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By: Stefano Hernandez Joseph Gonzalez and Simon Valdez.

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1 By: Stefano Hernandez Joseph Gonzalez and Simon Valdez

2 Client: School Superintendent Target Consumer: High school students Designer: Joel Valdez, Stefano Hernandez, Joseph Gonzalez Problem Statement: School lockers are a mess. Students can never find a pen, pencil, or calculator, and their homework is always getting lost. Those who bring their lunch to school often find their food crushed under a sea of books and binders. Because of the clutter, it is often hard for students to close their locker doors completely. Design Statement: Design a high school locker organization system that will neatly contain items commonly used and kept in school. Constraints: Design must fit within your school locker. Easy to install. Must hold 20 lbs of books and binders. No flammable materials.

3 We must Communicate at least four times out of the week Work together as a unit i do Follow due dates No slacking off Get Work done

4 Design brief D-1 4/25 D-2 4/19 Team members evaluations D-1 4/27 & 5/9 D-2 4/26 & 5/6 Dimensioned, detailed sketches in engineering notebook of design and each individual part of the design D-1 4/25 & D-2 4/20 IDW creations of each individual part D-1 5/3 D- 2 5/2 IDW of exploded view D-1 -1 5/9 D-2 5/6 5/3 & D-2 5/2 PowerPoint presentation D

5 First time we send them an email warning or something 0.time we like should tell them they need to start helping us Third time we tell Ms. Strascina or Mr Marez Fourth time we kick them out of the group

6 Phone/Text E-Mail Facebook Other



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