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Informationtechnicalbook. f o t r FORMAT IMAGE backstage m a informationtechnicalbook.

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1 informationtechnicalbook

2 f o t r FORMAT IMAGE backstage m a informationtechnicalbook

3 Integration and interchangeability The possibility of integrating and interchanging all the component elements: everything is compatible with everything else.

4 Integration and interchangeability



7 Structures Partition panels Duplex system Accessories

8 Structures The support structures for the work tops comprise a series of modular and interchangeable elements, following the design logic of the Format system. Reconfigurations These structures may comprise: metal T or tapered legs wooden sides below-desk drawers small, single panel partition walls Duplex modules Structures – Partition panels – Duplex system Format Structures

9 3 Outfittable wooden side panel and Duplex 1 Wooden sides 2 Outfittable wooden sides Structures TYPE Every top in the Format project is the base element for a modular system used to set up more or less structured and equipped workstations, depending on requirements; each top,for example, can be matched with different kinds of vertical partition; every top rests on equipped sides or metal legs designed to hide cables; every top can be combined with other tops to extend base configurations in a linear and/or mirror fashion.

10 Le structures Simple or structured, lightweight or important, indipendent or integrated – The Format system is designed to meet all the needs of the workplace both today and tomorrow. 1 Wooden sides 2 Outfittable wooden sides 3 Metal legs with telescopic beam 4 Metal legs with wooden crosspiece 5 Base drawer unit with metal legs 6 Base drawer unit with tapered legs 7 Outfittable wooden side panel and partition panel 8 Metal leg partition panel 9 Tapered leg and partition panel 10 Shaped leg and partition panel 11 Partition panels 12 Shaped legs and partition panel 13 Undertop unit and partition panel 14 Outfittable wooden side and Duplex 15 Metal leg and Duplex 16 Tapared leg and Duplex 17 Shaped leg and Duplex 18 Duplex 19 Shaped legs and Duplex

11 Legs There are three different kinds of metal leg in the Format system: To respond appropriately to all aesthetic and functional requirements. Shaped legTapered legMetal leg Format Structures

12 Partition panels Modular vertical elements with totale thickness of mm 25 which can be combined at variable heights, the small partition walls separate workplaces at the same time as bringing toghether structural components and supporting work tops ensuring infinite furnishing combinations. They are single-panels in wood particles with melamine or fabric finishing complete with vertical aluminium profiles which can be equipped. Format Structures

13 Partition panels 1 Partition panel and glass raised section 2 partition panel and shelf 3 Partition panel and reception top 4 Partition panel and accessories 5 Partition panel with accessories on bar and PC support 6 Partition panel with storage unit 7 Front panel on metal legs 8 Front panel on wooden side panels

14 Duplex System Accessories Format Structures 3 Duplex Blind module 2 Duplex light with ice screen. 1 Base module with cable conduit on one or two sides.

15 Duplex System


17 3 Duplex module covered with fabric 3 Duplex glazed module 3 Duplex blind glazed module 2 Duplex Light with Hypen 2 Duplex Light with Vis-a-vis 2 Duplex Light with venetian blind 2 Duplex Light with file holder Duplex System Two Type of product The Normal Version is made up of the base module and upper closures The Light Version makes it possible to separate without isolating.

18 Accessories Accessories Both the small partition walls and the walls in the duplex system can be equipped with practical and functional accessories so that everything is always colse at hand: shelves, hanging cabinets with roller covers, black-board, flag-type lamp, folder holder, reading stand, pen holder, telephone stand and reception tops. 1 Shelf 2 Wall units with sliding shutter 3 Whiteboard 4 Swing-type lamp/Lamp to wall 5 Trays

19 Duplex System - Accessories

20 Duplex System Duplex is a system of modular open- space type walls with a total thickness of 82 mm. A common base module makes it possible to develop indipendent and separate workstation alongside visible and shared positions, a context of modularity and total integration of component elements. In structural terms, it is made up of an inner frame in metal faced on both sides by partitioning panel in faced chip wood; the resulting gap can thus be used to house electrical, telephone and computer cabling.

21 Duplex System Type aluminium upright For Duplex Light modules Type M metal upright For Duplex modules Base module with cableconduit on one side 90° connection

22 Duplex system and small partition walls are different from a structural, aesthetic and functional point of view. They were designed around a logic of total integration to maximise modularity. Integration between partition panels and Duplex system Format Structures

23 Connections Within the Format system, the concept of modularity is truly infinite. Connections mean that it is possible to integrate perfectly the Duplex and Duplex light modules as well as allowing for two- three- and four way branches over and above partitions with the single-panel small partition wall modules. This ensures maximum compositional freedom for modular facilities in large work areas while also optimising the available space by functional requirements. Format Structures

24 Partition panel wiring All the load-bearing structures in the Format small partition wallsystem can be supplied with electricity using different kinds of cable, housed in metal ducts, and standard sockets available on the market. Alternativity, a kit system is available in plastic having farings with two differential power supply lines that envisages power supply for workstations with the installation of all standard international electrical sockets as well as possibility of a duct for data transfer cables and outputs for RJ sockets.

25 Duplex System wiring

26 Wiring kit with two differentiated lines International standard sockets 90° cable duct corner Partition panel wiring Power cable with two differentiated lines

27 Duplex System wiring The Duplex system can be cabled in modular fashion. The base module of the wall has a book-type opening on top and undernearth the work top so that the module can be inspected from or both sides for accsess to the inside gap where the cables and sockets are housed. In this way, electrical cabling is an integral part of the structure and can be inspect and accessed if necessary, or set into the overall harmony of the forms and proportions.

28 Duplex System wiring




32 Worktops Desks, operative management systems and meeting tables: even the worktops are an expression of the concept of absolute modularity that inspired Las Mobili to design and develop the entire furniture system. Welcome, work, space-sharing and meetings: each of these occasions is matched by a Format worktop for a perfect response to the needs of modern workplaces and work methods Managerial desks Linear worktops - Workstation tops End sections - Single peninsulas Shaped extensions - Connections

33 Worktops

34 EDGES Every version of these tops is produced with a shaped, post- forming perimeter profile or a flat, edged profile in ABS

35 Linear worktops 1 Linear worktops2 Workstation tops The worktops in the Format system are available as a linear version (depth 60 and 80 cm) or a symmetrical or non-symmetrical workstations. The Linear tops are made of wood chip panels faced with laminated post-forming HPL or wood chip panels faced with melamine. The Workstation tops are in MDF faced with PVC or wood chip panels faced with melamine. Workstation tops

36 Linear worktops 1 60cm depth2 80cm depth

37 Workstation tops

38 Conference Tables Shaped conference tables with metal base Oval table L 200 Round table Diam. 120 Ovali o rotondi, con basi metalliche o in legno, i tavoli riunione sono pensati per inserirsi perfettamente in tutte le possibili declinazioni del sistema darredo Format.

39 Counselling Tables Round counselling table Composite counselling table MODULARIY The Format range even envisages modularity for meeting or conference tables: fitted wirh central hole, they can be configured with different formats thanks to the insertion of special extentions and the application of semi-circular end-pieces, without in the least effecting linearity and aesthetic quality.

40 End sections Double end section for desks Double end section on part. Pan. Double end section on Duplex s.

41 Single peninsulas Shaped extensions

42 Connections Connections These connectors – the linking elements between the various worktops, dividers and shared system within the work area – are available in nine different versions, with 45°, 60° and 90° angles, three – and four-way design and modular depths. Connection top Depth change connection 45° - 60° - 90° corner3 way connection 4 way connection

43 Managerial desks Worktops

44 Managerial desks 3 Metal base 1 Wooden base 4 Metal base and extension 2 Wooden base and extension

45 Cabinets

46 Designing an intelligent workplace means taking a systemic approach to ensure optimal exploitation of space and work performance. Hold, file and store: the storage units in the Format system by Las Mobili flank these basic functions with furnishing,dividing and support functions to set off a system totally inspired by modularity and flexibility.

47 Cabinets

48 1 Open storage unit 2 Storage unit with blind doors 3 Storage unit with blind/glass doors 4 Storage unit with glass doors 5 Cabinet with shutter 6 Filing cabinet Cabinets Open shelves, cabinets with wooden, glass or combined wood-glass doors, storage units with roller covers: the Format range is designed to equip all modern workplaces in the most suitable manner.

49 Cabinets 1 Drawer unit on castors 2 Side storage unit for worktops 3 Side drawer unit for worktops They can be mounted in three dimensions undernearth the desk and worktops to complement workstations or they can become structural support elements for the various compositions in the Format project.

50 Mobile units Caddy Screens Work dynamics and mobile workplace furnishing. Format Mobile units responds to these specific requirements with a series of elements that embrace all the features of flexibility and modularity typical of the Format range with the extra feature of mobility. Wherever work areas must be reconfigured with e certain frequency, mobile worktops and screens can be combined with considerable ease-with each other and with all the other Format products.

51 Mobile Units Mobile unitsCaddy Screens


53 Mobile Units

54 NomadiMobile Units The Format mobile units range includes nobile worktops and screens so that configurations can be modified simply by moving the various components to create different arrangements in real time. The worktops can be mounted on castors or feet depending on specific work and space/function requirements.

55 Mobile Units Services Tables

56 PC-station Caddy Autonomy and mobility are the origin of the caddy PC workstation, a mobile monitor/computer stand equipped with a Video stand and a computer suppory – both of which are height-adiustable. On request, it is possible to fit a shelf to house a conventional screen.

57 Mobile screens Mobile screens are the natural outcome of the worktop mobility. Wherever work areas have to be reconfigured, mobile screens make it possible to recreate privacy easily, immediately and with aesthetic lightness thanks to the use of semi-transparent polycarbonate. They are fitted with folding legs to be self-supporting when not connected toghether or to a wall or can be matched toghether or with small partition walls, and even fitted to worktops using special clamps. Mobile Units

58 Mobile screen

59 Schermi NomadiMobile screens Mobile screens are the natural outcome of the worktop mobility. Wherever work areas have to be reconfigured, mobile screens make it possible to recreate pricacy easily, immediately and with aesthetic lightnessn thanks to the use of semi-transparent polycarbonate. 1 Single module2 Aggregate module3 Mobile module

60 Connections As well as matching with each other, all Nomadi Screens are perfectly compatible with the small partition walls and the Duplex System in the Format project. This means that large work areas can be equipped with a single furniture system ensuring the best solution for all specific workplace requirements, where systems in management areas can be flanked by indipendent workstations or work sharing areas. Mobile screens

61 Ergonomics

62 Components peargreywalnutivorynavy blue Finishes

63 Melamine partition panels peargreyivorywalnut Melamine partition panel

64 Melamine partition panel covered with fabric beigebluegrey Melamine partition panel covered with fabric

65 Duplex base moduleDuplex top modules walnut grey pear ivoryMetallic silver Melamine blind modules

66 Blind modules covered with fabric beige grey blue Blind modules covered with fabric

67 Duplex Light top modules whiteorangebluemetallic silver transparent HypenVenetian blind Ice screen

68 Aggregations

69 Las unit realizations The Format program was created with the aim of satisfying all the requirements of the most developed working enviroments in terms of ergonomics, compositional freedom, screens and reconfigurations

70 Aggregations




















90 Operative series Via Nazionale, 138 64019 Tortoreto (TE) ITALY

91 ART & Stil OFFICE line 1090 Wien, Währinger Str. 55-57 Telefon:+43 (1) 408 63 87 Fax: +43 (1) 408 42 97 E-Mail:office (at) URL:

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