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Crime Prevention & Personal Safety

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1 Crime Prevention & Personal Safety

2 When you’re walking… Body language counts! Walk with confidence. Show that you are aware and in control. Whenever possible, walk with at least one other person.

3 When you’re walking… Use well lit, well traveled routes. Consider using public transportation after dark. Consider carrying a small, readily available, high-intensity flash light and/or cell phone. If a follower persists, head toward a well lit, occupied area and use a Blue Light to call the police or Dial 911.

4 When you park… Park in an area that will be well lit when you return.
Lock your car. Lock valuables in the trunk or hide them from view. Don't get in your car until you have checked the inside, especially the back seat. Before driving, lock your doors and put on your seatbelt.

5 At Work… Be aware of your environment. Report unusual or suspicious circumstances to the police. If you must work alone before or after normal business hours, secure your work area and tell someone where you are. Re-secure propped doors on-campus. Report repeated offenses to Police Services at Report defective lighting, locks or phones to Service Operations at

6 Personal Safety on Dates
Maintain sobriety. Watch the drug & alcohol use of dates. Intoxication can bring out the worst. Watch your drinks! "date rape drugs" such as Rohypnol, are real. They incapacitate and create amnesia. Communicate clearly with dates. Listen to your "gut feeling." Avoid pairing off with someone at a party to be alone in a room. Avoid anyone who doesn't respect your caution, and your limits.

7 If you are… A survivor of sexual or physical abuse, the following resources are available for you. UVM Victim’s Advocate (6-7892) UVM Student Health/Medical Clinic (6-3350) UVM Counseling Center (6-3340) UVM Police Services (6-3473) or Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations ( )

8 Bias Incidents View protocol and reports of bias incidents on campus.
Report on-line or via phone (6-3473).

9 Your Valuables… Never leave your room unlocked and unoccupied: A thief with a target in mind only needs minutes to accomplish his or her task. Record the serial number of each piece of equipment: visit Police Services’ property registration page for this free, on-line service.

10 Your Computer… Buy a locking device: The University Bookstore and Police Services offers locking devices for laptops and desktops. Consider tracking software: available through the bookstore or Police Services web page.

11 Report Crime… On-line or 656-TIPS

12 For more information…

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