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Western Branch High School

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1 Western Branch High School
FRESHMEN ORIENTATION Danielle Wagner and Brooke Hurdle Western Branch High School

2 Main Entrance This is the main entrance for staff, students, parents & visitors. Attendance, main office, and the library are in this general area.

3 Bus Ramp When getting off the bus you will enter the school through the A-hall door. The doors leading out to the bus ramp are not to be used at any other time.

4 Can’t drive? Riding the bus is a privilege. Improper behavior on the bus will result in the privilege being revoked. Students who ride the bus to school must also ride it home unless permission is granted through the main office.

5 Main Office Principals’ offices are located here.
Sometimes information will be able to be picked up here. Usually you will be called to the main office if you are needed.

6 Attendance Attendance office: If you are late coming to school or leaving school early, this is where you would need to go to check in and out. You can only be absent nine days, so on the tenth day, you fail the course. However, there are extended days you can attend to replace a day. Extended days are announced. DONT MISS SCHOOL!!!!

7 Media Center The time you are allowed to be in the media center is
between 7:45am-4:00pm. You must leave your belongings at the door in one of the cubbies. No food or drink is allowed. Checked-out books should be returned on time. If they are not, you will have to pay a late fee. Hours 7:45am-4:00pm

8 This is what the first floor of the school is predicted to look like once
all of the renovations have been completed.

9 This is the second floor plan of the new freshman wing.

10 Guidance Office The guidance office is used for schedule
conflicts or whenever you feel the need to talk to a counselor.

11 Guidance Counselor This is Mrs. Bell.
She will be your guidance counselor for the next 4 years.

12 Clinic The clinic office is entered through the guidance office.

13 Clinic There are two nurses.
You must have a legitimate reason for going to see a nurse. If you do not feel well, you will be allowed to see a nurse. Necessary medications must be kept in the clinic.

14 Everyone’s favorite Subject, LUNCH!
Cafeteria: Your third bell determines what lunch you have, either first, second, third, or fourth.

15 Commons Area Smaller portion of the cafeteria. Same rules apply.

16 Club Boards There are two club boards located between the restrooms
nearest the lunchroom. Club information such as club meetings can be found here.

17 Tardy Station Tardies are recorded by semester. If you miss thirty minutes or more of a class, you will be counted absent. Student who are tardy six or seven times will be issued a day of ISS. The eighth suspension, and any subsequent tardies, will result in OSS. If you are late to class, you are required to get a pass from the tardy station.

18 Main Hall Main hall is where the rest of the halls branch off.
Vending machines are located on the main hall as well but are not open during lunches.

19 BRUIN Pride!

20 Dress Code Proper dress includes: no sleepwear, no sleeveless shirts, no bare midriff, no short-shorts, no extremely low-cut tops, no see through clothing, no baggy pants, and no clothing with inappropriate references.

21 Proper Dress

22 Incorrect Dress

23 Do!

24 Don't No hats, or sunglasses. No tank tops, see through fabric, clothes that advocate violence, drugs, or alcohol.

25 Cell phones aren’t allowed in High School
Electronic devices and cell phone policy: While on school property, between the hours of 7:30AM and 4:00 PM, all electronic devices must be placed in lockers or vehicles. Possession or use of an unapproved item may result in disciplinary action. Cell phone use during school hours will result in OSS.

26 Security is strict at WBHS.
The golf cart is a way of patrolling the parking lots.

27 Gymnasium To participate in gym, you are required to dress out.
Shirts: s-xl= $4.00 2x-3x= $5.00 Shorts: s-2x=$6.00 3x= $8.00 Locks: $5.00

28 Have fun!

29 High School Transition
Helping Students Succeed By Mrs. Joan Cochran Mrs. Ellen Wood 29

30 Parent Involvement Contact the teacher by phone or e-mail
Have specific questions Be aware of undue pressure Assume a supportive attitude Check daily for homework, assignments and announcements Talk to the guidance counselor 30

31 Stress the importance of academic effort
Read newsletters, attend open houses, and check progress reports Stress the importance of good attendance Work with your child to develop time-management skills, study skills, and organizational skills Set boundaries and monitor activities such as TV, games, and phone use Listen to your child 31

32 Communication Skills Encourage your student to initiate communication
Maintain a positive attitude Know that there are at least two sides to issues Keep communication open Know school regulations and policies Be aware of report card dates and other important information 32

33 Inquiry Process Student Teacher Teacher Student 33

34 Student/Parent Teacher Student/Parent/Teacher Counselor
Administrator Student/Parent/Teacher Principal An inquiry process is important. More often than not, issues can be resolved at the first step of dialogue between the student and the teacher. 34

35 Transition Expectations
Block scheduling Program rigor Homework demands Social opportunities Organizational skills SOL requirements The new SAT GPA Good attendance 35

36 Study Skills Students will need: Necessary supplies Note-taking skills
Organizational skills Listening skills 36

37 Sample Schedule Fall Semester English 9 Algebra 1, part A Elective
PE 9 Spring Semester World History 1 Algebra 1 part B Earth Science Elective

38 Attendance Matters Students must attend class 81 days each semester
Course failures result when students earn 10 or more absences (for any reason) Extended Day Extenuating Circumstances

39 Graduation Requirements
Standard Diploma Advanced Studies Diploma Discipline Credits Verified Credits English 4 2 Math 3 1 Science Social Studies Foreign Lang. 3 (2+2) Health and PE Electives 6 Fine Arts Selected SOL Totals 22 24 9

40 New Grading Scale Range Letter Grade 93-100 A 90-92 A- 87-89 B+ 83-86
80-82 B- 77-79 C+ 73-76 C 70-72 C- 67-69 D+ 64-66 D Below 64 E

41 Discipline Policy and Procedures
Progressive Discipline Model Cell Phones Possession vs. Use Tardies 4th – Warning/Parent Letter 5th – Warning 6th and 7th – ISS 8th and Beyond – OSS/Parent Conference Leaving School Grounds OSS Fighting 10 Days OSS


43 Thank you for coming and have a wonderful school year!

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