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Company profile.

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1 Company profile

2 Profile ANALKO began its course in the aluminum sector in 1974 from a small rented space in the Haidari area, under a different company name; its main field of activity was anodizing. Its founder and current Chairman and CEO is Mr. Stylianos Kohylas. A perceptive and dynamic individual, he anticipated the market trends and decided to invest in a sector that was to become one of the most important for the Greek economy. In 1992 he established the first privately-owned ANALKO factory in Aharnes, Attica. For its era, the 5500sqm building was massive and boasted innovative design. From these premises began the company’s remarkable course with continuous investment in machinery, in quality, in education and the development of its human resources. ANALKO established its own standards in Electrostatic paint; many sector professionals who worked at the company consider those years defining experience for their later careers. The company's production capacity in the mid 1990s, was over 50 tons of coated profiles per day, under strictly controlled conditions. Over a number of years the company has collaborated with the largest manufacturers of architectural profiles, coating significant quantities of the systems available on the Greek market and beyond. It’s one of the companies that first introduced the sublimation (imitation wood) method to Greece. This method is continuously evolving to this day, creating unique colour shades.It has managed to produce approximately 50% of the total tonnage in Greece in wood effect coatings. The company’s extensive range of RAL, Metallic, Textured, Mixed and Wood colors, is unique and exceeds 400 colors in stock, while an equal number of custom paints are available to order. All raw materials are fully approved by relevant authorities and regulations. The company holds all quality certificates that relate to the field of its activities and has always been a leader in their acquisition. ANALKO’s qualified staff covers all quality parameters while quality control is constant in all areas of production. In 2004 the company made another major investment with the establishment of a new, privately-owned Electrostatic unit in Romania. The new plant is located in the industrial area of Jilava, on the outskirts of Bucharest and has a total surface area of 15000m², 10000m² of which are covered. Analko Romania, during six years of operation, has conquered the local market, accomplishing what the mother company has also accomplished in Greece: to be ahead of the game. The new factory boasts the equipment and everything else required to create a quality unit. George Kohylas, the brother and business partner of Mr. Stelios Kochylas, the company’s chairman, is the General Manager of ANALKO Romania. The third and most significant investment by the Kohylas group is the new, state-of-the-art factory at 325 Tatoiou Str., in Aharnes, Attica, which is located just one hundred meters from the old one. It is also built on privately owned land and has a total covered surface area of 9000m².All the machinery is new; as a result the company's production capacity has rocketed. Its six electrostatic paint lines can produce large quantities with significantly improved quality on a daily basis. The new add-on component of this investment is, most certainly, the state-of-the-art anodizing facility currently being established and estimated for completion in mid-2011. Despite the difficulties faced by the Greek and global market, ANALKO’s staff remain committed to the goals they have set and strongly believe that every crisis contains opportunities, especially for those who have learned to lead in business for decades.

3 In ANALKO years now, every investment is designed with the primary aim of ensuring three aspects: Employee, associate and consumer. Environment! ANALKO shows great sensitivity to environmental issues. Quality to products and services, Company Policy

4 Greece Facilities The registered offices and the production centre of ANALKO are located on Tatoiou 325, in Aharnes Athens. The modern production plant is in a building with total area of ​​9000m ² where the company has established and organized the following: Two Polymerization ovens: One side displacement oven and one Box type, with total ability to powder coat profiles with length up to 8meters. The production capability of both ovens exceeds 60 tons per day Five automatic painting cabins, of which two are for quick cleansing. Eleven pre-treatment chemical baths, that give the surfaces of the profile optimal clarity and color substrate that required for a perfect adhesion layer coating. Three packaging lines, which one of them is automatic. One automatic anodizing plant. The plant has the ability to produce glossy or mat surfaces in a natural color or color shade of brown and inox from 5 to 25 μm. Modern wood decoration surface treatment plant A painting unit for curved frames with possibility to paint frames up to 2 x 3meters. Laboratory for quality control with the most modern facilities to monitor all quality parameters of the paint. A waste water treatment plant the most modern and efficient in Europe ANALKO Ltd: Tatoiou 325, Aharnes Athens. Tel: , Fax: Website:

5 The registered offices and the production centre of ANALKO ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SRL is located in the industrial area of Jilava, on the outskirts of Bucharest and has a total area of ​​15000m ² One Box type oven, with total ability to powder coat profiles with length up to 8meters with a total capacity approximately 30 tons per day. Three automatic painting cabins, one of them with possibility of rapidly change Packaging system Staple Line for insulating profiles Eleven baths for chemical pre treatment Modern wood decoration surface treatment plant A full equipment laboratory for quality control A waste water treatment plant Romania ANALKO ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SRL: Com. Jilava Prel. Soselei Giurgiului 33A Judetul Ilfov – Romania Tel: +40 (21) Fax: +40 (21) Web:

6 Services ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING ANALKO is the leading company dealing exclusively with the Electrostatic paint and anodizing in the Balkans and due to this, we are obligated to provide knowledge and quality services in each professional area. After 37 years of continuous development, our company has all the quality certificates (ISO 9001, QUALICOAT, SEASIDE CLASS, and QUALIDECO). Since we always use approved first materials and thoroughly quality control at each production stage by the quality department of the company in order to minimize the chance of error we have the ability to guarantee all kinds of paints. The major aluminum manufacturing companies trust ANALKOs Quality . With 9 modern manufacturing lines with two Electrostatic units in Greece and Romania and one anodizing unit, our company can meet any requirements. Ask any information about the colors, their strengths and their characteristics. We believe that the paint its an important parameter for the quality of the finished product and must be certified by specialized units such as ANALKO. Our colour catalogues are available. 1) Series PRISMA with metallic paints mainly in imaginary colors that meet every requirement. 2) Series EMFASI very beautiful colors the particular texture gives them even more (emphasis) in the final result. 3) Series ANAGENNISI plain reduced gloss shades that offer unfussy luxury, with further precaution from sunlight. SUBLIMATION Sublimation is a technology which allows the production of high quality permanent simulated wood coatings on any aluminium profile and on all types of casings. We can produce any wood texture and colour and can also transfer with precision marble and granite shades on painted aluminium surfaces for a long lasting effect. The range of colour options is being expanded continuously to offer new possibilities for aluminium architectural applications. NEW PRODUCTS -Romania Semi production of Roll shutters, Mosquito nets, Metallic roll shutters, Sectional doors and garage Roll type doors, High speed doors, Metallic Confections , Photovoltaic supporting structure Supply of finished products – Fire resistant Door , Fire resistant glazed doors

7 ANODISING The anodizing unit is an ultramodern automatic plant that has all the abilities to produce high quality standards we anodize profiles up to length of 7.5m. The profile surface passes through various mechanical processes (Brushing, Mechanical Polishing) depending on customer requirement. Then begins the process of immersion in the baths as described below:  Alkaline degreasing Caustic Soda Etching (MAT E6) Neutralization Anodizing I Anodizing II Electrocoloring bronze Electrocoloring inox Gold Cold sealing Hot water ageing The rectifiers with Amps capacity, makes our unit flexible and highly productive, with controlled quality parameters at all stages of production. We have the ability to produce different shades as: Natural, Champagne, Light Bronze, Dark Bronze, Black, Inox, Gold etc. In many cases we can go along with the sample supplied by the customer. The thickness of the coating specified by the customer depending on the use of its products and reaches up to 25 μm (microns). Our top priority is the Qualanod Certification and its process is ongoing.

8 Certificates The Certification by ISO 9001 and certificates QUALICOAT, QUALICOAT- SEASIDE CLASS and QUALIDECO, CE for Sectional doors are top quality guarantees.

9 Contact Greece Romania Tatoiou 325, 136 71 Aharnes Athens.
ANALKO Ltd: Tatoiou 325, Aharnes Athens. Tel: , Fax: Website: Romania Analko Aluminium Ind SRL Prel. Soselei Giurgiului 33A Com.Jilava, Ilfov – Telefon: +40(21)        +40(21) Fax:      +40(21) Website:

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