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1 square= 2,000 feet Area:146 sq miles Perimeter:374 sq miles.

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1 1 square= 2,000 feet Area:146 sq miles Perimeter:374 sq miles


3 My Islands Bug My islands bug is the uni-scorpion. This bug was discovered when a young girl was exploring and she found a nest of them buried in the ground. They are only found on Twisted Trail Island. This bug is common in the island, but there has never been one found anywhere else in the world.

4 A day in the life of my bug This is my island bug. Her name is uni-scorpion. She is a species of bug that is only found on my island. She stands about 3 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 3 inches long. It uses the horn on its head to burrow in the ground. The red stinger on the back of its body is used for protection. It is not poisonous but its sting is very painful. It creates its nest underground. Unlike most other bugs, it does not crawl. It rolls with its round circle-like feet. Although it can move on the ground, it is much easier for it to burrow through the ground. They have a lifespan of about two years, and can lay almost 100 eggs at a time!

5 My Comic Scale Drawing

6 Island Monument Faces:8 Edges:16 Vertices:9 Floor surface area: 2200 sq ft(40 times 55) Inside Surface area: 19650(12,850 on the building, 9,000 on the ceiling) Paint needed: about 114 gallons of paint. (350 sq ft per gallon) Paint cost: $1,592.58 ($13.97 per gallon) Floor tiles needed: 22oo Floor cost:$ 13,750 ($6.25 per square foot) My monument is a large, tall building with a pointy roof. It has a rect It has two huge glass cathedral doors. It has marble floors and bright white walls. My monument is dedicated to the founder of the Island, David Callahan. He is the reason that Twisted Trail Island is what it is today. The statue inside the monument is a replica of Davids sailboat that he was on when he found the island.

7 Island Transportation Includes: At least 1 acute angle At least 1 straight angle At least 1 right angle At least 1 obtuse angle Parallel roads cut by a transversal road A round about

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