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PROJECT PRESENTATION ON SELF SUSTAINABLE CSR BACKED Drinking Water, Telemedicine, Mobile Pathological Laboratory, Solar Bulbs Anand District Gujarat.

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1 PROJECT PRESENTATION ON SELF SUSTAINABLE CSR BACKED Drinking Water, Telemedicine, Mobile Pathological Laboratory, Solar Bulbs Anand District Gujarat

2 1. Karambhoomi of the Project: Project will be located across the Anand district of Gujarat for various factors listed below Water Quality Bad: High fluoride/TDS 1000-1200ppm. Location in well-off hub of Gujarat Well-connected to rest of the state Accessible from Ahmedabad. Compact rectangular shape - entire district confined within 30-80km radius from Ahmedabad. Availability of a full fledged medical college at Karamsad to tie up visiting consultant doctors Region is culturally rich and has academic institutions including a university.

3 Indian Polity is faced with the problems of : Deteriorating drinking water quality Sparsely available medical assistance in rural areas Limited availability of pathological laboratory facilities Limited ATM access in rural areas Non availability of generic medicines (which cost a fraction of their branded counter parts), latest low energy using gadgets like solar lamps, self recharging batteries, etc. Anand district is no exception in spite of being one of the most prosperous regions of the State and faced with aforesaid problems. PROBLEM STATEMENT

4 Location 10 Ripple Centers : 1000lph RO plant (suited to meet drinking / cooking water needs of upto 2000families, telemedicine center with mini pathological laboratory and 2consultation rooms, chemist shop selling generic medicines, solar gadgets solar lamps, and one ATM. These Centers will be located in large villages/small towns of 10000 or above population having and good accessibility. Each Ripple Center will be surrounded by another 18-20villages of >3000 population within 15-20km radius such that there will be 190 such satellite centers feeding the centralized 10 Ripple centers. Satellite Centers: Another about 190 villages have population of >3000 will have only community RO plant. People will travel to the ripple centers for medical assistance.

5 2.1: RO Plant: 1000lph RO in 12X7 of 12X30 kiosk placed near villages water source on land leased from panchayat. 2.2 Telemedicine center : 12X15 kiosk space to house 2 telemedicine consultation centers and 1 mini-pathology laboratory. Headed by a B.Sc. Chemistry/Biology, supported by 2 12 th Science assistants and a helper/office boy. Consultancy cabins fitted with computer/TV monitor on wall and printer/scanner/copier. Tele-center Executives will be trained to check pulse, blood pressure, etc. He will record patients details (one time charge: Rs.50). Further consultations charged Rs.20. Center in charge to also over see RO plant operation, carry out pathological tests, schedule plant maintenance visits to satellite RO units, etc. Staffing will ensure uninterrupted service for 8-10hrs/day including Sundays /holidays. Doctors seated at companys call center at the urban center will be connected through an audio/video internet link. Patient history, symptoms, etc. will be shared with the doctor who will also be able to interact with the patient on video link. Patient diagnosis will be done with remotely seated medical practitioner. Medicines prescribed will be written down and slip handed over to the patient. Critical cases will be referred to the referral hospital in the vicinity. Transport facility for critical patients will be provided at a nominal charge. 2.3 Chemist Shop/ATM: 12X8 to house chemist store OTC generic/medicines, solar gadgets, and other products of daily use and an ATM. Daily collections from the center will be deposited at the ATM which will also be available for use by the rest of the village. The ripple center may act as selling outlet for EFLs solar equipment. 2.4 Coordination Center for Satellite Plants : Ripple outlet will also coordinate operations at other satellite centers like preventive maintenance services, collections, card recharge facility for customers. funds collection for satellite RO units and depositing daily sums the ATM. Satellite Centers will have only the community RO plant and no telemedicine/ATM/chemist shop etc. Components at the Ripple and the Satellite Centers

6 Back Office Operational Details Ripple Centers: Housed in a leased 3-4room property or in a PVC kiosk of 12X30 with partitions. Served by a panel of 50doctors working from Ahmedabad/Anand centralized project office – each working say 1-2 hours a day, 10doctors at a time, in all service made available 10hours a day. Patient will visit the telemedicine center fitted with internet linked computer / TV screen. Telemedicine executive will record patients data like name, age, BP, pulse rate, temperature, etc. and share with the doctor seated at remote central office and will also be able to see the patient and vice versa. Doctor will prescribe generic medicines. The telemedicine executive will pass on those prescription to the patient. If required, doctor will prescribe suitable tests which will be carried out at the center itself. For any major tests/emergency, Project will have a mobile pathology laboratory provided by a gynecology nurse, X ray, CT scans, pathologist etc. Generic medicines prescribed by the doctor will be made available at the adjacent chemist shop. The same shop may also stock items of daily use like solar lamps, or even tooth paste, creams, etc. ATM at a corner in the Ripple center will facilitate financial transactions, provide for round the clock security of the entire center RO plant at the Ripple Center will be of 1000lph capacity adequate for up to 1500-2000user families. Satellite Units: Housed in a room provided by panchayat at its water works or in a PVC kiosk (8X10) Each satellite location to have swipe card controlled fully automated RO plant not requiring full time operator. Only human intervention will be in case of break down, or for cards recharging or house keeping jobs like plant / surrounding cleaning, changing cartridges, making anti scaling chemicals solution periodically, etc. A single operator will be able to handle 4-5plants. Also, for preventive maintenance one person seated at the ripple center will attend to 18-20plants under his Center. Each RO plant at the Satellite will normally be of 500lph capacity, adequate for up to 500-700user families.

7 CAPEX DETAILS MAY BE FITTED HERE B.3.1 Recurring Outflows (Rs. per month): Plant operators: 50operators for 200 plants @Rs.5000each p.m. Rs.250000 Travelling / conveyance for 50operators @Rs.3000/month/person Rs.150000 Power bills: Rs.2000each outlet p.m. for 200 outlets: Rs.400000 Plant Maintenance & Consumables @Rs.1500per plant p.m., 200outlets: Rs.300000 Internet charges Rs.2000 per kiosk-to-EPGL office per month Rs. 24000 Telemedicine software usage fees Rs.12500p.m. Rs. 12500 Mobile laboratory vehicle fuel, maintenance, lab. Reagents/consumables Rs. 50000 Salaries: Center Head(Rs.10k)+salesman (Rs.6.5K), consultant (Rs.6KX2)/attendant (Rs.4K)X 10 Rs.325000 Pathologists +laboratory technician + Nurse +Driver on mobile Van Rs. 75000 Total yearly recurring expenses Approx. 7.50lac for 190 RO plant Rs.90 lac Recurring Expenses for 10 Ripple Centers including 10ripple RO plantsRs.8.5lac p.m. // Rs.1.02crore p.a. Cash Outflows: CAPEX AND OPEX

8 4.1 Total Revenues per annum from Ripple Centers:Rs.8957500 4.2 Recurring Revenue for 190 RO outlets: 2500lphX190X365X0.25Rs.4.33crore Aggregate Gross Revenue for 190 RO + 10 Ripple Centers5.22crore Contribution to CAPEX recovery: Rs.4.20crore per annum Payback period: <20month 4.0 Revenue Streams: Telemedicine + RO 10outlets: Water sold/outlet (average): 5000lpd@25paise/literX10Rs. 4562500 Medical consultations: 100patients/day @Rs.5each at 10locationsRs. 1800000 (Net of Rs.15paid to the consultant doctor per patient) Pathological laboratory tests: Rs.30per test, 100tests dailyX3650daysRs. 1095000 ATM rental Rs.5000p.m. X 10 locationsRs. 600000 Contribution to OHP from medicines/OTC drugs & other itemsRs. 900000 (Rs.250/day, 30days a month X 10locations)

9 Potential Extra Revenue Streams : - Revenues based on 5hour RO-plant operation while OPEX taken for 8hour operation. - Penetration is taken at <30% of total market at each outlet. - Each doctor has been assumed to be able to check just about 50patients a day. This number can be far more in general practitioners kind of consultations. - Initial registration charges / Upfront Swipe card sale revenues have been ignored 6.0 Not yet accounted expenses: - Over heads of space, electricity, telephones, telecommunications persons, etc. - Management expenses at the HO - Interest cost of capital 7.0 Intangible long term gains : - Social contributor and long term sales outlets with minimal CAPEX/OPEX - Enabling availability of qualified medical facility in remote areas - Promotion / communications space in the entire district on each outlet 8.0 CAPEX cutting Solutions : Instead of a kiosk, hire a house in the village: Saving Rs.20lac in CAPEX, add 6lac p.a. in rent Seek CSR grant of Rs.5lac per telemedicine outlet from a single agency: Rs.50lac + Rs.20lac CSR from another company for mobile laboratory

10 Promoters Profiles EPGL: Recognized social Entrepreneur, Alumni GSBI 2008, Pioneer of Community Drinking water initiatives – the basis of all other community Drinking water companies EFL Supported by: C Dac Telemedicine Software – eSanjeevani Karamsad Medical College Anand VS Hospital Ahmedabad Referral Hospitals tied up:

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