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Marketing made simple Hans Michelsen December 10th 2008.

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1 Marketing made simple Hans Michelsen December 10th 2008

2 Methods (including marketing) of involvement of seniors in learning processes. Marketing methods & strategies / by Pernille Carneiro Juel, Roskilde Library Instead of Pernille I will give you some experiences from marketing library projects Who I am? Librarian. Former head of lending and ref.dept., central library consultant, EU projects, Member of a national competence team for libraries, The national License group and local cultural history projects.

3 Your problem is You have a good project (called operation in European) Your message is good, interesting…. You want to tell about your activity You have little or no money

4 Choose the proper channels Low cost activities does an advert in TV pay? Is a photocopy better? Interesting merchandise

5 Engage your colleagues Toilet doors: Posters! They have to know the message BEFORE the public

6 What we have tried…

7 Danish and European Operations At the moment Before:

8 Dissemination

9 The citizens homepage

10 Denmark Roskilde

11 Network / 98 persons / one in each municipality in Denmark Website ( –Pressreleases for your website and for the local papers –PPT show –Videos e.g. for big screens –Templates for flyers –Templates for posters

12 National level >>>regional level >>>local level Everything made easy for the participants at the local level

13 Toolbox for dissemination

14 Toolbox Ideas for marketing E-learning –Animations e.g. for your own website for public use –Animations for staff training Word documents (handouts or manuscript) Digital signature How to disseminate IT matters

15 The Good Campaign

16 A campaign is activities of communication which will make change in knowledge, attitudes or actions at a certain targeted group

17 The Good Campaign Solves a problem that can be solved with communication Is worth doing - creates greater results than the efforts

18 The Good Campaign The purpose is –Attention –Changes in attitude –Changes in actions

19 The Good Campaign The goals are clear and unambiguous and everybody in your organisation know them The criteria of success can be measured

20 The Good Campaign The organisation is well established

21 The Good Campaign Risks are to be foreseen And you have to adress them

22 The Good Campaign Makes alliances with other partners in the area –Associations –The municipality –Key persons

23 The Good Campaign Knows the target group, their actions and why they have them Knows its medias and where the money is spent at best

24 The Good Campaign Speakes in different voices to different people Is flexible Is humble Has a clear message Staff is part of the campaign – not the target

25 Our experiences A very succesful campaign in week no. 47 Arrangements on all libraries with small lectures, press releases. Merchandise Measured at the hits om Measured in the papers Evaluation schemes

26 ?

27 Staff involved Homepage/website Internal communiation Materials for everybodys use: e.g. press releases Ideas PPT Videos Experience and feed back Templates for flyers Templates for posters

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