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Everyday Maintenance Webinar. 824 Maintenance Utilizing the 511, EOD, Custom Inputs, doing EEprom backups and Copying your RAM. Everyday Equipment Maintenance.

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1 Everyday Maintenance Webinar

2 824 Maintenance Utilizing the 511, EOD, Custom Inputs, doing EEprom backups and Copying your RAM. Everyday Equipment Maintenance Agenda

3 Everyday Maintenance Backup Procedures: EEProm, Copy RAM Fan Filters/Fans: Why they are Important! Keyboards and Switchboards Dust and Dirt F.O./Signal Trouble shooting Sync! Sync! Sync! Cleaning Instructions for Housings Dos Do Nots Cleaners and Waxes

4 24 Fiber Optics Video PortsVideo Ports

5 *EEProm Backup Procedure should be performed after close/before open times *Should be done at least once a month. Orders cannot be processed while backing up to the EE Prom EE Prom Backup will NOT save Sales $, NRGTs, Employee Times, etc. **Backs up Employee, Equipment and Menu settings Copy RAM Procedure should be performed after close/before open times: Copy RAM creates a mirror image of the RAM, including all Sales $, NRGTs, Employee Times. Backup Procedures: EE, Copy RAM

6 Fans allow heat sensitive equipment to disperse excess heat, while circulating cooler outside air into the cabinet. Most electronic equipment is designed to operate under certain temperature conditions. If electronic equipment gets too hot, it can cause equipment malfunction, as well as contribute to long-term equipment failure. Fan Filters allow maximum air-flow while preventing many harmful elements from damaging the electronic equipment. Dust and grease buildup, as well as moisture on circuitry all contribute to equipment malfunction/failure…the simple and inexpensive maintenance of fan filters lessens the chance of this failure. Fans/Filters you need to be aware of: 824 Silver Box, Keyboard Cabinets. The part number for both, they are interchangeable, is dmx105a



9 XDQ and ADQ Slimline (Talk) (Start) UL (After 2005) Non UL (Before 2005) ADQ Full Cabinet #SW841 #SL59 #xsl49 #SW383 #SL59A #xsl49a Dime Size Nickel Size

10 Truly, the less you have to be in the top of the Cabinets the better off you will be. Too many things can get damaged easily. If you need to do anything, Use canned air to dust of board once a month.

11 Dust and grease – Wipe downs at least twice a day can keep most of your dust and dirt build up to a minimum. Canned air for PCs, order entry Keyboards, Switchboards and your 824 board, is a fast and easy way to keep the dust and dirt at bay. Canned Air Dust cloth Luke warm water with damp cloth

12 Fiber Optic Cabling Fiber optic cabling, for the 824 POS, is used to transmit data to and from the 824 CPU. Each peripheral connected to the 824 POS utilizes fiber optic technology to perform data transmission. Sending Data: Certain peripherals for the 824 POS, such as Keyboards, Check- Off Units, and Secure Pass Units send a fiber optic signal to the 824. On these peripherals, the fiber optic cable is plugged into the Black (Send) fiber optic port and sends a signal to a Blue (Receive) fiber optic port on the 824 CPU. These peripherals are Input devices for the 824. Receiving Data: Certain peripherals for the 824 POS, such as printers, receive a fiber optic signal from the 824 CPU and perform the requested function. On these peripherals, the fiber optic cable is plugged into a Blue (receive) fiber optic port and receives a signal from a Black (Send) fiber optic port on the 824 CPU. These peripherals are Output devices for the 824. Some Devices, such as FOS Boards, utilize both a Send and a Receive fiber optic cable. These devices communicate both ways with the 824 POS and will use a double fiber optic cable as shown:

13 Tracing the fiber optic signal flow to/from the 824 Board allows you to narrow the issue between equipment or settings. Example: If a send peripheral (like the keyboard shown below) stops working, verify it is sending the fiber optic signal to the 824 Board when a key is pressed. If it is not sending the signal, the issue is with the keyboard. If it is, then the signal is either corrupted (bad fiber optic), or a problem with the 824 (setting, port on the board, etc). Replacement F.O. parts: connfo4531 – Black FO End connfo4533 – Blue FO End cdfoXX* = Double FO csfoXX* = Single FO * - XX – mean number of feet you would need cable to be. Ex.cdfo25 is a 25 ft. cable

14 Frequent Synchronization in the E2 Management Suite is extremely important to proper cash-handling procedures for the carhops, but also allows for more complete data recovery in the case of 824 crash or data loss. Syncing Shift, Employee, and Cash Information overwrites the existing data, allowing on-the-fly reporting. Perform these actions at least once per shift. Tip: After recovering from a crash or data loss, the next sync will overwrite the existing E2 information with 0s, so be sure to print these reports before syncing again. Order- Matic can use this data to help rebuild daily information in the E2 Management Suite. With frequent sync practices, its easy to recover sales data.

15 Listed in the next few slides are some important tips that will help you to maintain and extend the life of your housings. *THESE INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN CLEANING ANY PLASTIC, STAINLESS OR LAMINATE PORTION OF YOUR HOUSINGS.

16 DO.... Dust and clean housings with a soft, damp cloth or chamois, wiping surface gently. DO.... Use pure liquid soap and lukewarm water. DO.... Dry surface, after washing and rinsing, by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois. DO.... Use a S.O.S. pad to remove surface rust on the stainless portion (scrubbing in the direction of the grain.)

17 Do not……. use kitchen scouring compounds to clean or dust housings. Do not……. use boiling water or strong solvents to clean housings or tops.

18 Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Amsoc G, Solvesso 100, Solvesso 150) Body Sheen Brake Fluid Butyl Cellosolve Carnu Cellusolve Acetate Cold Power Liquid Dupont No. 7 (rubbing compound) Dynamo Endust Ethanol Gain Abrasives (cleaners) Gasoline Halogenated Hydrocarbons Isopar K Hexane Isopropanol (90 % & 70% commercial) Johnsons Pride Kerosene Ketones Lestoil Lighter fluid Liquid All Pine-Sol Plasti Shine Spot Cleaner (Trichlorethane, Trichlorethylene, and Perchlorethylene) Tetrahydrofuran Wisk It IS recommended, however, to use Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean, for stall housings.

19 ROOF/CANOPY Clean debris off roof, especially around roof drains. Check HVAC condensate drain lines, route to roof drains (will prevent ponding). Clean HVAC condenser coils as needed (dont bend coil fins). Clean HVAC intake filters as needed (fresh air intake). Check tension on exhaust fan belts, replace as needed. Check exhaust fan grease drains. Clean walk-in & ice machine remote condensers (dont bend coil fins). Check top of canopies for debris buildup. Clean canopy gutters as needed, make sure all drains are flowing. Secure any loose canopy fascia.

20 Check flashing on all exterior doors & windows, watch for air gaps. Adjust door closers as needed for proper operation. Check all exterior lighting & signage, including menu boards. A good time to clean up the dumpster area. Prior to use, check irrigation system for leaks, verify operation & cycles. Secure any loose vinyl siding. Check outside water faucets for leaks (hose attached through the winter will cause a leak). Check storm drains for debris clogging drainage. Refresh your landscaped areas. For exterior paint touch-ups, use the semi-gloss enamel paint colors from Sherwin Williams:

21 Check ceiling tiles for signs of roof leaks. Seal openings in ceiling tile & grid (caulk or foam). Replace HVAC return air filters as needed (normally one at front & back). Make sure to leave HVAC fan switch on ON vs AUTOMATIC during operating hours. Keep grill & fryer hood filters clean. Keep condenser coils clean on all refrigeration equipment (ie: coolers, slush/ice cream machines, etc). Check seals on all refrigeration equipment. Clean coils on walk-in freezer/cooler evaporators (back side of unit hanging). Check walk-in doors for proper seal & closing. For interior paint touch-ups, use Sherwin Williams SW1004 Pure White ( semi-gloss enamel).


23 Support Center Toll-Free: (800)-767-6733


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