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Transforming End of Life care in Surrey 1. Our team today Nigel HardingChief Executive David PerryChairman Rachel HillDirector of Clinical Services Dr.

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1 Transforming End of Life care in Surrey 1

2 Our team today Nigel HardingChief Executive David PerryChairman Rachel HillDirector of Clinical Services Dr Fiona BaileyMedical Director and Consultant in Palliative Medicine Pam WalmsleyDeputy of Clinical Services Shelagh MusokeClinical Nurse Specialist and SBH Community Team Lead Helen BryantWard Manager, SBH Liz BennettDay Care Leader, SBH 2

3 Sam Beare Hospice - history Hospital on current site built in 1927 and there has been a Sam Beare palliative care ward since the mid 70s In 2005 PCT asked for proposals for the future management of beds Princess Alice planned closing the unit - Woking Hospice proposed on-going ten bed in-patient Hospice with outreach services and took control in 2006 PCT support was provided but reduced over time – the deficit was not met by fundraising 2008 – Keep the Doors Open Hospices campaign to fundraise 2013 announcement of plans to re-locate in-patient beds in 2016 3

4 Demographics: Total number of patients 4

5 Growing need for Hospice care 39% increase in the number of patients admitted since 2011 20% increase in patients referred to our Community Teams since 2011 7% increase in attendances to Day Care 20% increase in non-cancer referrals in the last two years 5

6 Pressure on care services expected to increase Annual mortality rate is set to rise by 2016 People are living longer and more likely to have chronic diseases with greater complexity The number of people living with cancer will increase By 2021 over 1 million people will be living with dementia Projected 135% increase in population aged >85 by 2033 6

7 Sam Beare - facilities We are proud of the performance of the unit and the positive 2013 report from the CQC is testament to our staff. But; It is integrated within Weybridge Hospital - not purpose built and only accessed through a pharmacy and waiting room Public access to reception, offices and to day-care is only possible past (often) open patient rooms Nurses and volunteers have to battle to maintain patient and family privacy and dignity Rooms not large enough for some patient/family needs Patients share one bathroom as there are no en-suites In short, it is not the ideal environment for modern palliative care. 7

8 Planning for the future Against this background we conducted a detailed review and produced a challenging Strategic Plan for the Hospices. There were two key recommendations to: reshape the organisation, moving to a single, 20 bed in- patient unit create two centres of excellence in Day and Community care at the Sam Beare and Woking Hospices A loan from Woking Borough Council enabled the Hospices to act quickly on these recommendations Announced in November – public meetings held in December 2013 8

9 Our future care services Hospice at home Community Clinical Nurse Specialists In-patient care Day care units – Community Hubs 9

10 10

11 Sam Beare Hospice 11

12 Sam Beare - finances 2009-12 income broadly matched expenditure but costs rising and eating into reserves Projected income will not cover future costs – operating loss of £ 217k forecast for this year and a similar result expected next year. Costs rose significantly in 2012 due to: the implementation of CQC recommendations regarding the need to bolster training, HR and educational provision the transfer to the Hospice of former NHS staff costs transfer to the Hospice of porterage and catering costs 12

13 Sam Beare - finances Total forecast deficit by March 2015 = £222k Finances stabilised in strategic plan through re- location of in-patient beds and creation of best in class day-care facilities 13

14 Sam Beare - finances 14

15 Comparing usage to giving: 15

16 Sam Beare – future options 16

17 Options Note: There is no certainty of a lease extension at Sam Beare We cannot continue with the 10 bed in-patient facility or reconfigure for a 5 bed facility. The 10 bed provision prevents us from providing the highest standards of modern palliative care. Both are expensive options which are not considered viable in long term. 17

18 Preferred option Relocate all in-patient beds and reconfigure the building to create a centre of excellence in Day and Community care What would need to change? The granting of an extended lease (due to end in 2015) Reconfigure building, relocating the reception The creation of new improved facilities, increasing capacity for Day and Community care and support Permission of NHS estates and full support of CCG Continued strong community support Circa £100k capital investment This is the preferred option as announced in November 2013 18

19 Possible option Relocate Sam Beare and establish a new in-patient facility and Day and Community Care centre of excellence in the area. What would need to happen? Possible granting of an extended lease (due to end in 2015) Identify a building in the area suitable for conversion Full support of CCG Philanthropic individuals prepared to cover purchase and conversion costs c.£3m Increased, on-going community support of c.£0.5m to cover additional costs of independent Hospice Option being investigated and sites visited. May be viable but certainty of short and long term funding needed. 19

20 Next steps Next steps: Negotiate and confirm lease extension beyond 2015 Develop strategy announced in 2013 – creating a new 20 bed in-patient facility to open in Woking in 2016 (relocating inpatient beds from Sam Beare) and creating two centres of excellence for Day and Community Care Investigate and review possible option of relocating Listen to and provide regular progress updates to all stakeholders 20

21 Transforming End of Life care in Surrey 21

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