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May 2012 L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D. Social Ethicist

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1 May 2012 L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D. Social Ethicist
McCall College May 2012 L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D. Social Ethicist

2 A College Takes a Team Please stand when your area of involvement or interest is announced. Hold your applause. Board of Directors Coordinators: Academic, Student, Curriculum, Business Plan Faculty Students Staff Donors Interested Citizen Please thank each other for our commitment to higher education in Central Idaho

3 Organizing Director Former Associate Professor of Ethics & Religion and Administrator, Warner Pacific College, Portland OR Helped rejuvenate WPC with the Adult Degree Completion program that redeveloped office buildings into numerous college extensions. Serves as Pastor, McCall Church of the Nazarene. Sees the problems of a lack of higher education in our region L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D.

4 Higher Education Challenges for Rural/Resort Idaho
Successes McCall-Donnelly High School is one of the top 3 HSs in Idaho. It is ranked in the top 1000 in the US. Idaho is 15th out of 50 states in students graduating from High School Problems 41st out of 50 on # who enter college 50th out of 50 on Fresh college student entering Soph. year. WHY?? 41st out of 50 on # who graduate within 6 years (B.S.) Success 11th out of 50 on # who graduate from Community college within 3 years But 30,000 people in 3 counties do not have a community college within 100 miles from McCall.

5 McCall College McCall College Foundation, Inc., Mission:
is a non-profit, independent college, has been formed with the purpose of starting a Community/Destination College, offering post-secondary programs in targeted areas and eventually granting Associate of Arts, Applied Science, or Science Degrees when able under accreditation guidelines. Mission: Provide meaningful post-secondary education for students of all ages helping them achieve their individual and social goals to develop a whole person in community and the world

6 Market Niche Students who want a 2 year Community/ Destination College
Students who want Computer Classes Adults who want additional education Professionals who want Executive Seminars Citizens and visitors who want Summer Programs Students who want to finish their GED

7 Target Market & Timeline
Year 1 onward: Local residents who were never able to start college or were not able to complete a degree Graduating seniors from Valley County and beyond who cannot afford to leave home to attend school, or Graduates who are not ready to make the leap from rural to urban life where other community colleges are usually located Year 2 onward Destination students who want to attend college and be near McCall and Cascade amenities: skiing, white water, hockey, curling, hospitality, recreation and environmental career opportunities

8 What our Students Need (Survey Results to date)
Totals Total Responses 401 Total Students 160 Total Staff 18 Total Faculty 75 Total Citizens 140 Survey at

9 Type of Student (n=158)? Students High School 53 Some College 46
Earned Degree 37 Residence Have Accommodations ; Need Dorm living- Pilgrim Cove 98 15 Attend Year 2012 34 2013 Not sure 56

10 Type of College desired (n=156)?
Type: Prof Tech 25 Type: Community College 51 Type: 4 year liberal arts 15 Type: 4 year research 21 Type: not sure 42 Would you attend a college in McCall that met your needs? Yes 97

11 Major desired (n=144)? Business 42 (2)
# / (Rank) Business 42 (2) Social Sciences Environ. Sciences 28 (6) 24 (7) Lang & Creative Arts Health & Wellness 45 (1) 34 (3) Performing Arts Ethics & Morality 17 (9) 6 (10) Sports & Recreation Computer Science 24 (7) 28 (6) Trades General Studies 30 (4) 29 (5)

12 Time desired for Classes (n=142)?
9 a.m. - noon 82 Noon – 3 p.m. 58 3 – 6 p.m. 38 6 – 9 p.m. 57

13 Faculty Available in McCall (n=65)
Business 15 (1) Social Sciences 14 (2) Physical Sciences Lang & Creative Arts 14 (2) 13 (3) Health & Wellness Performing Arts 11 (4) 1 (8) Ethics & Morality 5 (7) Sports & Recreation Computer Science 14 (2) 6 (6) Trades 1 (8) General Studies 7 (5) Other 23 Live in McCall 47 Online Experience 12

14 How do you Start a College?

15 Key Milestones Partners Programs Open the Doors Places People

16 Accredited College or University
Key Milestones Accredited College or University Partners IRS Donors Programs Open the Doors Places People

17 Key Milestones Partners State Board of Education Accredited Programs
Regional Accreditation Non-Credit Open the Doors Places People

18 Key Milestones Partners Programs Open the Doors Students Places Staff

19 Key Milestones Partners Programs Housing Open the Doors
Classrooms/Labs Student Center Students Places Library Offices Staff Computer Center Bookstore People

20 Key Milestones Partners Programs Open the Doors Places Volunteers
People Professors Specific Staff Paid Non-specific

21 All Milestones Accredited College or University Partners IRS Donors
State Board of Education Accredited Programs Regional Accreditation Non-Credit Open the Doors Classrooms/Labs Housing Student Center Students Places Library Offices Staff Computer Center Bookstore Volunteer People Professors Specific Paid Staff Non-specific

22 Our Program We are designing a college that meets regional accreditation standards Phase I: Phase II: Health & Wellness; Sports & Recreation; Performing Arts; Ethics & Leadership Phase III: Professional Technical Campus in Valley County AS Degrees (with partner) Certificates (no partner) Business (Entrepreneur) Business Social Science Life Skills Art Creative Arts Environmental Science GED Computer Science Computer Skills

23 Accreditation We are in conversation with accreditation partners.
With partner such as Lewis-Clark State College 4-6 year process for McCall College accreditation Regional accreditation comes with partnership Offering their degrees and transcript No partner (proprietary college) Individual program development 4-6 years for national accreditation (no transfer) 6-10 years for regional accreditation (transfer)

24 Our Strategic Imperatives
SI I: Build an Effective College Organization SI II: Identify & Meet Community Educational Needs. What other programs would be helpful? SI III: Develop and Effective Infrastructure of Campus Buildings Goal A. Outcome #1: Use furniture and equipment in each classroom that is equivalent to the HS experience Goal A. Outcome #2: Use furniture and equipment in each Tech Center that is equivalent to the HS experience

25 Strategic Imperative (con’t)
SI III.Goal E: Develop a publically funded Professional Technical School to serve Valley County and the region SI IV: Develop outstanding Students SI V: Develop outstanding Faculty and Staff SI VI: Insure Institutional effectiveness

26 Facilities The Foundation has arranged for 5 – 7,000 sq. ft. of space & utilities in the Park Center Professional Center on Park Street to house Administrative Offices, Academic & Student Center, Bookstore, 4 Classrooms 1 Technology Center. The owner is willing to wait for students before billing for space.

27 Affordability We are striving to develop a college that remains affordable We are targeting a tuition in the range of $ per credit equivalent. Most classes are 3 credit equivalent classes. We are currently all volunteers. We have access to college equipment contracts to equip college at wholesale costs A Lili grant (through local library) makes EBSCOhost available to Idaho free of charge (leading collegiate search engine/ online library). Our current expenses are the permits, fees, development costs (marketing, office supplies, advertising, engineering), and insurance required for start-up

28 Advantages to Our Region
Staff jobs: Minimum 7 full time staff and management Teaching jobs: Minimum of 64/3=21 classes per program 5 programs means over 100 teaching assignments. We believe that most of these can be filled by regional residents Fill under-utilized office space & seasonal housing during Sept. - May Economic impact of over $3.2 mil / year

29 3 Month Action Plan Cultivate Higher Ed Partner
Program and catalog development for either track Idaho State Board of Education application Student and Faculty Recruiting Grants (Albertson, Murdock, Micron) Fund Raising Conditional Use Permit P&Z meeting: July 10th City Hall 6pm

30 How can you help? Survey Response Volunteer: Donations
5 minute survey Crucial to grant support Volunteer: Fund Raising, marketing, Facebook, Contact Dr. Williams or Woody Donations Make checks out to MCIC – McCall College. McCall Community Improvement Corporation (MCIC) will forward your tax receipt. Hat at the door.

31 Thank you for your support of McCall College

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