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Peachtree Corners Swim and Racquet Club January 2011 Update.

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1 Peachtree Corners Swim and Racquet Club January 2011 Update

2 Key Dates Swim Team Registration –Opens = End of March –Closes = When age groups are full or April 29 th (after late fee) –Season Starts = Early to Mid May Membership paid in full by April 1 st Pool (more details to follow on times) –Opens weekend only = May 14 th (Opening Pot Luck Party May 22 nd ) –Opens up all week = May 26 th –Closes for Week = Aug 8 th –Closes for Winter = Sept 11th

3 Financials for 2010 (Jan 1 st to Dec 31 st ) Money in Bank at end of 2010 = $7K (now ~$3.5K with Pool Contract Payment) Expenses – Pool Contract = $31K – Utilities/Taxes =$25K – Pool Upkeep =$41K* – Misc =$13K Total =$114K Income – Dues =$51K – Capital Drive =$12K – Tennis Mixers =4K – Misc =$18K Total = $85K

4 What it Takes to Keep the Doors Open The keep pool / tennis open –$60K to $70K –Does not include improvements / significant repairs Full Memberships needed to run pool (Full $540) –100 = 54K –125 = 67K –150 = 81K Not all memberships are full paid memberships –Adult only = $378 –Board = $270 (9) –Associate $270 (with copy of check to other club)

5 Membership Plans for 2011 We have not raised the membership fee $540 Payment plan = 3 payments of $180 (Jan, Feb and March) You will receive a $100 dollar discount for any new member you bring to the club ($50 this year and $50 next) New members will get half off initiation fee of $250 down to $125 There will be a late fee for any money owed after April 1 st of $30 with a $5 a week charge after May 1 st. The Club focused on the Pool and now we are turning are focus to the Tennis Courts

6 Tennis Courts Overall –The courts are +25 years old –Normally courts last for less than 20 years before major repair is needed –Courts 1 and 2 are to the point that no tennis matches should be played on them –Courts 3 and 4 can still be played on but this winter may change that. –Reached the point that minor fixes will no longer be sufficient

7 Cost for the Tennis Courts Had Signature Tennis come out and give estimates to fix the problems –1 st option: tear it all up and rebuild $100K+. Gives us another 20+ years –2 nd option: tear up all courts and only put back 2 courts $50K+. Gives us another 20+ years but with fewer courts –3 rd option: Use Crack Span material to cover all the cracks in-between the lines (some outside). Gives us a three year warranty on the cracks that are covered. Court 1 = ~$9KCourts 1 / 2 = ~$20+K Court 2 = ~$11K Court 3 = ~$13KCourts 3 / 4 = ~$26+K Court 4 = ~$13K For Crack Span and possibly the tear up options we could pay half the price now and the rest, interest free, over three years.

8 Other Tennis Options Play out of other clubs until we can get the problem fixed which the hope is May: –Hudlow $ 400 –Revington $50 for reciprocal membership (if they agree) per team, courts no good –Peachtree Station $ per team –The Fields = No –Jones Bridge $525 to $625 for one person to become member then $35 per person on team –Peachtree Plantain West = Courts are in bad shape Club is willing to with any ALTA teams that will play out of another club for the spring season.

9 Improvements and Cleaning Bathrooms –Install doors / window covers to try and help with winter cold ~$2-5K (much less with member help). –Need a remodel ~$20K (maybe less depending on member help) Guard House –Run electrical less than $100 –Remove extra little frig Coke Machine –May get rid of as past members were stocking & club saw no money and yet it uses club power Lawn –Fix drainage around pool (muddy areas). With member help not too expensive. Entry Way –Install a key Fob system on gate. ~$3.5K. Would help stop non-member use of pool. If any has suggestions on ways to perform the above tasks cheaply and with as much help from the membership please let us know.

10 Other Business The website has launched and we ask everyone to visit and offer suggestions to us. (Allison Johnson) Board Members: –President = Andy TodebushAccounting = Linda Poland –Membership = Anita PalmerOperations = Amy DelGuercio –Social = Nickie MillerMaintenance = Ed Frayer –Tennis = David NixonSecretary = Julie Southern –Swim Team = Lori Gries The Community needs the Pool and the Pool needs Members

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