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PCS Champions Olympians of Change Lets Dive Into the Games.

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2 PCS Champions Olympians of Change

3 Lets Dive Into the Games

4 The average Olympic Swimmer trains 5 hours per day and 6 days per week. AM-Usually 30 minutes stretching/weight lifting, followed by 2-3 hour swim practice. PM -Usually 30 minutes dry land followed by 2-3 hour swim practice.

5 The average WIC Olympic superstar trains 8 hours per day for 5 days a week. AM-Usually 30 minutes stretching/report running, followed by 3-4 hours of knee to knee. PM -Usually 30 minutes to refuel, followed by 3- 4 hours more intense counseling and feelings.

6 12 5 109 8 7 6 43 13141516 1211

7 A walk in the park

8 Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever


10 8.5



13 EZ TGIF Template EZ-TGIF 1) = T Used _________ tool. 2) = G Family/Mom will__________ 3) = I Discussed ____________. Assigned Codes_________due to___________ *PG: Pregnancy #_______BF Feelings:_________ *Infants: # of feedings per day_______oz formula/day________ *Food Package Changes (IPN Tailoring)_________Because___________ 4) = F Ask about_____ Next appointment remember to:_________

14 Case Study

15 Stephanie was referred to WIC by her doctor. She is 10 weeks pregnant and this is her first pregnancy, she is feeling a little more tired than usual but over all she says she is good. You decide to use the hopes and dreams doors, Stephanie responds to you that she just wants a healthy pregnancy and to deliver naturally. She tells you that her doctor wants to follow her pregnancy closely due to diabetes, but she has always checked her sugars and ate appropriately, and uses an insulin pump so she feels it is just precautionary measures. Stephanie does tell you she has read that some diabetics have larger babies and she is concerned about a cesarean delivery. Stephanie is taking her prenatal vitamin most days and is continuing to exercise regularly.

16 TGIF T: Hopes and Dreams doors; Stephanie expressed concerns about a healthy pregnancy and avoidance of a cesarean delivery. G: To maintain a healthy pregnancy I: Assigned WIC code 343. Mom is 10 weeks, in her first pregnancy. She currently is taking insulin therapy, PNV and exercises regularly. F: Referred to RD for next appt. F/U with mom about BF benefits for diabetics during 2nd trimester HC.


18 Following Up

19 WWYD? T: wand G: eating better I: no medical hx, child is eating 3 meals a day. F: on eating better

20 Weight Times


22 Spring into conversations

23 Challenges?

24 What has been surprisingly easy? Speed walking


26 Medals

27 How do you feel? 12345

28 To help keep on track we can…

29 I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match. –Mia Hamm

30 Keep the Olympic Flame Lit

31 Questions?

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