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Name That Crime!. A boy lived with his father who had legal custody but the boy wanted to see his mother. The father took the boy to his ex- wifes apartment.

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1 Name That Crime!

2 A boy lived with his father who had legal custody but the boy wanted to see his mother. The father took the boy to his ex- wifes apartment. When he came to pick the boy up, the mother refused to let him go home with his father. Crime: PC 278 Child Abduction without Custodial Rights

3 Two men argued over the final results of the football game. The first man didnt think his friend knew what he was talking about and spit at him. The spittle landed on his friends shirt. Crime: PC 242 Battery

4 Gang members,wandering the neighborhood, spray painted their gang mark on the building walls. Crime: PC 594 Vandalism

5 A man penetrated a womans vagina with the barrel of a gun against her will. Crime: PC 289 Penetration with a Foreign Object

6 A man accidentally brushed against the breast of a 13-year-old girl as she passed in a crowded mall. Crime: None – Lacks intent

7 Two men were arguing during a baseball game. One man picked up a baseball bat and swing at the other man. The second man ducked to avoid being hit in the head. Crime: PC 245 Assault with a Deadly Weapon

8 An adult male made sexually explicit remarks to a 17-year-old boy about his body. Crime: PC 647.6 Annoying/ Molesting Children

9 An adult baby sitter was angry at the 7-year-old for whom she was caring. She punished him by making him stand in a closed closet knowing he was afraid of the dark. Crime: PC 273a Child Endangerment

10 A male high school student pushed a female high school student up against a locker and reached into her blouse and fondled her bare breasts. Crime: PC 243.4 Sexual Battery

11 A senile, 67-year-old woman repeatedly demanded her daughter brush her hair. Her daughter became frustrated and hit her repeatedly with the brush. Crime: PC 368 Elder Abuse

12 A man drank a bottle of alcohol while sitting in a bar. At one point, he was so intoxicated he fell on the floor and couldnt get up. Crime: PC 647(f) Public Intoxication

13 Knowing a female victim was intoxicated and unable to give consent, a man had intercourse with her. Crime: PC 261 Rape

14 To teach the child not to play with matches, the adult baby sitter held a match to the childs hand until a blister was formed. Crime: PC 273d Child Abuse

15 A woman was found trying to break into her neighbors home by using a credit card to jimmy the lock on the front door. Crime: PC 459 Burglary

16 A man wanted to date a co- worker. One day in the company parking lot, he saw her next to her car with a flat tire. He offered to give her a ride to the gas station. When she refused, he grabbed her, shoved her into the car and drove away. Crime: PC 207 Kidnapping

17 A man penetrated another mans anus with his fingers against his will. Crime: PC 289 Penetration with a Foreign Object

18 Smith and her ex-husband have been divorced for years but she never liked the terms of her divorce granting them joint custody on alternating weeks. She decided to take the children to Europe for three weeks. Her ex-husband objected saying it would interfere with his custody rights. Smith took the children to Europe anyway. Crime: PC 278 Child Abduction with Custodial Rights

19 An adult female talked a 13- year-old boy into kissing her. She then placed his hand on her breast. Crime PC 288a Lewd and Lascivious Act with a Child

20 A mother left her child in an unventilated vehicle on a 90-degree day while she ran into the supermarket. Crime: PC 273a Child Endangerment

21 A boy was walking toward his school wearing a new school jacket. Two older boys stepped in front of him and demanded he hand over the jacket. The boy refused and tried to walk away. The older boys knocked him down and took the jacket off of him and ran away with it. Crime: PC 211 Robbery

22 A 21-year-old male had consensual sexual intercourse with his familys 16-year-old babysitter. Crime: PC 261.5 Unlawful Sexual Intercourse

23 Two 18-year-olds were stopped for speeding. During a routine vehicle check, officers discover the vehicle has been reported stolen. Crime: VC 10851 Stolen Vehicle

24 One night a woman entered her ex-boyfriends home through an open window and waited for him to come home. When he arrived, she began professing her undying love. When she refused to leave, he called the police. Crime: PC 602 Trespass

25 A man and woman were arguing on the way to the movies. The woman wanted him to stop the car so she could get out. He continued to drive to the closest safe location and dropped her off. Crime: None; she willing got in the car

26 A man restrained a male victim and pulled his pants off while stating his intent to sodomize the victim. The victim, however, was stronger and fought the man off. Crime: PC 220/286(c) Assault with intent to commit sodomy.

27 A homeless man sat on a park bench. When women walked past, he would rub his genitals and say, Hey baby, check this out. Crime: PC 647a Lewd Conduct

28 A homeless man entered an unlocked camper in a campground hoping to find cash to buy food. After entering and looking around, he changed his mind and left, only to be seen by a ranger who detained him. Crime: PC 459 Burglary

29 A man walked by a group of women standing on a corner. One woman called out to him and offered to take him to a room and perform multiple sex acts for $100. Crime: PC 647(b) Prostitution

30 A woman was driving through a state park. She threw her lit cigarette out the window and into dry brush causing a fire. Crime: PC 451 Arson

31 A young woman is given an expensive diamond necklace by her boyfriend who brags he bought it on sale for $100. The woman suspects it is stolen but keeps it anyway. Crime: PC 496 Possession of Stolen Property

32 A woman sneaked into a home and exposed herself to the occupants. Crime: PC 314 Indecent Exposure

33 A female, shopping in the mall, returns to her vehicle to discover the window was broken and recently purchased items were taken. She had locked the car before going into the mall. Crime: PC 459 Vehicle

34 A woman was sitting in her car at a red light. The drivers side door was opened and a man pulled her from the car and drove off with it. Crime: PC 215 Carjacking

35 A man lured his ex-girlfriend into his car and then locked the doors to keep her from leaving. He wouldnt unlock the doors until she promised to meet him for a date that weekend. Crime: PC 236 False Imprisonment

36 A man was terminated from his job. That night he returned to the job site and poured gasoline on the front door of the business. He struck a match and set fire to the business. Crime: PC 451 Arson

37 Parents disciplined their 12- year-old son by restricting him to his bedroom for a week except for meals. Crime: None; Situation lacks danger, suffering, harm

38 Two men in a gay bar were talking and dancing. One man offered to pay the other for sex and money exchanged hands. Crime: PC 647(b) Prostitution

39 At around two in the morning a man wandered around outside a house not in his neighborhood. He looked into several windows and stopped at one where he saw a child sleeping. Crime: PC 647(i) Peeping

40 A transient, looking for a place to sleep, saw a bed in an open garage. He entered through the open doorway and fell asleep on the bed. Crime: PC 602 Trespass

41 A father whipped his son with a belt with such force that the next day the school nurse saw redness and the outline of a belt on his back. Crime: PC 273d Child Abuse

42 A man had an argument with his neighbor. Later, he threw turpentine on the hood of his neighbors car causing $900 damage to the paint. Crime: PC 594 Vandalism

43 A homeless man sat on a park bench and drank wine out of a bottle in a brown paper bag. After a while, he passed out. Crime: PC 647(f) Public Intoxication

44 A man climbed a tree and looked around using his binoculars. He looked toward a nearby building and noticed that a window opened into a bathroom where a woman was taking a shower. Crime: PC 647(k) Invasion of Privacy

45 A mother spanked her 7- year-old with an open hand for biting another child. There was no lingering mark or lasting pain. Crime – None; Lacks the traumatic condition

46 A man stood outside a public restroom. Every time a woman walked past him, he offered to engage in sex. Crime: PC 647(d) Loitering about a Public Toilet

47 A woman who does not live at or know the occupants of a residence, enters the back yard looking for something of value to steal. Crime: PC 647(h) Prowling

48 A teenage boy was a member of a band that usually practiced in the garage in the early evening. One summer day, they left the garage door open and continued to play past midnight. The neighbor asked the boy to close the garage door, but the boy refused. The neighbor called the police. Crime: PC 415 Disturbing the Peace

49 A man left dangerous drugs in an area accessible to his child. Crime: PC 273a Child Endangerment

50 A woman performed oral sex on a severely retarded man who was unable to understand the act. Crime: PC 288a Lewd and Lascivious Act

51 A woman arrived at a garden party and put her purse on a table in the house. The next morning, she discovered the gun she carried in her purse was gone. The gun was valued at $125. Crime: PC 487 Grand Theft

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