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Presidents Report Mrs. Zenaida Lopez-De Asis President, QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 2005-2007.

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2 Presidents Report Mrs. Zenaida Lopez-De Asis President, QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 2005-2007

3 THE GLORY that was the old Quezon National High School.

4 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… THEN… Tayabas High School of 1902 established by the Thomasites when they first landed in the Philippines, evolved into Quezon Provincial High School and now Quezon National High School.

5 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… It was established in 1902 and is considered as the second oldest high school in the country following the Tarlac High School after barely two weeks.

6 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… Tayabas High School is covered by 2 Transfer Certificate of Titles (TCT). The first TCT No. 0212-8 has a total area of 50,028 square meters. This is the title that covers the now known Alcala Sports Complex. The second TCT No. 0-347-10 is divided into 2 lots.

7 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… Lot A has an area of 4,159 square meters more or less. Lot B has an area of 3,116 square meters These two parcels of land with a combined total area of 7,275 square meters cover the Gabaldon Bldg. and the present school campus.

8 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… From a student population of 49, the QNHS now has exactly 9421 number of students and 368 faculty and staff. It is now considered the biggest single campus high school in the country.

9 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… The Sports Complex then was under the supervision of QNHS serving as venue of all sports activities not only in Lucena and Quezon Province but also in the whole Southern Tagalog and Palarong Pambansa Sports Competition. Those were the days. Today, Quezon Highers can no longer use this sports complex freely as this is now under the direct control and supervision of the provincial government.

10 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… Quezon High can no longer use it freely without getting authority from the provincial government. The unsolved riddles of where to hold some classes surmount. Although the rooms under the two grandstands thereat are allowed to be used as classrooms to house some classes, still these rooms cannot complement sound solutions to the problems we are currently facing.

11 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… QNHS with its number of about 10,000 students has 97 available classrooms. To house these students Quezon High has to have additional 110 classrooms. And this has been the nagging problem our school administration and the Alumni Foundation is trying to address.

12 As a palliative solution to this, the administration adopted a double shift class program wherein classes are held from Monday to Saturday. Immediate construction of a building with 27 classrooms is urgently needed.

13 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… The direct supervision of the provincial government in the big and small grandstands marred QNHS from using it for its daily endeavors. Adding to the burden is that water and electrical consumption of the sports complex are being charged and paid by the school out of its budgetary appropriation for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) coming from the National Government

14 QUEZON HIGH THEN AND NOW… Theres also an uncontrolled ingress and egress of the public. Moreover, ambulant vendors using the gates along the sports complex freely roam around the campus. These are the worsening conditions we are facing today and these could only be addressed thru the help of the Provincial Government.

15 A GLIMPSE OF OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS (From Sept. 24, 2005 to Dec. 2007) The Board of Trustees and Officers of Quezon National High School Alumni Foundation Incorporated were elected into office on September 24, 2005. They are:

16 QNHS Alumni Officers and Members of the Board Trustees Cong. Danilo E. Suarez 58 – Honorary Chairman Atty. Bella Alabastro-Amilhasan 49 – Chairperson Gen. Charlemagne Alejandrino 69 – Vice-Chairman Mrs. Zenaida Lopez-De Asis 58 – President Engr. Ed Dalida 68 – Vice-President Ms. Cecilia Devela 68 – Secretary Mrs. Carmen Cadiz-Ermino – Treasurer

17 QNHS Alumni Officers and Members of the Board Trustees Engr. Gilbert Azagra - Auditor Mr. Romeo Gonzales - Trustee Mr. Napoleon Imperial - Trustee Cong. Proceso J. Alcala - Trustee Mons. Leandro N. Castro- Trustee Atty. Romeo Dato- Trustee Mr. Abelardo Sevilla - Trustee

18 They were elected over a two year term following the incorporation papers of the QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Recognizing the needs of Quezon National High School and in answer to the call of the National Government and DepEd for the private sector to give a helping hand on the plight of public schools

19 the officers and trustees of QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. put to task all its available resources to mark a lasting impression on the history of our beloved Alma Mater. High school days and high school life – the best days and the happiest and memorable days of our youth! Its pay back time – Lets bring back the glory of Quezon High! These are the words often heard from Alumni here and abroad.

20 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Barely a month upon election into the position as President, a group of eight (8) teachers came to my residence and presented their complaints against the newly appointed Principal, Mr. Emilio S. Ulpindo, demanding his immediate dismissal and/or replacement.

21 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Knowing that everybody has the right for a day in court, and everything could be settled on a proper forum and dialogue, a. On June 6, 2005, together with the Chairman Atty. Bella Amilhasan we called a General Meeting of all teachers and employees at the school gymnasium with the principal. All accusations and issues were taken up one by one, with the principal presenting his position and replying thereto point by point.

22 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Believing that everything was properly explained and the accused and accusers were enlightened on all issues, that meeting ended with everyone shaking hands and several even congratulated us for solving the nagging problem within the school workforce.

23 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. However, after a few weeks we were informed that the demand for the removal of the principal continued and poison letters circulated all over not only inside the campus but the whole of Lucena as well. The media even took the issue and the same was a daily morning item on both television and broadcast media.

24 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. B. On June 5, 2006, a second dialogue was called with the presence of Mrs. Azucena O. Romulo – Schools Division Superintendent 3 Representatives from DepEd Regional IV-A Office Members of the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Foundation

25 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Representative from the Office of the City Mayor Representative from the office of the Congressman Proceso Alcala Lucena Chief of Police 3 members of the School Governing Council of QNHS Officers of the QNHS Supreme Student Government President of Parents Teachers Association (SAMAGU) President and Officers of Faculty

26 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. The dialogue was fully covered by both television and radio stations. The procedure of presenting the issues one by one with the principal replying and presenting his side one by one was again done.

27 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Failing to present any concrete evidence to substantiate their accusations of Php 13 Million malversation by the new principal the complaining group stopped short the proceedings and just demanded the removal of the principal from Quezon National High School.

28 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. The dialogue ended with the School Superintendent Mrs. Azucena Romulo losing her cool and for 45 minutes reprimanded and lectured this complaining group on proper decorum and rights and privileges of people in the teaching profession and government services.

29 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Up to this time, after more than two years, the passion of these group of teachers of removing the principal in office had not abated. It was revealed that they are the same people who are instrumental in harassing five (5) previous principals in Quezon High that led them to leave the service unceremoniously, retire early, and/or request transfer to another assignment.

30 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Furthermore, for supporting the school administration, this recalcitrant group mounted concerted efforts to malign the Presidents of the A.Samahan ng Magulang at Guro (SAMAGU) 1. Mrs. Isabel C. Bico S.Y. 2005-2006 2. Mrs. Maria Teresa P. Ong 2006-2007 3. Engr. Arnel D. Evangelista 2007-2008

31 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. B.QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 1. Mrs. Zenaida Lopez- De Asis 2. Atty. Bella Alabastro-Amilhasan For concocting false, unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations and to put a stop to all these nuisances, administrative cases have been filed against this group.

32 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Despite and in spite of all these setbacks, the Quezon National High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. focused on its vision to transform QNHS into high- performing school from September 2005 to December, 2007 with the assistance of majority of the members of the board of trustees. The Alumni Foundation delivered and accomplished the following:

33 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 1. Organized the Quezon National High School-School Governing Council (SGC)

34 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. As per request of Supt. Azucena O. Romulo, we spearheaded the organization of the long pending School Governing Council. And as per criteria and guidelines from the Department of Education the following were chosen as members of the QNHS-SGC, viz:

35 Members of the QNHS-School Governing Council Chairman – Governor Vice Chairman – School Principal Members: President of QNHS Alumni Foundation President of SAMAGU President of Faculty President of Supreme Student Government Chief of Police

36 Members of the QNHS-School Governing Council Barangay Captain of Ibabang Iyam Barangay Captain of Ilayang Iyam Representative of Civic Group – Rotary Club of Lucena Representative of Business Group – Quezon Chamber of Commerce DSWD Head

37 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 2. Renovation, refurbishing and repair of the Alumni Office

38 ENTRANCE DOOR. A view of the renovated Alumni door, it offers cool and relaxing ambiance.

39 CONVENIENT OFFICE. The Alumni office transforms itself into an excellent venue for office works and meetings.

40 COMPLETE WITH ACCESSORIES. The façade of the new Alumni Office looks better with complete set of table and chairs and other accessories.

41 MaterialsLaborTotal Alumni Hall P 1,687.00P 1,000.00P 2,687.00 Ceiling P21,612.65P 3,050.00P24,662.65 Electrical P13,323.50P 5,700.00P19,023.50 Flooring P14,032.00P 4,400.00P18,432.00 Painting P 8,111.00P 4,600.00P12,711.00 T & B Walls P16,490.00P 5,375.00P21,865.00 Plumbing P 3,166.00P 950.00P 4,116.00 Kitchen P 2,258.00P 1,375.00P 3,633.00 Gas P 3000.00-P 3,000.00 Clearing P 150.00 Total P 83,680.15P 26,600.00P 110,280.15

42 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 3. Complete Restoration of the Alumni Building Roofing, Stage and Dressing Room A few weeks after the complete restoration of the entire roofing of the Alumni Building, Typhoon Milenyo blew it up and had to be rebuilt.

43 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. This was made possible through the generosity of Congressman Danilo E. Suarez, Class58.

44 A new perspective of the Alumni Rooms after the roofing underwent repair.

45 GREEN, GREEN ROOFS OF HOPE. At last the Alumni Hall frees itself from the perils of rains and intermittent showers of rainfall now that the roofs renovation is done.

46 Materials-Quezon Victory Lumber P 16,890.00 Materials-Quezon Victory Lumber P 19,618.00 Materials and Traveling P 120.00 Materials P 464.00 Materials P 225.00 Materials-Quezon Victory Lumber P 2,040.00 LaborP 8,050.00 TotalP 47,407.00 Repair of Alumni Social Hall Roofing Damaged by Typhoon Milenyo

47 Alumni Building-Façade Ceiling MaterialsP 18,575.00 LaborP 3,820.00 Painting MaterialsP 830.00 LaborP 250.00 TotalP 23,475.00

48 Alumni Social Hall-Repair of Ceiling and Roof Leaking MaterialsP 1,879.00 LaborP 1,350.00 TotalP 3,229.00

49 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 4. Renovation, repair and refurbishing of the entire Alumni Social Hall This is where most of the Lifetime Membership Fee and Sustaining Membership fee You Alumni Paid, were spent.

50 BETTER WHEN TILED. The Alumni Halls floorings look more soothing after this total repair.

51 THE NEW FACE of the Alumni Hall that enthralls the beholders and the lookers-by.

52 General FundP 204,200.00 Donation from Cong. SuarezP 110,000.00 Membership Fees CollectedP 14,700.00 Donation from Mrs. De AsisP 14,000.00 Sources of Funds TotalP 342,900.00

53 MasonryP 41,292.50 CarpentryP 47,676.00 ElectricalP 56,161.00 Electrical Labor Installation P 17,280.00 TinsmithP 600.00 PaintingP 41,227.00 PlumbingP 1,163.00 Disbursement

54 Tile SettingP 87,595.50 Window RepairP 11,077.00 Labor Cost-General P 90,596.00 Supervision CostP 14,000.00 MiscellaneousP 4,330.50 Traveling & Transportation P 607.50 Total Cost of RenovationP 413,606.00 Disbursement

55 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 5. Airconditioning of the Alumni Social Hall This was made possible thru the donation of Brig. General Charlemagne Alejandrino, Class 69

56 AIR CONDITION UNIT cools the Alumni Hall.

57 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 6. Repair and Construction of the QUESINHAYAW Dance Studio This was made possible through the Php 50.00 Preferred Alumni Membership Fee of Class 2005-2006. The collected fund amounted to Php 107,850.00 but the exact expenses for the realization of the dance studios current condition amounted to Php 119,494.83

58 Dance Studio Renovation – was made possible thru the Php 50.00 membership fee of Class 2005-2006 AN IMPOSING green roof serves as complete canopy for the student-passers by along the dance studio area.

59 THE NEW DANCE STUDIO serves as a nest of the Quesinhayaws rehearsals.

60 COMFORT ROOM in its clean and convenient face.

61 THE QUESINHAYAW dance studio where costumes and props are kept.

62 DANCE STUDIOs orderly arrangement of costumes, shoes, etc.





67 TERPSICHOREAN DELIGHT. Trainees of the Quesinhayaw undergo a hands-on experience. They feel at ease with the new dance studio which is more spacious.

68 Student-dancers in action…

69 MasonryP 28,122.00 CarpentryP 11,060.00 TinsmithP 3,324.00 PaintingP 6,285.00 PlumbingP 10,407.00 Tile SettingP 4,596.00 Labor Cost -GeneralP 30,427.50 Electrical MaterialsP 15,117.00 Electrical LaborP 5,980.00 MiscellaneousP 4,176.33 Disbursement Total P 119,494.83

70 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 7. Construction of the Alumni Cybernet Center Construction cost of CyberNet building was provided by QNHSAFI President Zenaida Lopez-De Asis, Class58; Chairperson Atty. Bella Alabastro- Amilhasan, Class49; Treasurer Carmen Cadiz-Ermino, Class58.

71 CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS. The Philippines 2000 area undergoes metamorphosis from a simple hang-out area to a cybernet project of the Alumni Foundation.

72 BETTER ROOFINGS. After weeks of construction, the Philippines 2000 roof looks better than the way it was before.

73 CYBERNET HUB. A vignette of the Alumni Foundations cybernet café, this will serve as a center for students research.

74 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. Computers and Air-Conditioning Units were all provided by the family of Congressman Danilo E. Suarez, Class58

75 THE CYBERNET CAFÉ with complete computer units and air conditioning.

76 THE CYBERNET CAFÉ that will soon turn into a research center for students projects and assignments.

77 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 8. Repair of more than 300 dilapidated school chairs This was made possible thru the Lifetime Membership Fee of Mr. Esmeraldo Palomar, Class56 and Past SAMAGU President Maria Teresa Palomar-Ong.

78 Lifetime Membership of Maria Teresa Palomar-Ong $ 200.00 Donation from Dr. Esmeraldo Palomar $ 100.00 Total Amount Donated $ 300.00 $300 converted to Peso @ P51.15 P 15,345.00 Less: Expenses incurred Materials P 1,598.00 Salary of Carpenter P 10,687.50 Traveling P 60.00P 12,345.50 Cash BalanceP 2,999.50

79 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 9. Two thousand (2000) school chairs We are happy to report that through the effort of your Alumni Foundation together with the officers of SAMAGU, 2000 school chairs were provided through Director George Garma of DepEd Region IV-A.

80 CHAIRS FROM the DepEd thru Director George Garma complete the learning set-up in some rooms of QNHS.

81 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 10. Revival of Quezon High Dramatic Club

82 Through the effort of Trustee Romeo Butch Gonzales Vice President of GMA 7 and of Class 58, together with Zenaida Lopez-De Asis Class58 and Benilda N. Villenas Class68, Mrs. Cecille Guidote Alvarez Chairman of the National Commission for Culture and Arts sent to Quezon High four well-known stage directors, playwrights and actors.

83 Four weekends of comprehensive acting workshop were conducted at the Alumni Social Hall. This led to the revival of the very famous Quezon High Dramatic Club which produced and staged the well acclaimed The Love of Leonor Rivera. This is now known as the Quezon National High School Performing Arts Guild (PAG)

84 Dr. Art Casanova, Mr. Frank Rivera, Mr. Butch Gonzales, Dir. Arthur Cassanova, Mr. Bong Embile, Mr. Perry Diaz, Mr. Rady Barradas, Mr. Len Santos, and Ms. Gigi Pirote were surprised to find out that the Tayabas High School, (now QNHS) Theater Group predated Ateneo de Manila in staging high school stage plays in the Philippines, the QNHS Dramatic Club will be immortalized in Dr. Casanovas book on High School Drama Groups in the Philippines that will be in circulation soon.

85 Today, two plays have been staged through the leadership of Dr. Cristeta O. Asilo, Class69 of the Filipino Department. 1. Wanted: A Chaperon 2. Wanted: Bedspacer

86 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 11. Budgetary Appropriation for Audio-Visual Center

87 Dr. Esmeraldo Palomar Class56 paid the lifetime membership fee of twelve (12) of his siblings, nephews and nieces amounting to a total of $2,200.00 with a request that the same be appropriated for the putting up of an Audio-Visual Center at the Alumni Building to be named after his father, the Pedro Reyroso Palomar Audio- Visual Center

88 Dr. Al Palomar further informed the Foundation that his niece, Rhodora Palomar Fresnedi, an executive of Unilever pledged to provide all the audio-visual equipment and materials.

89 The prepared architectural plan for this audio visual center requires more funds than what is right now available, thus construction of the same was held in abeyance, and said amount was diverted temporarily to the construction of the Alumni Center.

90 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 12. Alumni Center

91 Quezon National High School Alumni Foundation Marker Engraved therein are: The names of the founding officers and board members of the Alumni Association, 196_ The names of the officers and board of trustees of the Alumni Foundation Inc. 2005-2007 The names of all lifetime members of QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc.

92 THE CURRENT LANDSCAPE of Alumni Area looks secured after the completion of its fence.

93 THE ALUMNI MARKER stands with pride at the Alumni Area.

94 SIDE VIEW of the Alumni marker adds attraction to the area.

95 A FULL VIEW of the Alumni Areas landscaping enclosed in grills painted with white.

96 MaterialsP 20,115.00 LaborP 8,000.00 LogoP 1,000.00 PaintingP 1,000.00 Engraving & InstallationP 30,000.00 Quality CeramicsP 22,500.00 Plant BoxP 6,500.00 TotalP 89,115.00 Marker

97 Landscape Contract PriceP 19,100.00 Additional MaterialsP 187.50 TotalP 19,287.50

98 Fence MaterialsP 33,684.00 Additional MaterialsP 13,797.00 LaborP 10,000.00 TotalP 57,481.00

99 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 13. Progress Report on the completion of unfinished building in front of the Alumni Building.

100 The QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. officers together with the principal worked for the approval of a Php 1 million appropriation from DepEd for classroom repairs which would be utilized for the completion of the unfinished building in front of the Alumni Center intended for a library building.

101 Mrs. Estela Lopez-Manila, Class57 together with some Alumni overseas organized the QNHS Library Fund drive Foundation with the sole purpose of raising a minimum of Php 1 million pesos to complete the library building.

102 Congressman Proceso J. Alcala, Class69 pledged to match the amount to complete the building and personally shoulder whatever amount is needed for its completion.

103 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 14. Restoration of the Dormitory Building destroyed by fire BARREN AND WASTED for years, the Dormitory Building ruined by fire is planned to be restructured.

104 Congressman Danilo E. Suarez thru my pangungulit being a class 58ers too, pledged to restore and construct a Science Building at the site of the old Dormitory Building gutted down by fire more than a decade ago. Lets hope that with the Department of Education getting the biggest slice in the recently approved national budget, we may soon realize the restoration and completion of this building.

105 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 15. Restoration of the Gabaldon Building

106 The QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. together with the principal, worked for the appropriation of Php 5 Million from DepEd for the restoration of the Gabaldon Building.

107 However, the total amount needed to partially restore the Gabaldon Building is P10 million. DepEd is requiring us to produce an equity of P5 million from private sources and/or from the local or provincial government unit prior to the release of said DepEd appropriation.

108 The present condition of the school where some students bear the brunt of having classes under the shades of a tree and even open-air improvised classroom needs to be addressed.

109 This is a never-ending story of the schools struggle to cater students into a conducive learning set-up. But lack of resources mars the noble thrusts of giving each learner a comfortable classroom at least.

110 For this, we are glad if anyone among us shares his bounty. Your donation to match the DepEd Php 5 Million spells a difference to our beloved Quezon High. Let us hear the sobs and cries of our Alma Mater in the depth of the night. She needs new rooms and even repair of the dilapidated ones.

111 THE CURRENT PICTURE of the Main Building turns the concerned people to grimace in sadness. It has been a sanctuary of knowledge through the decades, yet its almost ruined status affects its effectiveness in serving the youth.

112 ALMOST BROKEN. Windows of the main building attracts the beholders not because of physical beauty but because of broken jalousies.

113 BATTERED -LOOKING. Room 7s ceiling compels one to break into sobs because of its present lamentable state.

114 WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS. Room 9 seems almost-flooded during heavy rains causing the student-occupants to vacate the place when downpour season occurs.

115 STRIPPED OFF. Another sad condition of the Main Building, it looks like stripped and departed as if no one dares to take care of.

116 THESE ARE NOT DOORS but windows of the rooms in the Main Building that have been thwarted and ruined by time and circumstances.

117 A VIEW OF THE MAIN BUILDINGS backdoor and the rooms therein tear your hearts away now that they look like slum areas because of the wood patches into the windows to cover the students from heat and rains.

118 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 16. Pledge of Governor Rafael P. Nantes

119 During the courtesy call of the officials of Quezon National High School, together with the officers of QNHS Alumni Foundation and SAMAGU, our newly elected Quezon Governor Rafael Nantes, realized the urgent need of Quezon High for classrooms.

120 He pledged to give a twenty seven (27) classroom building to Quezon National High School and he further pledged to give this requirement a top priority in his administration. We hope to see the realization of this pledge soon.

121 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 17. Teaching the Mentors Seminar

122 Dr. Helen Estacio-Lopez, Class61 of the University of the Philippines-Diliman conducted a one (1) day seminar on Language Enhancement for Teachers under the Teaching the Mentors Program. This was held at the Alumni Social Hall, participated in by all faculty members of Quezon National High School.

123 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 18. Student Assistant Fund

124 Mrs. Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor, Class58 spearheaded the fund drive for the allowances of an Office Student Assistant and/or secretary. I would like to acknowledge the alumni benefactors who regularly send dollars and pesos in support of the operational expenses of our alumni office.

125 Mrs. Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor, Class 58 Mrs. Milwida Sevilla-Reyes, Class 58 Mrs. Isabel Losloso-Rivera, Class 58 Mrs. Norma Carmona-Fernando, Class 58 Mrs. Esmeraldo Salvacion-Laureano, Class 58 Mrs. Lydia Gamboa-Brent, Class___ Dr. & Mrs. Nacianceno & Isabel Largosa, Class 48 Mrs. Nervilla Agnes-Pineda, Class ___

126 ReceiptsPeso Dollar 9/10/2004Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor3,000.00 10/3/2004Melwida Sevilla3,400.00 1/13/2005Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor1,500.00 1/26/2005Flor Jara60.00 Isabel Losloso Rivera60.00 Norma Carmona Fernando 60.00 Esmeraldo Salvacion Laureano 90.00 Lydia Gamboa Brent75.00 Total7,900.00345.00

127 Less Office Supplies ( withdrawal by J. Tuazon) $ (15.00) Bank Charges$ (5.00) BalancesP 7,900.00$ 325.00 Add: ($325X 54.932) January 26, 2005 P 17,853.00 TotalP 25,753.00$ 325.00

128 Balance Beginning received by Mrs. De Asis P 25,753.00 Less: Disbursement Student Assistant Allowance P 13,946.64 X-mas Gift P 500.00 Stationaries and Supplies P 522.25 Travel P 200.00 Miscellaneous P 240.00 Piecework Job P 3000.00 Repairs and Maintenance P 2,489.00 Total P 20,897.89 Student Assistant Fund, March 15, 2006 P 4,855.11

129 Add: Student Assistant Fund from P 4,855.11 6/7/2007 Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor $ 185.00 P 8,491.50 3/9/2007 Zenaida Agnes-Lawlor $ 100.00 P 5,115.00 5/19/2006 Norma Carmona Fernando $ 100.00 P 5,115.00 3/15/2007 Nacianceno Largoza $ 100.00 P 4,740.00 5/19/2006 Nervilla Agnes-Pineda $ 50.00 P 2,557.50 $ 535.00 P 26, 019.00 Total P 30,874.11

130 Less: Expenses 05/15/05 Allow. C. CariasP 375.00 05/31/06 Allow. C. CariasP 750.00 06/30/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 07/31/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 08/15/06 Allow. C. CariasP 750.00 09/15/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 10/15/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 11/15/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 12/15/06 Allow. C. CariasP 1,500.00 12/31/06 Allow. C. CariasP 750.00 06/07/07 Salary of C. CariasP 1,500.00P 13, 125.00 Student Assistant Fund Balance, June 7, 2007 – P 17, 749.11

131 On HandBanco De Oro Deposit6/21/07 P 8,491.50 6/13/07 P 9,257.61P 17,749.11 WithdrawalP 3,785.47 ReceiptP 3,785.47 Total BalanceP 3,785.47P 13, 963.64 Add (less) Income and Expenses PLDTP 2,285.47 Allowance-C. CariasP 1,500.00 Interest on Deposit20.62 Withholding Tax(4.13) Total Income and Expenses P 3,785.4716.49 Total Student Assistant Fund Balance, August 17, 2007 P 0.00P 13,980.13

132 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 19. Adopt-A-Classroom by Alumni A.Science classroom – c/o Engr. Bonner Seguit Class 65 B.Two classrooms with toilet now under construction for the Hearing Impaired Classes c/o Mr. Celso Abastillas, Class67 C.One classroom – c/o Mrs. Annie Bayani- Edano

133 AN EFFORT of the Batch 65 transforms the Chem. Lab into a standard laboratory center.

134 ANOTHER DONATION of Batch 67 thru Mr. Celso Abastillas is highly appreciated.

135 CONSTRUCTION in progress…

136 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 20. List of donated items from the Toronto Alumni Group Mr. Baldomero Yujuico of Class 68 sent an e-mail enumerating all the donations given by the Toronto Alumni Group.

137 Donations One (1) organ/keyword and two (2) guitars faculty and students use Financial donation to QUESINHAYAW Cultural Troupe Five (5) Metal bookshelves for the library Sixteen(16) Library tables One hundred (100) plastic chairs for the library

138 Donations One hundred fifty (150) metal desks for use at the Alumni Two (2) second-hand desktop computers and softwares $600.00 for Good Friend Foundation Scholarship

139 Accomplishments Helped fundraise for the publication of Coconut 75 th magazine Published STRIDES 100 memorabilia magazine Organized four fundraising events: 1. Strides 100 - Year 2002; 2. Ballroom Dance at Humberwood – July, 2004 3. Its Latin – July, 2006 4. Copacabana – July, 2007

140 Accomplishments Established and financed website for 5 years Invited 4 faculty members in July, 2004 for observation and to hasten networking between Philippine and International graduates 1. Maria Donna D. Cosejo 2. Carlo Pacinos 3. Marissa Rosales 4. Cecilia Devela

141 Accomplishments Coordinated with Folklore Canada International in providing training on Philippine Folk Arts and Dances to Filipino Canadians in Montreal thru their mentor, an invited Quezon National High School faculty and choreographer of QUESINHAYAW - Mrs. Maria Donna D. Cosejo

142 Presidents Report-QNHS Alumni Foundation, Inc. 21. Preferred Php 50.00 Membership Fee of Class 2006-2007

143 The total amount of Php 95,950.00 was paid by 2006-2007 graduates in March, 2007 as their class membership to the Alumni Foundation. This amount was used to partially pay the acquisition of a mobile sound system for the urgent need of Quezon National High School.

144 Hear the call of our Alma Mater…she needs us all now.

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