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Beth Colleen Cheyenne Sydney Jessica Jamie Directions When you are ready you can click next and it will bring you at the story. When you finish reading.

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2 Beth Colleen Cheyenne Sydney Jessica Jamie

3 Directions When you are ready you can click next and it will bring you at the story. When you finish reading what is on that slide you will find two ways to go. One will be in the right corner and one will be in the left corner. All you have to do is click on the word or even a picture. Be careful and have fun. Some slides have sound so turn it up but not to high. Next

4 The Menu You were looking through your closet when you found your Dads old video game system! So you decide to try it out. There is a big red button that says start, but it doesnt start! You get so mad that you smack the controller as hard as you can on the dresser. To your surprise the world around you starts spinning until it comes to a stop. Youre in the middle of the video game main menu. The three choices are… Super Mario Brothers, A Million Mazes and Sherlock Holmes. Super Mario Sherlock Holmes Million maze

5 Super Mario You decide to go to super Mario brothers. You suddenly feel shorter then before. You look down and startled to see that you are dressed like Mario. Everything turns quiet until… Mario,Mario! Ahhhhh! A beautiful young woman with blond hair, eyes as blue as the ocean with every blink and a Cinderella pink dress with white gloves. You have on idea what to say, or what to do, and you have no idea who she is. An odd creature stares you in the eye and gives out a loud fierce laugh. She pleads for help. A man in a strange green hat similar to yours walks up to you and says let-a-go. A weird frog like thing stares at you so you go for a ride. You can either… Take a ride Talk to the man in the green hat

6 A Million Mazes You deicide to go through the door that says A Million Mazes thinking it would be simple. The door opens so you walk through. The door shuts suddenly and disappears once your completely in A Million Mazes. The first level the cornfield. There are two ways to go left to the castle and one way right to a noise. Left to the castleRight to the noise

7 The doors You dash to the picture of Sherlock Holmes. You start to wonder if you stepped on the right game. What if your not in Sherlock Holmes. Your hands are shaking as if youre standing on an earthquake. Youre worried. You see you have goose bumps on your arms. All of the sudden youre in the world of mystery … Sherlock Holmes and You look around and see a dusty old mansion filled with old pictures whose eyes seem to follow you. Youre very scared and your heart is beating at 100mph. You look around franticly trying to find Sherlock Holmes but he is know where to be seen. You step on something and look down only to see that you are Sherlock Holmes. You decide to keep walking down the hallway where there are two doors. On the right you hear a scream and to the left you hear the creeping of the wooden stairs, as if someone was walking down them. left door Right door

8 The Scream You enter the right door and are surprise to see a woman lying on the floor holding out her hand as if someone took something from her. You are very scared and ask her what happened. She tells you that a man in black took her 10 year old daughter. You feel bad for the woman but dont know whether you should help the woman find her daughter, or run back through the door to your two choices. The left door and the right door. Help the woman Run back through the door

9 The Basement You decide to go to the left door slowly turn the handle. Crossing your fingers hoping nothing was down there. Its pitch black. You can barely see your hand in front of your face. You hear foot steps coming from the basement. There is so much dust you can smell it and you can taste the old rusty wooden walls. You are so scared you are happy. You feel a cool breeze, you wish you were wearing your sweater. You start to go down the stairs farther. You peek around the corner to see a little girl crying and tied to a chair. A weird looking man sharpening his knife by a dim light. His knife is so sharp you can already feel it cutting you. Now you feel scared and sad. go farther into the basement Go back up stairs 17

10 The Noise You picked to go right to a noise. When you get to the noise you see that it is a kitty cat. It is so cute and desperate that. When you pick It up and it starts to purr. You decide to keep it as a pet. You keep going until you come across two tunnels. A orange tunnelA blue tunnel

11 Sherlock You decide to go further into the basement. You hide behind a big box. You peek around the box and see man groan and walk way. You wait and little longer to see if the man comes back, but he doesnt. You make a run for it. You run to the girl and try to untie her. You knock over a box that was by the chair. Nobody came, you thought he did not hear but when you finally untied the rope you. When you turned around and the man was standing right behind you. Fight the bad guy Make a run for it

12 Blue Tunnel You chance after your it. The cat gets tired and comes to a stop so you pick it up and start walking again. You came across an old beach house you knock. No one answers, so you open it. There is a bed room, living room, bath room and kitchen. You decide to live there the rest of your life. Next

13 Orange Tunnel You crawl through the orange tunnel. You stand up you, step on a stick and your cat starts running. You step in quick sand and die. Next

14 Castle You take the path to the castle. It takes you a long time to get there. You see knights sleeping, when you get there they. wake up and look at you weirdly. what are you doing here? one of the knight ask. You shiver and start stammering Uuuuh I am stuck here. sweat roll down your face. The knights move out of your way and open the castle door. You stand there confused. Well are you going to go or not? You dont say anything you just walk. You look back as the stairs. To your surprise you come across a hallway. Your place suddenly slows down. You trip over something and get all wet and muddy, but you get up and keep walking. You see two bursts of lights, you start to run. Once you get there you see two doors. You can see through one window in the door. One has your true love and the other has a friendly king. True loveFriendly king

15 Fight You deicide to be risky, you grab him by the arm and toss him on to the ground you put your foot on his stomach and say I will get off of you if you zap me back into my real world. No its not worth it,he says you grab his knife and put it by his face ok you win, he says All of the sudden you start to spin. When you open your eyes you are back in your own bedroom. That is one adventure you will never forget. Next

16 Run! Next You say I was just going. Then he said I dont just let people come and go. He grabs your arm and ties you to a chair also. Before you know it you feel a sharp object go into you and you see no more..

17 Help the woman You decide to help the woman. You continue to walk down the hallway hoping you wont find anything. Your hope suddenly fails when you see a man in black sharpening his knife with a little girl tied to a chair next to him. You are afraid of what will happen to the little girl. Right before the knife touches the girls skin, the man turns the knife and cuts the ropes loose. The girl run to you and gives you a big hug because she think you put a spell on the man to change his mind. She later tells you that he was trapped in the game too and only took her because she had the power to zap you out of the game. She tells you he was either going to make her zap him out of the game or kill her. She is so happy you saved her. She offers to zap you into the real world. Go back to the real world

18 Home Sweet Home All of the sudden the sound of your mom and sister fighting fills your ears. The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies fill your nose. You can feel your old t-shirt and ripped jeans on your skin and you feast your eyes on the same old family pictures on your living room walls. Next

19 Run Back Through The Doors You decide to run back through the door, but as soon as youre out of the room you fall into a trap door. You are now in an old room that looks like an old office. On a self in front of you it says DO NOT THOUCH ANYTHING IF YOU DO YOU FIND OUT WHY I WROTE THIS. You are nervous and decide to take the note and throw it away. All of a sudden you realize you touched something. Before you can run to escape the room, a dragon pops out in front of you and kills you with a breath of his fire. Next

20 True Love You walk into the door with your true love. As soon as you walk in your true love jumps out the window. You follow, but you dont make it you die. next

21 The Friendly King You go to see the friendly king. You talk to him about being stuck in the game and he starts to feel bad for you. It takes him a long time to remember he has the powers. He tells you the plan and you agree. Soon after that he zaps you out of the game. You end up back in the real world and put the game system back in your closet. Next

22 Go For A Ride You chose to go for a ride. After hopping on the frog creature you learn that his name is Yoshi. You tell Yoshi to go to the castle but instead of going to the castle he stops right where the road splits. The left road is to the castle. The right road leads to a tube sticking up through the ground. You dont know what is behind the tube but it might be something to save the princess. Go to the castleGo in the tube

23 The Man In The Green Hat You go up to the man in the green hat and he says. My name is Luigi. You ask him. Do you know how to get out of this game? Why yes I do he says. You go to Peachs castle and there are two doors but I dont know which one is which. So you are on your own for that. But I do. I know that one leads to life and one leads to death. So you thank the man and start walking to the castle. You walk in the castle and right in front of you is two doors. One with a L and one with a D. Door dDoor L

24 The ladder You pick to climb the ladder. You climb the ladder and what do you know the princess is right there tied up. You untie her and become her best friend forever. next

25 Door D You go though door D thinking Luigi was just joking about one door goes to life and one door goes to death. When you got in the door it disappeared and you were in a black room with a big red button. You decide to push it. All of the sudden you are back at home and promise never to play with that game system again. ( click the button) push

26 Door L You decide to go through door L. Thinking the L meant life and the D was for death, but it was the other way around. Right when you got in you got burned by Bowsers hot breath. Next

27 The Princess Castle You decide to go the castle. You tell Yoshi to go to the castle. He starts running at full speed. You are so nervous that you hands start to sweat. You can feel the sweat dripping down your face. You see the castle ahead and hear a sound of a girl screaming. You taste the salty sweat that is dripping in to your mouth, and you feel the smoothness of Yoshis skin. You are afraid of what is ahead. You suddenly remember that your Mario, the guy that controls the game, the guy that will always get to the castle and have two choices. 1 go through the door, or 2 climb a ladder that you think leads to the princess's room. Go through the door Climb the ladder

28 The Door You go through the door and 2 big mushrooms step out of the entrance. The next thing you know youre to the beginning. A sign says youre stuck forever. No, you scream. next

29 Back Up Stairs You are so scared you run back up the stairs. You hope he does not hear the sound of your sneakers running up the stairs. You turn the door knob and step out. You see something move on the other side of the hallway. Go see what it was

30 All clip art came from either Microsoft clip art gallery or: My thanks goes to Lorlen Michlelle and Adlana For their nameless forest inspiration Click here to read their awesome storyhere Try Again

31 The Thing You go see what the moving thing was but when you turned the corner the moving thing went into a picture of a girl falling into a well. You dont know if you want to go but you do anyway. You put your hands in first and then the rest of your body. You see the girl that was in the picture hanging in a well. You try to save her but you fall in and drown. Next

32 Tube You enter into the tube you see you see to doors you go to the right one it is lock and there is nothing in the room that could break it so you go to the left door. Open the door

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