, China (Beijing Olympics)) Extremely intricate design/engineering –18,000 glass mosaic tiles –3,300 lbs. –16 tall Shipped from Italy Marialuisa Tadei. Donna dal Futuro. 2009

28 Community and Public Art Art can encourage public debate and dialogue Bowling Pin Sunglasses Bloodshot Body Vulgar/Disgusting Miami Sculpture The Thing Pregnant Alien Why? –Location, placement, artwork Donna dal Futuro

29 Purpose of Public Art To engage the public To allow for interaction/differing views To allow for interpretation of art Public Art Program –Various types of art: Mosaics, metal sculptures, bronze pieces –Array of artwork for the City

30 How Can You Help Public Art Advocate for the need of a public art program and voice your approval of the artworks you do like. Spread the word about informing the public on the program Let others know that Public Art is NOT paid for through taxes.

31 Building Permit Process

32 Location & Hours 9530 West Sample Road 1 block west of University Drive [South side of Sample Road] Monday thru Friday Customer Care Center & Lobby 954-344-1025 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

33 The Building Division provides plan reviews, issues building permits, performs field inspections and issues certificates of occupancy to ensure conformance with Florida building codes.

34 Florida Building Code The Building Department requires adherence to the Florida Building Code per Florida statute. The Building Code has been established to protect the assets, safety and welfare of our residents and property owners.

35 Importance of a building permit Allows the city to verify licensing and insurance requirements Allows the work to be inspected by an individual knowledgeable in that trade Ensures the project meets construction standards Establishes a permanent record of work completed on your property

36 Importance of a building permit cont.d Establishes who is responsible for the work Establishes a record of inspections

37 Building Permit Process Submit plans for review 15 business days to approve or provide written critique Notify property owners & contractors of the status of their permit application via postcard

38 Inspection Process Within 24 Hours 95% Of The Time Requests Received By 3:30 P.M. are performed the following business day

39 When Is A Building Permit Required? New Construction Alterations to your home or business All repairs due to fire Repairs exceeding $1500 requires a permit Major repairs or equipment replacements

40 A permit is always required for Water heater A/C Heat pump/heater recovery Tub/shower pan Electrical service/meter and/or changes to electric Fire repairs Exterior doors and windows Fences Skylights

41 Code Enforcement

42 Code Enforcement Core Services Local Business Tax Receipt Neighborhood Preservation Landlord Registration Commercial and Residential Field Inspections Public Education on Code Requirements

43 Customers Residential Single-family Structures 24,254 Multi-family Structures 22,011 47% of housing stock is Multi-Family Approximately 10.4 million square feet of Commercial Space

44 Citywide Top Code Violations Foreclosures Roof Discoloration Overgrown Lawns Neighborhood Preservation Trash and Litter Landscape Maintenance Work Without Building Permits Local Business Tax Receipt


46 Code Enforcement Business Initiatives Code Ranger Program Foreclosure Monitoring Registration Program Maintaining Properties Landlord Registration Program Registration Program Maintaining Properties

47 Code Rangers Volunteer program –proactively recognize violations aesthetics and health & safety issues –Must attend a 16 hour training –Will be assigned a specific area to monitor –Flexible hours

48 Foreclosures Task Force Ordinance to register homes –(1,270 FY 09) – (552 FY 10) Streamlined Code Process –Emergency Notices to Special Magistrate –Administrative Citations

49 Code Enforcement Procedures Occurrence of Violations Field observation by Code Officers in zones Citizen complaints written, phone or web The Process Courtesy Notice given either door hanger or mailed Notice of Violation/Notice of Hearing - if failure to comply, a Special Magistrate Hearing is scheduled

50 Code Enforcement Procedure Final order issued giving compliance date and fine amount No compliance after re-inspection: –Certificate of Lien at a Hearing –Lien recorded Administrative Citation Program –Warning Notice –Citation issued if not complied

51 Special Magistrate Hears cases dealing with Multi-family, Commercial and some Single-family residences along with emergency cases Fact finding for violations, gives compliance date and fine amount with a written final order Hears administrative citations

52 Special Magistrate Special Magistrate(s) selected by the City Attorney, approved by City Commission to conduct Code Enforcement Hearings 3 Special Magistrate(s) used on a rotation basis Special Magistrate(s) shall be a member in good standing with the Florida Bar & engaged in practice of law in Broward County Follows State Statues 162, Land Development Code Article V and the Municipal Code

53 Code KIO – (Key Intended Outcome) –We are measured by voluntary compliance Fiscal Year 2011 = 90% Compliance

54 Q&A

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