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Contents Sensors ATEX Sensors - Explosion Proof Enclosures Controllers

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1 Contents Sensors ATEX Sensors - Explosion Proof Enclosures Controllers
Warning Devices

2 Product Range: Gas Sensors/Transmitters:
Plug-in sensor and PCB (easy service) Short circuit and reverse polarity protection For CO, NO2 monitoring in car-parks For Ex-Hydrocarbon (flammables gases) in 0-100% LEL Other gases: Cl2, H2S, NH3, SO2 and others 24 VAC/DC 0-20mA output, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC 2-10 VDC RS485, MODBUS, LON, BACnet (with Gateway) Housing Options: Stainless Steel (vandal proof) IP-65 with splash guards Metal IP 65 (standard – as pictured) ATEX Hazardous Area Certified (Ex-Proof)

3 Sensors – Car parks CO Sensors
Three different models stocked by Siemens. AT (0-300PPM, 4-20mA) ADT (0-300PPM, multi-output) ADT LED (0-150PPM, multi-output, 3x LEDs, metal enclosure) NO2 Sensor ADT (0-25PPM, multi-output) NO Sensor ADT (0-25PPM, multi-output)

4 Sensors – Chiller Plants
Freon Sensors AT-42-20xx (0-2000PPM, 4-20mA) AT-42-20xx (0-300PPM, 4-20mA) – special order ADT-D3-20xx (0-2000PPM, multi-output, Infra-red cell) NH3 Sensor ADT (0-300/1000PPM, multi-output, -10oC - +40oC) ADT (0-300/1000PPM, multi-output, -40oC - +10oC) CO2 Sensor ADT-D (0-50,000PPM, multi-output, Infra-red cell)

5 Sensors – Laboratories
O2 Sensor ADT (0-25%VOL, multi-output) Ex Sensor ADT-23-34xx (0-100%LEL, multi-output) Calibrated for all Explosive gases, Methane, Propane, Ethylene, Benzene etc) ATEX Sensors (Explosion proof) Available for Zone 1 & Zone 2 For all gases (O2, Methane, Ethylene, CO, CO2, H2S, CL2, NO, NO2 etc) With or without LC Display For monitoring in ambient air, ground water contamination / soil contamination to meet EPA guidelines For Oil/Gas, Petro-chemicals, Dangerous goods, Laboratories, Mining, Tunnels

6 Area Classifications Hazardous Area Installations:
America: Div 1, Zone 0 (Cont. hazard), Zone 1 (Intermittent Hazard), Div 2 or Zone 2 (Hazard under abnormal conditions) CENELEC (Europe): Zone 0 (continuous), Zone 1 (Intermittent), Zone 2 (abnormal conditions) Australia: Follows both (depends on the consultants – but mainly European)

7 Housing Options: Sensors/ Transmitters
Plastic IP65 (standard) For low cost, buildings Stainless Steel (Vandal proof) For corrosive places IP 65 with splash guard For out-doors, water splash Duct Mount For Ducts Heater For freezing temp.

8 PolyGard Gas Controller
IP 65 ABS housing, Averaging, Mean-Value calculations Option of 1 hour emergency back up with batteries, integral buzzer, integral A-V Alarm Fully Modular to build from 4 upto 24 Channel System Clear hinged door with option of lock password protected LON Gateway MODBUS Gateway BACnet Gateway

9 MGC Controller – 2 Channel
PolyGard® Gas Controller MGC 03 MGC Measuring Point Alarm relay

10 SPC Controller - 2 Channel
Stand Alone Gas Alarms (Car parks, LPG, Natural Gas, O2, CO2 and many other gases) Integral Gas Sensors (Remote Gas Sensors) Gases: CO, NH3, Explosive, NO2, CO2 (for DCV) Integral display 4-20 mA Ouput Integral Relays Stand alone operation for fan logic control or alarms For small car parks, garages, labs, uni, schools (Single channel controller)

11 Building Blocks – MGC Controller
PolyGard® Gas Controller MGC 04 MGC Measuring Point Alarm relay

12 Building Blocks – MGC (8)
8 Measuring Point Alarm relay

13 Building Blocks – MGC (16)
MGC_04_16_ Measuring Point Alarm relay

14 Building Blocks: MGC (24)
MGC_04_24_ Measuring Point Alarm relay

15 Warning Signs / A-V Alarms
MLD-95A 24VDC Combo siren/strobe Lo Alarm: Flasher (Red) Hi-Alarm: Siren (105dB) Text Legend Type, flashing, also audio 240 VAC, 24 VDC E2S combination A-V Alarm, 24 VDC Lo-Alarm: Flasher (Red) Hi-Alarm: Audio (95 dB)

16 Australian TWA Standards
Australian Exposure Standards for Atmospheric Contaminants in the Occupational Environment NOHSC: 3008 (1995) has set some TWA standards which are followed by various OH&S Statutory Bodies as well as referred by Standards (AS etc) – some typical TWA (for others refer to USA-ACGIH, OSHA, NIOSH) NH3: TWA – 25 ppm, STEL – 35 ppm CO2: TWA – 5000 ppm, STEL – ppm CO: TWA – 30 ppm, STEL- 200 ppm H2S: TWA – 10 ppm, STEL- 15 ppm NO2: TWA – 3 ppm, STEL – 5 ppm NO (Nitric Oxide): TWA - 25 ppm N2O3 (Nitrous Oxide): TWA - 25 PPM (hospitals) Cl2 (Chlorine): TWA – 1 ppm O2 (Oxygen): 19 % Vol (minimum), Air has 20.9 % O2 O3 (Ozone): TWA – 0.1 ppm

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