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1300 ARTSEC 1300 278 732. The Challenge Medical Practitioners today face the challenge of protecting: their personal safety the safety of their staff.

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1 1300 ARTSEC 1300 278 732

2 The Challenge Medical Practitioners today face the challenge of protecting: their personal safety the safety of their staff and patients securing their property against theft and/or vandalism while remaining accessible to their patients. Everyone has a right to be safe.

3 The Solution A well developed Risk Management Plan including: Electronic security Physical security Emergency Plan (including evacuation procedures) Occupation Health and Safety Policy Fire Protection Safety conscious interior/exterior building design Staff Training …….sounds daunting ?

4 Help is on its way… Seek professional advice from an established Security Company to: Conduct a detailed appraisal of your security needs Advise on what you need to consider to implement a personalised * A security appraisal does not constitute a comprehensive Risk Management Assessment * A Security System, and related recommendations, does not constitute a comprehensive Risk Management Plan. Risk Management Plan

5 Essential Security Provider Credentials Longevity Adherence to Industry Established Code of Ethics Compliant with Statutory and Legislative Requirements Comprehensive range of In-House services including ; Central Monitoring Station Installation Team 24/7 Technical Assistance Team of Professional Consultants Industry Association Membership Exemplary Customer Service Professionalism is defined as providing Service and Leadership

6 Introducing ART Security Further Company Credentials Over 25 years experience in the Security Industry Fully Australian owned Established Hawthorn base since 1983 Published Code of Practice, Company Charter, Mission Statement and Privacy Policy Compliant with all Statutory and Legislative Requirements Registered and licensed business in line with Private Security Act 2004 Licensed and/or registered employees in line with Private Security Act 2004 Established competency based training programme Continuing Professional Development programme In-house Australian Standards graded Monitoring Centre Long term staff constituting a long standing professional team All personnel have undergone a Victoria Police Clearance Representation on Government and Industry Association Advisory Committees Member of Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) Member of Victorian Security Institute (VSI) An AMA Victoria preferred provider of security products and services

7 Key Personnel Robert ChristiePrincipal Louise ChristieDirector of ART Security Geoff AckermanOffice Manager Martin LeggeConsultancy Manager John AlbertTechnical Manager Richard KaminskiMonitoring Centre Supervisor For further information go to:

8 Critical Products & Services tested quality products multi pathway reporting redundancy and polling strategically located detection equipment fixed and mobile panic devices strobe light and external sirens smoke detectors – hardwired/battery operated accurate and comprehensive monitoring records established voice codes remote arming/disarming (turning on/off) effective alarm response mechanisms prominent signage warning security equipment installed scheduled maintenance compliant with:Australian Standards Insurance Provider Requirements, Victoria Police Alarm Response Policy backed by 24/7 technical assistance regular appraisals conducted by a professional Consultant A Monitored Electronic Security System gives early warning of actual or attempted intrusion/break-in.

9 Panel - Easy to read panel display for simple system operation with four digit push button pin code. Wireless Remote Control Wireless button operation including on / off of alarm system for convenient use for any operator. Also features a Panic Button in case of emergency. Code Pad Another security measure to control / monitor building access via personalised codes. Monitored Electronic Security Alarm Panels Detection Equipment Arm/Disarm Devices Passive Infra Red (PIR) Detector Internal Passive Infra-Red movement sensor. Operation is based on changes in infra-red energy to detect movement. Glass Break Detector - Dual Technology sensor installed near windows to detect the force and sound of glass breaking Door / Window Contacts - Magnetic Reed Switch located on Windows and doors to alert on opening when alarmed.

10 Monitored Electronic Security cont. Panic Devices for rapid response in emergency situations Mobile – dual action Wrist Band Device.Pendant Fixed – single action, lockable Covert Panic Button Visual Panic Button Wireless Panic Button Foot Rail

11 Monitored Electronic Security cont. External Siren & Flashing Strobe Light Internal Piezo Screamer Noise Makers – A Visual and Audio Deterrent Smoke Detectors – wireless and hard wired to give early warning of fire for prompt evacuation to save lives. Outdoor Siren - Firefly

12 Wireless Two–Way Keypad Manual Pull Station Wireless Key Telephone Access Portable Panic Buttons Sirens Perimeter Sensors Environmental Sensors Glassbreak Sensors Smoke Detectors Motion Detectors Security Keypads

13 Monitoring Types Internet (Ethernet) Communication to Monitoring Centre (MC) via internet backed up by GPRS. If communication lost reports on PSTN (standard telephone line). When both pathways lost MC alerted. General Packet Radio Signal (GPRS) Mobile data service for wireless communication. Features polling supervision checking for network integrity - communication failure. Dialler (PSTN) Communicates with MC via normal telephone line. Multi path transmission – communication retention with MC Redundancy & polling –immediate warning of transmission compromise IP Paths

14 Compliance Australian Standards: requires security products and services to be compliant with the existing Element of Risk recommends scheduled maintenance checks by a trained technician Element of Risk (Levels 1 to 5) based on: Type of property – domestic or commercial Activity conducted – high or low risk Value of contents Insurance Providers may require security products and services to be compliant with the Element of Risk as defined by Australian Standards prior to cover being issued – some Insurers offer discounts when Monitored Security is installed Victoria Police Alarm Response Procedures requires the security system be covered by a maintenance programme compliant with Australian Standards to retain the important option of Victoria Police response to compliant alarm events Occupational Health and Safety – Everyone has a legal right to Feel Safe and Be Secure – security products and services can protect this right

15 Protection Plans More than a Maintenance Programme Provides for scheduled maintenance checks to: Test the system for integrity and reliability Update monitoring records to facilitate prompt response Check the security cover is adequate for your changing needs Renders the system compliant with the maintenance requirements of Australian Standards thereby retaining the important option of Victoria Police response to compliant alarm conditions Protection Plans range from a functionality check of the main detection points to a fully comprehensive maintenance programme including all parts and service.

16 Additional Security Measures Access Control – allows for individual access codes restricts movement of unauthorised persons into, or within, the building provides authorised persons access to safe rooms for personal safety or activities such as money handling, cash transactions or pharmaceutical storage HID Proximity Reader Access Cards Biometric Reader Keypad ( Iris/Thumbprint)

17 Additional Security Measures cont. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - sends images of selected areas of the building (internal and external) for recording onto a Digital Video Recorder for review on an onsite computer screen or one at a remote location via the internet.. Digital Video Recording (DVR) - records and stores events captured by CCTV cameras for purposes such as evidence or to identify repeat offenders/known suspects. Camera DVR Digital Video Recorder Remote Video Access

18 Additional Security Measures cont. regular testing alarm activity reports records of equipment model and serial number physical security – manpower dedicated fire alarm system cable locks to secure equipment entry buzzers regular security self audit – see handout standard lock up procedure sop deadlocks/deadbolts environmental awareness - internal/external safety conscious building design and layout - building externally visible window grills and bars lockable security doors/gates lockable bollards open design security fencing

19 Summary Rely on an Ethical Security Provider to: provide exemplary customer care offer sound professional advice deliver an optimum service install quality equipment So that your Security Cover - as part of your Risk Management Plan: meets your needs provides the benefits you require is compliant with your element of risk satisfies your insurance requirements provides for your personal safety and the safety of your staff and patients secures your property against theft and/or vandalism is compliant with Victoria Police Alarm Response Policy At ART Security our aim is: To achieve total client satisfaction through never ending improvement

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