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Peter Rhodes Yard Smart Simulation – so what!. YODEL – BUSINESS OVERVIEW & C3 IMPLEMENTATION.

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1 Peter Rhodes Yard Smart Simulation – so what!


3 3 Business Background Control Tower Implementation Network Rationalisation Wednesbury Sort Centre C3 Implementation Simulation Benefits realised Future with C3.... Agenda

4 4 Business Background Yodel is the new company name for the merged HDNL and DHL Domestic businesses This took place in March 2010, with Yodel born two months later in May The new business now has a share in the B2C and B2B markets Following the acquisition of the DHL Domestic business, Yodel had two networks of drivers, tractor units and trailers to manage

5 5 Business Background The combined Transport network meant that Yodel Transport had to manage: Trailers: c 1600 Trucks : c 600 Drivers: c 600 Fuel: 30m litres Miles: 60m Both HDNL & DHL Domestic had legacy TMS systems in place and investment was required to manage the fleet

6 6 Control Tower Implementation Yodel reviewed the market for companies who could provide the following:

7 7 Control Tower Implementation Yodel chose to use Isotrak, ESS and DPS software suppliers:

8 8 Network Rationalisation HDNL network encompassed two national Sort Centres DHL Domestic used a Regional Sort network, with 5 Sort Centres in the UK Yodel Sort now has 4 Sort Centres which sort nationally

9 9 C3 Implementation A Yard Management solution was sought based on: Large volumes of traffic at the Sort Centres Sort Centres operating across more than 1 sites Improved management of client traffic

10 10 C3 Implementation - Wednesbury Yard space at Wednesbury was tight, so a 2 nd Yard was required Two sites managed by C3 Simulation required to review Sort capacities and shunters required

11 11 C3 Simulation – What was the purpose? The objective of the simulation was to understand a day in the life of Wednesbury : Determine how many shunters were needed to operate Wednesbury The workability of the expected operational flows Can the planned seal times be met based on different volumes and trailer arrival profiles Preparation for simulation: Initial discussion of requirements Provision of data, storyboard, layouts, etc. Initial calibration runs of data, processes and key event process / timings Master run on standard volume and peak scenarios Interpretation of the stages, recalibration and iterative actions

12 12 C3 Simulation - Results What the simulation did for Wednesbury was : Confirm the shunt numbers expected (originally calculated from base line manual estimates) Gave some pointers to the workability / changes to the expected operational flows Determine where changes were needed to the expected configuration What the simulation didnt do for Wednesbury: Determine the key congestion bottlenecks (as seen by the Autologic movies / simulation) Take account of the emptying of MT trailers from the campus Truly determine the average dead time of doors following trailer removal

13 13 C3 Simulation Starting point: Yard is Setup for Start of Shift. Shipping doors: Empty trailers at doors (yellow). Receiving doors: Doors are empty waiting for loads.

14 14 C3 Simulation Receiving: Doors are full. Inbound trailers (red = National loads) are being parked, then automatically requested to doors. Shipping: Loaded trailers (green) are parked on both sides of building and gated out. Door Group requests empty trailers. Parking space on top filling up.

15 15 C3 Simulation Receiving: Local loads (orange) are starting to arrive but parked. Priority still Nationals. Door group changed to prioritise local loads.

16 16 C3 Simulation Shipping: Last wave. Release of full trailers. Empty trailers are automatically requested to doors to setup for next day.

17 17 C3 Simulation Simulation succeeded with 8 Shunters. All trailers were delivered by 03H00 AM. Stats show times where less resources could be used. The receiving and shipping schedule could also be adjusted to even out the shift and reduce rush/peak times.

18 18 Improved visibility & control of all trailers in yard Ability to view all clients / load types and manage on priority, which has resulted in dramatic reduction of client trailers being missed Ability to review history of trailers and movements Ability to analyse shunter tasks and performance Improved shunter productivity This has resulted in the removal of one AM shunter at Droitwich Wednesbury could not have operated without C3 system & it provided flexibility during the transition period Benefits

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