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1 Saint Laurence Education Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to our program It all began with an inspirational sermon … s Scott.

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1 1 Saint Laurence Education Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to our program It all began with an inspirational sermon … s Scott

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3 3 Episcopal Schooling Provides Exceptional Education Average Test Scores for Episcopal schools in the 80-90 percentile range nationally Attendees Include F.D. Roosevelt, J. F. Kennedy, Headmaster of First Episcopal Nativity School (J. Finley) 114 New Schools since 1990 10:1 Student to Teacher Ratio Well Developed Curriculum Average Cost in Metro Atlanta ~ $12K Initial Conception Is this Opportunity Available to the Underprivileged?

4 4 Validated Initial Conception Paulding Identified as area of need near St. Teresas Outreach established with E. Paulding Middle School Only 42% of Paulding Residents have a High School Diploma (Georgia 60%) Only 15% of Paulding Residents have a College Degree (Georgia 32%) High % of Elementary Students on Free/Reduced Lunch Hiram Elementary ~ 35%, Dallas Elementary ~ 50% N. Cobb Schools (Ford Elementary & Durham Middle, 1.2% & 5.7% Respectively) Excessive Drop Out Rate in Paulding St. Teresas Dallas & Hiram

5 5 Tutoring Program Initiated Logical Step for Middle School Creation Method to Evaluate Community Interest Immediate Engagement with Community Tutoring Experience Yielded 15 to 20 Students Tutored Daily (2003..100 Students).. Improved School Performance Strong Relationships between Students & Tutors Initially Kids Came for Snacks … Now for Tutors Improved Paulding Community Trust & Built Ties 3 School Years of Tutoring Presence Member of 3 organizations dedicated to improving quality of life Paulding Collaborative Chamber of Commerce Planning for Paulding Identifying Organizational Resources to meet Family Needs…heres Candice First Step – Sketching the Idea

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7 7 Bishop J. Neil Alexander Providing Guidance & Initial Leads Leverage Best Practices for Independent Middle School Local Episcopal Schools and After School Program National Association of Episcopal Schools Nativity Network … Middle Schools for Low Income Children Visited 4 Schools in Boston Dialoged with Many Others in Nation Utilize Nativity Framework to Create St. Laurence Model High Expectations High Quality Education (low student/teacher ratio) Extended Day (10-12 hrs) & Year (11 months) Low Income Children, Not Tuition Driven Parental & Community Involvement Graduate Assistance Program Judaic-Christian Values …………..Heres Bishop Alexander 2 nd Step – Developing the Model

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9 9 3 rd Step - The Blueprint Mission Statement Saint Laurence Episcopals mission is to provide a firm educational foundation by creating and operating a school for low income, under-served middle grade youth that will allow them to excel in high school and continue with further education. This will free them from the poverty cycle and allow them to give back to their community; thereby living out Gods plan for their lives. The school combines the strength of an Episcopal Education with the Nativity Model framework. Mission Statement … Here s Father Jack

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11 11 4 th Step - Building the Foundation High Expectations Children from all faith, race, creed, ethnic backgrounds Individualized curriculum equivalent to that of private independent middle schools, 5 th to 8 th grade Goals Nurturing, safe environment High school placement, scholarships, counseling Master Teachers working with interns Mix of paid and volunteer staff resources Partnership development to foster whole family development

12 12 4 th Step - Building the Foundation Strategic Implementation Plan Plan Created with Microsoft Project Tool 9 Key Tasks, 183 Subtasks Resource Requirements Identified Timeline Established Critical Path Mapped Doors Open August 2006

13 13 Initial Building Blocks Incorporated, Non-Profit 501(c) 3 Professional Accounting in Place Cassin Grant for Feasibility Study ($36K), then $150,000 for Startup Phase 4 th Step - Building the Foundation Initial Sources for $1MM Funding Financial Requirements – Current to Full Enrollment Need $1,000,000 to open doors in February 2006! Budget

14 14 Targeting 20 Sponsor Groups @ 12K/group - $240,000 1. St. Teresas Episcopal Church 2. Paulding Faith Community 3. Paulding Business Community 4. Exec Dir Friends & Family 5-14. 10 Episcopal Convocations 15-20+.6+ Individuals 4 th Step - Building the Foundation Sponsor Groups

15 15 St. LaurencePrivatePublic Student/ Teacher10:1 30:1 Cost/Child$12K$10K$6.5 DayExtended Day (12 hours) Regular (6 hours) Regular YearExtended Year (11 Months) Regular (9-10 months) Regular Graduate Assistance Curriculum assistance in High School / Placement in High School and College Little for middle graders None Parental Involvement RequiredSolicitedDesired Moral TeachingFaith Based / RequiredAttemptedCharacter Ed 4 th Step - Building the Foundation Comparisons

16 16 Targeting Foundations/Corporations - $760,000 No. 1Cassin Educational Initiative Foundation ($90,000 received for Startup) We have a list of 124 Foundations that will fund our type of program. 21 applications will be completed by the end of March 2005. Local Corporations have also been identified and targeted. 4 th Step - Building the Foundation Foundations and Corporations

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