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1 Visit us at : AN OVERVIEW. 2 Visit us at : Facts about United Arab Emirates nSeven emirates nAbu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah,

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1 1 Visit us at : AN OVERVIEW

2 2 Visit us at : Facts about United Arab Emirates nSeven emirates nAbu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain nTotal area 83,600 kms nBoundaries Oman 410 kms, Saudi Arabia 457 kms nCoastline 1318 + 1500 km added by Waterfront Projects nPopulation 4.32 million nCurrency Arab Emirates Dirhams (3.68 AED to 1 US Dollar) nGDP US Dollar 115.63 billion in 2005 / 103.55 billion in 2004 nInflation rate 3.2 pct nMajor Trading partners Japan, China, USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Iran, Korea, Germany, Italy nMajor Exports Re-export, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Aluminium, Dried Fish, dates nMajor Imports Manufactured Goods, Machinery, Foodstuff, Transportation Equipment nTaxation: No Corporate or Personal Tax nCustoms Duty: 5pct (no import duty on industrial raw materials) nFTAs under negotiation: USA, Australia, Singapore nFTA thro GCC: EU, China, India, Pakistan

3 Dubai – the ideal hub Dubai

4 New Developments n DPA takeover of PnO ports worldwide (except USA) n Proposed worlds largest smelter plant in Abu Dhabi with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year (collaboration with DUBAL and Mubadala Abu Dhabi) n 100 pct ownership in ICAD (Industrial City of Abu Dhabi) n DIC (Dubai Industrial City) to be fully operational in five years n DIP (Dubai Investments Park) to expand significantly with new projects in the anvil n Giant strides by Free Zones like Jebel Ali, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Sharjah International Free Zone, Hamriyah Free Zone n Creation of Dubai Auto Zone within JAFZA n DLC (Dubai Logistics City) has already 50 companies in the List and coming up in Jebel Ali Airport City n Dubai Customs planning for VAT regime for all GCC countries

5 5 Visit us at : Dubai India Sub Continent - Asia South Pacif Canada/North America – Latin America Europe – South Africa North Africa & Middle East Dubai Hub for : DUBAI PORT – Major Transhipment Port

6 6 Visit us at : Twin Ports - Jebel Ali and Port Rashid Port Rashid – located within Dubai City Jebel Ali – 40 kms from Dubai enroute to Abu Dhabi and located within the Jebel Ali Free Zone Jebel Ali port – capable of handling any class of ship, has 67 berths and over 15 km of quay DPA achieved throughput of 7.6 million teus – 2005 More on DPA (tariff+other information) at DUBAI PORT AUTHORITY – AN OVERVIEW


8 8 Visit us at : Statistics - Dubai Port Authority

9 9 Visit us at : Import Container Statistics

10 10 Visit us at : DPA Imports Countrywise in TEUS Jan-Dec'2005Jan'2005Jan '2006 Belgium5350039094221 China4079741067013042 Hong Kong8202672435342 Germany6212645396829 India1444961186213880 Iran1738713431764 Indonesia2231119672023 Italy6077848775394 Japan5066439985135 Malaysia4457137114052 Netherlands3278520852936 Korea4891535465313 Pakistan4111736913750 Singapore6778049635858 SriLanka144798831141 Taiwan2235515542103 Thailand2324513501845 UnitedKingdom4082427403,309 South Africa9359597439 USA88,36672357,267

11 11 Visit us at : OCEAN WORLD LINES - DUBAI nEstablished in 2001 nOffices in Dubai and Jebel Ali Freezone (warehousing/LCL groupage/CFS ops) nPostal / Courier address (Dubai office): P.O.Box 26254 201, Corporate Centre, Dubai - UAE Tel: 9714 3989059 /Fax: 9714 3982939 nPostal / Courier address (Jebel Ali office) R/A 8, Warehouse No: FC3, Jebel Ali Tel: 9714 8832459/Fax 9714 8832460 nEmail: and - General - Indian Sub-Continent related - Americas, Europe related, - PRC related – Export related – Accounts related

12 12 Visit us at : Benefits of using OWL Dubai nCFS at OWL Jebel Ali Free Zone Facility nLCL / FCL / Project Cargo Handling nExport Consolidations nCross border trucking to entire GCC nWarehousing nReduce costs, reduce turn around time for LCL and FCL cargoes nFaster turnaround of cargo Excellent tailor made software (Freight soft) for efficent management of all type of shipments nClearance / Transporation / Door Delivery services for Sea Freight as well as Air Freight

13 13 Visit us at : OWL DUBAI A growing leader in ocean freight and operates LCL consolidation n Operating in all major ports served from DPA thru dedicated sub-agency networks n CoreCarrier Agreements with all shipping lines and feeder operators n Guranteed space availability/Door to Door options n Containerised Cargo, Special Equipment, Break Bulk and RO-RO services n Access to the main inland containers yards (competitiveness and rationalization of flows) n Customized consolidations (LCL/FCL and FCL/LCL) Ocean Freight Expertise

14 14 Visit us at : LCL Export Consolidation nServing following sectors from Jebel Ali nUpper Gulf–Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dammam, Riyadh, Kuwait, Bandar Abbas, Doha nLower Gulf–Sharjah, Muscat nRed Sea–Jeddah, Aden, Hodeidah, Djibouti, Massawa, Port Sudan nEast Med– Aqaba, Limassol, Lattakia, Alexandria, Istanbul, Beirut, Piraeus nSub-Continent –Karachi, Mumbai, Nhava Sheva, New Delhi, Cochin, Colombo, Chittagong nEast Africa– Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar

15 15 Visit us at : We have the operational capabilities to handle your project movements from origin to final destination. Full handling capabilities at site Trucking – flat bed trailers and other special equipment available Tailor made solutions using all modes of transport One stop shop for all your project requirements Project Cargo Movements

16 16 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nJEDDAH CHARGES (AGENT- AL ZAFER WINGS) nFCL nUSD: 54/- as our Handling + Exchange of B/L fee. nLCL nStripping Charges = USD:20/ cbm nHandling Charges = USD: 40/- nD/O charges = USD: 54/- nPort Dues = USD: 10/ton

17 17 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nABU DHABI CHARGES (AGENT- KHALIDIA SHIPPING ) nFCL nDelivery Order USD 55 nPort Handling Charge USD 82.00/20ft & USD 109/40ft nLCL nDelivery Order USD 55.00 nLCL CHARGES USD 21.0 per frt ton

18 18 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nBANDAR ABBAS CHARGES (AGENT- KALAYE SAREE) nFCL nD/O + LOCAL CHARGES USD 210.00 20 nD/O + LOCAL CHARGES USD 270.00 40 nLCL nD/O + LOCAL CHARGES USD 34.50 W/M

19 19 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nBAHRAIN CHARGES (AGENT- PWC LOGISTICS) nFCL nTHC USD 80.00/20 & USD 125.00/40 nD/O FEES- USD 40 nLCL nTHC- USD 5.30 PER W/M nDO FEES-USD 40

20 20 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nKUWAIT CHARGES (AGENT-AL RASHED INTL) nFCL nDelivery Order USD 54.00 / Per B/L nLanding Charges USD 61.00 / 20' & USD 102.00 /40' nWeighing Charges USD 3.39 / Per Contr nPort Handling Charges USD 27.00 /20' & USD 36.00 / 40' nTerminal Handling Charges USD 75.00 / 20' & USD 129.00 / 40' nPWC Automation Charges USD 20.00 nTonnage Charges USD 10.00 /20' & USD 17.00 / 40' nLCL nDelivery Order Fee USD 54.00 / Per BL nLocal Charges USD 29.00 / Per CBM nIMCO Cargo USD 17.00 / Per Shipment nPWC Automation Charges USD 20.00 / Per HBL

21 21 Visit us at : Middle East - Deatination tariffs LCL nMUSCAT CHARGES (AGENT-EXPRESS FREIGHT ) nFCL nD/O FEE USD 52.00/BL THC USD 104.00/20' & 145.00/40' n LCL nD/O FEE USD 52.00/BL LCL THC,& UNSTUFFING USD 13.00/RT

22 22 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nDOHA CHARGES (AGENT-AIR SEA CARGO) nFCL nDelivery Order USD 55.00 PER B/L nTHC USD 109.00/20 & USD 162.00/40 nPort Handling Charges USD 36.00 per cntr nLCL nDelivery Order USD 55.00 per B/L nTHC USD 17 per cbm nLCL handling USD 5.00 per cbm nB/L Exchange USD 55.00 per B/L for LCL or FCL

23 23 Visit us at : Middle East - Destination tariffs LCL nSHARJAH CHARGES (AGENT- OWL DUBAI) nFCL nTHC USD 129/20 & USD 190/40 nDO FEE USD 55 PER D/O nLCL nLCL HANDLING USD 21/RT nDO FEE USD 55 PER D/O

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