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Safety Awareness Chapter 8. Objectives Become aware of possible hazardous situations Identify the four classes of accidents and their contributing factors.

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1 Safety Awareness Chapter 8

2 Objectives Become aware of possible hazardous situations Identify the four classes of accidents and their contributing factors Identify risks associated with drowsy driving Identify elements of a crime Identify steps in preventing a sexual assault Become aware of the prevalence of acquaintance rape Become aware of the prevalence of domestic violence Identify organizations that provide assistance to victims of violent crime

3 Accident that occurrence in a sequence of events which usually produces unintended injury, death, or property damage Four Classes of accidents: Motor vehicle Home-related Work Public

4 Risks & Hazards Hazard: a condition or set of conditions, which have the potential to produce injury/and or property damage Risk: the probability that a hazard will be activated and produce injury/property damage

5 Contributing Factors Alcohol and drug use Attitudes Emotions

6 Motor Vehicle Accidents Leading cause of accidental deaths Speeding Less time to react Longer time to stop Greater force at impact Failure to yield right of way Entering an expressway/busy street Changing lanes

7 Motor Vehicle cont… DWI Responsible for almost 50% of motor vehicle accidents Disregarding Traffic Signals Usually speeding in order to beat the light Driver Drowsiness It happens frequently on long trips Usually involves male drivers under 30

8 Driver Drowsiness Prevention Get a good nights sleep Schedule regular stops Drive with a companion Avoid alcohol Avoid medications that may cause drowsiness

9 Bicycle Safety Wearing a helmet reduces risk of injury Reduces the risk of serious head injuries by 85% and the risk of brain injury by 88%

10 Bicycle Safety cont… Prevention 1) Wear your helmet correctly 2) Buy a helmet if it meets or exceeds CPSC standards 3) Obey all traffic laws!!! 4) At night, you must have proper reflectors

11 Personal Safety In order for a crime to take place, three elements must exist: 1) Ability 2) Desire 3) Opportunity

12 Home Always keep doors and windows locked Have adequate lighting Do not open door to strangers Do not give personal info. over the phone Prepare records of personal items

13 Car Keep doors and windows locked Park in well lit areas If being followed, do not go home Be aware of your surroundings at all times

14 College Campuses Most common crime on campus is theft Properly identify your personal property Be cautious with the amount of personal information that you make available to the public

15 Campus cont… Avoid Walking alone Do not leave personal possessions unattended Always notice other people Avoid taking shortcuts through campus Do not walk like a victim Always be aware of your surroundings Trust your instincts

16 Stalking Common crime on college campuses Most stalkers are acquaintances If you know you are being stalked: Be very direct Tell family, friends, co-workers Record everything that happens Break old routines Get a cell phone

17 Sexual Assault Rape is not about sex, its about power Most rape victims are women 1 out of 7 reported rapes, the victim is male Rape can happen to anyone at any age Majority of victims are under the age of 25

18 Prevalence cont… Estimated that only about 10% of rape cases are reported 68% or rape victims knew their assailant Between the ages of 16-24, almost 80% of the victims knew their attacker 45% of rapists were under the influence of alcohol

19 Resistance to Sexual Assault Active Resistance Screaming Running Using physical force Passive Resistance Verbal persuasion Pleading Submission

20 Resistance cont… Active resistance vs. Passive resistance Your response depends on the answers to the following questions: 1) What am I capable of doing? 2) What is my attacker capable of doing? 3) Where am I? Location: mall parking lot vs. a deserted park

21 Acquaintance Rape or Date Rape/Intimate Violence Unlikely for victims to report the rape Studies indicate that 1 in 8 college women will be raped while in college and 84-90% knew their attacker Most date rapes occur at either the victims home or the home of the attacker Alcohol plays a significant role in date rapes involving college students

22 Ways to Reduce Risks of Acquaintance Rape Dont leave beverages unattended or accept a drink from someone you dont know When you attend a party or club, go with friends and leave with friends Be aware of your surroundings at all times

23 Reduce Risks cont… Dont allow yourself to be isolated with someone you dont know Know the level of intimacy you want in a relationship and state your limits Trust your instincts

24 Steps to Take if Rape Occurs Go to a friends house or call someone you know DO NOT shower or attempt to clean yourself. Do not change clothes or remove any physical evidence of the attack Call your local Rape Crisis Center Seek immediate medical attention & notify the police If you are raped, it is NOT your fault!!!

25 Domestic Violence This includes partner violence, family violence, spouse abuse, child abuse, and battering Not always physical – psychological abuse can be equally as harmful Leading cause of injury to women (ages 15-44) More than 50% of women are battered at sometime in their lives

26 Summary There are 4 classes of accidents The leading cause of accidental death is motor vehicle accidents Follow anti-fatigue measures to reduce driver drowsiness Wear a helmet to reduce the risk of death and injury from bicycle accidents

27 Summary cont… Ability, desire, & opportunity are the 3 elements that must exist for a crime to occur By taking safety precautions, you are able to reduce the opportunity of becoming a victim If attacked, you may choose either active resistance or passive resistance Most rapes go unreported Majority of rape victims know their assailant

28 Summary cont… There are several ways to reduce the risks of sexual assault If rape occurs, there are several steps to follow Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 & 44

29 Local Contacts Texas A&M University Police dispatch (emergencies) 845-2345 Sexual Violence Education/Support 845-1107 Dial A Ride 847-RIDE Guard Room (Corps) 845-6789 Emergency 9-911 (On campus) 911 (Off campus) Rape Crisis Center 731-1000

30 Contacts & Websites Rape Abuse & Incest National Network 1-800-656-HOPE National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE National Victim Center 1-800-FYI-CALL

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