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John Merison Building & Maintenance Contractors Ltd Welcome from.

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1 John Merison Building & Maintenance Contractors Ltd Welcome from

2 Energy Saving Services Thermal Imaging Power Flushing LEDs

3 Thermal Imaging Thermography is the process by which thermal images are recorded using infrared imaging technology Infrared imaging allows us to expand the part of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see

4 Who uses Thermal Imaging Police Vets Military Medical Profession Fire Service Construction Industry

5 How we use Thermal Imaging Locate areas of Heat Loss in Buildings Locate and Identify Electrical Faults Locate and Identify Leaks Test Heating Efficiencies Quality Control

6 Heat Loss Poor Insulation Single Glazed Windows Poor Design Poor Workmanship

7 Electrical Faults Overloading of circuits Faulty Components Worn Parts

8 Identify Leaks Poor Workmanship Poor Design Faulty Components

9 Heating Efficiencies, Quality Control Windows Doors Fit Correctly Gaps In Insulation Thermal Bridging Heating Efficiencies

10 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Non Contact Method of Testing Instant Real-Time results Allows Planned Maintenance Tests completed under normal working conditions Guaranteed results Saves time, money & energy

11 Powerflushing Is a technique that involves forcing liquid through a hydraulic system at high speeds

12 Why use power flushing? Build up of sludge in hot water heating systems, does not allow radiators to distribute heat efficiently Leads to larger energy bills Extend life expectancy of boiler Reduce energy bills by up to 20%

13 LED Lighting Natural progression in lighting technology No filament No Ballast or starters No Mercury No WEEE Recycling Available in all colours

14 Where are LEDs Used? Commercial Properties Industrial Properties Residential Anywhere lighting is required

15 LED Fittings GU10/MR16 Spot Lights T8 Tubes Highbay Grid Lights Flood Lights Downlights Strip Lights LEDs can be Retro fitted to suit any Existing Fitting

16 Advantages of LEDs LEDs can give up to 75% in energy savings Last up to 25 times longer Start up quicker, no ballast or starter needed, no flicker on start up Hi Bays have no glass, no lead, no hydrargyrum or other harmful contaminants Light deterioration around 3% over lifetime Less maintenance Produce a fraction of the heat Variety of fittings & massive reduction in CO2 Finance is available


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