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1 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME exclusive mobile architecture.

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1 1 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME exclusive mobile architecture

2 2 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.background Together with our strong partners we support the future, the overcoming of formal boundaries and the quest for a perfect experience of space since 2004 –ZENDOME GmbH founded in 2006. We focus our concentration on the essential, the original: the organic form of the hemisphere and cube ZENDOME stands for the highest aesthetic standard combined with a minimum of required material and a maximum of interior space. The form is the source of its freedom. The potential of ZENDOME concerning variation possibilities is the perfect basis for any kind of event. That is the actual challenge. Let us ZENDOMEize you…

3 3 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.quality Quality made in Germany, Security and Service. Longevity and a perfect fit. The exclusive features are tailor made for the desires and requirements of our clients. They all make the ZENDOME a unique product: the special space for ideas. They all help to offer you a perfect niche product with a vast potential for retailing. We target the optimal and complete it with high-quality materials in best processing and apart from other innovations have developed the Advanced Frame system for fast and safe assembling and dismantling. Due to close co-operation with our suppliers during the last years, hundreds of product improvements were brought to the ZENDOME. It is subjected to constant testing, oriented at the standards of the automobile industry. From the static examination by the TÜV to the selection of the materials for production, ZENDOME consciously enforces quality Made in Germany Advanced Frame SystemCertificated by German TÜV Aluminum doors

4 4 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 FLUENT® Simulation - LB Engineering Software based simulation of currents on the surface of any ZENDOME with the goal of analyzing the effect of wind on the dome structure. The cupola as media space - FH Potsdam / Prof. Gerling Scientific derivation of the cupola. Students of the FH Potsdam studying European Media Sciences are searching for the origins of cupola architecture Acoustic measurements – GFAI An-Institut of the FHTW Berlin Recordings of acoustic events with an Acoustic Camera inside a ZENDOME. The resulting data make a perfect planning of cupola acoustics possible according to your needs Appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research initiated the 360°lab. Accelerator for applications to use immersive experience in areas as education, entertainment, marketing and medical. GFaI (FHTW)Fluent simulation ZENDOME.research & development Insulation Study: Membrane aeoroix Fluent® wind simulation 360°lab

5 5 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.featuring ZENCUBE The ZENCUBE is based on a newly developed pending worldwide patent for a totally new kind of twin wing piping system. The side panels are mounted along their entire length, and clamped firmly by the geometrical restraint into the system. This attachment method of the membrane to the corner profile creates a cube that seems to be consisted only of the outside fabric. 1.Structure System with world wide patent pending completely made from quality Aluminum, eloxed and additionally powder coated RAL 9016 2.Membrane side parts made from quality PVC, B1, optional with original ZENCUBE window design 3.Pneumatic roof (Airpad) B1, with volume valve for fast in- and deflating 4.Extensive Accessories ranging from heavy load floor to door system and solar panel. 5.Combination in many ways due to TÜV tested static and testing documents. ZENCUBE 3X3 ZENCUBE 5x5 ZENCUBE design

6 6 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENCUBE.indoor equals outdoor The ZENCUBE combines tradition with modernity. The ideal proportions as Vitruv defined in the "Ten books of architecture" in 33 BC are still today the epitome of harmonious design. ZENCUBE sees itself as a part of this historic school. In spite of its temporary use, a mobile structure always influences its environment and the people using it. This results in a responsibility for the design, a challenge which ZENCUBE gladly accepts. Cubescape 2 units ZC 5X5Exhibition booth ZC 3X3 ZENCUBE 5X5

7 7 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENCUBE.cubescapes ZENCUBE is a modular spatial system. The ZENCUBE 3x3 and the ZENCUBE 5x5 can be combined in the same or different sizes, as required. Both variations have the same height. Connecting elements between the cubes provide a wind and weather tight construction in the roof and the side parts. Rain water is drained on the inside of the profiles. Cubescapes larger than 75 sqm can be constructed without problems. They come with a tested static and full documentation. The modular concept of the ZENCUBE offers various possibilities. Inspire your customers! WDR, Muenster (50 sqm)IFA, Berlin (100 sqm) ZENCUBE walkway

8 8 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.modular With their sensually arched roofs, our structures can enclose a floor space of 30sqm to 300sqm. The outstanding characteristic of the modular system is its creative potential: whether a solitary dome is presented as a distinct, eye-catching structure, or domes are combined in groups to create a ZENDOME.domescape, the ZENDOME is inspirational! DESIGN YOUR SPACE Due to the ZENDOME circular form and intrinsic lack of hierarchical geometry, its structural elements can be aligned on location to precisely frame a point of interest. Whether presented as an individual dome or as part of a larger ZENDOME.domescape, the ZENDOME is the ideal element to transform any activity into an unforgettable event. The flexibility to utilize up to three circular entrances allows for nearly unlimited combinations. The volume of the vast cupola provides for a novel experience of space. The grand panorama window provides a fascinating viewing experience, attracting customer attention to the exact focus you choose. ZENDOME.30M up to ZENDOME.500M

9 9 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.domescapes Due to the round form of the ZENDOME and the resulting non hierarchical geometry, the structures can be directed perfectly to the exact point of interest at the actual location. Ideal as a single Dome as well as part of a combination in an entire landscape (ZENDOME.domescapes) the ZENDOME will ensure your event to be an unforgettable one. Up to three separate round doorways offer unlimited variation possibilities. The high ceiling creates a vast and thus entirely new experience of space. A large panoramic window allows all guests to see inside or out at the site of the event. The Arrival, Lubmin 2011 (1.775 sqm)BMW-XDrive Tour, 2007 (210 sqm) ZENDOME.domescape (510 sqm))

10 10 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.sports Round, white and exciting – thats what sport could be about. For ZENDOME it is just the same, as our exclusive mobile spaces are characterized by their round, white and exciting shapes. We create impressive space for ideas, with the patented Advanced Frame System it brings style, creativity and competence labeled typically German as Kaviar lounge for the Cartier Polo on Ice in St. Moritz, as Champagne Lounge at the Fairway, as idyllic short stop oasis in the rough, as meeting point for flights, as info counter or just for to pause and enjoy. The right hospitality lounge for your valued guests. polo on iceZENDOME.sail-base ZENDOME.sweet spot

11 11 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.temporary living The first fully removable Boutique Hotel in the world can be found in the Scottish Highlands in Portnacroish on the shore of Loch Linhne. All the way to tourism: As a temporary, stylish solution on water or land. These removable buildings provide a special experience at all places, lawns and meadows for all creative visitors, be it cultural or active tourists. As temporary boutique hotel for ecology-minded vacation. As exclusive lounge for couples. Everywhere, where it is beautiful. Wherever you like. As a temporary space with a very special aesthetic feel, as a cathedral for your guests for beautiful evenings and elaborate festivities. ecopod – outdoor hot tubZENDOME.ecopod

12 12 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.immersive media screen The unique and completely playable semi-sphere made of geodesic structures, developed for the high quality standards of light projection use. The innovation: the special vacuum membrane specially adapted to the Advanced Frame System by ZENDOME. Made of three perfectly fitting membranes, inner and projection membrane are sucked close to the specially constructed profile. Your crease free stage for any kind of 360 degree projections with an optimum of contrast for film and image quality complete with a stylish finishing to perfectly integrate in your corporate event. Either on pillars or standing free, indoor and outdoor – the best choice for your screenings! ProjectionIndoor-Solution ZENDOME.ims1800

13 13 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.evolution ZENDOME.evolution stands for individual and unique solutions for special creative desires. Especially adapted to your needs we will create your individual geodesic form. Be it as a unique roof system or a space with style - ZENDOME.evolution is cooperative planning following your wishes. The membrane can be made from a synthetic tarp or also transparent textile. It can be entirely printed and thus guarantees a perfect communication of your message due to a very personalized realization. ZENDOME.1000 interior ZENDOME.1000ZENDOME.500 with projection

14 14 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 Psycho buildings, London Built spaces can be defined in social, political, psychological, physical and aesthetic terms. ZENDOME does not have limits. From art pieces to exhibition halls the structure can be produced to meet ideas and design. ZENDOME.special constructions

15 15 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 With the High-Tech-Membrane by ZENDOME you can give your outdoor advertising new impulses – combine spectacular mass communication with direct one-to-one communication! Our fully printable membrane makes it possible – the specially developed software as well as the flexible and high quality stencil or digital printing technology open unrestricted possibilities for innovative advertising ideas. Following your Corporate Design the membrane can be fully printed. Testimonials, models, landscapes or any other desired motive can be printed in photographic quality. These large brand names and logos which can be seen from far off will arouse much attention. Exact chosen color, special colors, quality, material finishing and optional translucent or opaque membrane will be realized according to your requests and we will also provide test prints in advance. The final intensive control of the membrane secures the quality of your ZENDOME outer shell. ZENDOME.branding Coca Cola ZD.150M, SpainThorn, World-Tour ZD.75M SoccerEx South Africa ZD.30M

16 16 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 The ZENDOME interior is a lighting designers dream canvas. The seamless dome expanse showcases to best effect the most futuristic color and image displays conceivable. Colorful spectacles to raise attention and provide guidance for the clients. Using company colors, mood colors or designs to present key visuals most visible to the outside world. An entirely new type of venue will revolutionize the entertainment industry: 360° projection inside. ZENDOME appeals to all the senses by visual, acoustic and emotional communication with a surface for high-tech full dome projection technology and a new generation of 360° events: Immersive experience. ZENDOME.visuals Real-time projection, insideImages and visuals, inside Laser light-writing, outside

17 17 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.advanced frame system With the Advanced Frame System (AFS) patented by ZENDOME we have thought about mobility, safety and efficient cost calculation for your event. This special connection solution enables the safe, uncomplicated and clear construction of your geodesic dome at any location of your choosing. The structure poles are connected via fixed construction elements and threaded into key holes which makes construction and deconstruction very much easier and reduces the construction time by about 40%. Of course we at ZENDOME follow high quality standards with all our construction elements when it comes to material and processing: the poles are subject to the quality standards of traditional construction steel. The special finish for the longevity: the galvanized steel is finally powder coated with a very elastic coating which can also be realized in different RAL colors. Structure PolesStructure Foot Intersection Disc

18 18 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 Elegant entrances: we have found a wide selection of solutions for the doors to the 'Space for Ideas' which can be integrated into the Advanced Frame System with style and without complication. With our aluminum door system you can also easily integrate real doors into the mobile architecture. For the frames and wings we only use aluminum parts from SCHÜCO – ZENDOME trusts in 50 years experience in manufacturing doors. The wing width are in accord with the new European norms. All door elements are powder coated and are equipped with a high quality closing system as well as SCHÜCO push bar solutions. In order to fit your event design you can choose from opaque aluminum (white) and transparent Makrolon ® (B1, clear). The door lintel made from membrane material is either white or transparent. ZENDOME.doors Door closerDoor mounting parts Door opener

19 19 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.membrane Because we not only care about publicity effective design but also about resilience and safety, we only use quality membranes by our partner Ferrari for the ZENDOME outer shell. We offer safety and protection for your smooth project realization not only by using special High-Tech materials but also due to the processing and tailoring of these materials, the use of modern machines and of course also due to our own perfected Advanced Frame System. The intensive cooperation with research and development teams enables us to provide you with an extensive and current selection of different qualities, colors and material finishing for the outer shell of the geodesic dome. Airing ventsCounted zipper Delimiting lip

20 20 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 To ensure a sustainable use of the ZENDOME.floor-system we only use high quality material: the primary static substructure of the floor is made from galvanized steel. Bolted plates keep the individual beams in place and provide a secure base for leveling material if necessary. The secondary supporting structure is also made from galvanized steel and is inserted into the primary structure. The minimum height of the floor including the floor surface is about 160 millimeters. In order to ensure your safety, the static of the construction is regularly tested by the TÜV Rheinland. It is in accordance with DIN 4112, Estimated loads of 5KN/m². For a barrier free, easy and safe entrance to your 'Space for Ideas' we have designed a special ramp solution for the ZENDOME.floor-system. ZENDOME.floor-system RampsFoot box Heavy-load floor-system BO.30M

21 21 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 Mobility, sustainability and budget planning: ZENDOME has developed special transport systems. For the ZENDOME we offer a transport system that has been optimized for the Advanced Frame System, the Membrane, the Heavy load floor and all the accessories. The entire system is protected and the needed space for road show logistics as well as storage have been reduced. We offer especially developed transport boxes for the protection of the structure poles as well as for the membrane and other parts of the system. If desired, ZENDOME organizes all small or large transport logistics to the site of construction. & logistic system ID-CardDetail logistic-system Logistic-system

22 22 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 A product is only as good as the sum of its parts. Therefore, ZENDOME puts special attention to an extensive, coordinated accessories program. With the original accessories customers can customize any ZENDOME to their needs. The program builds on top of each other and is downward compatible in principle. That leads to a long-term protection of the investment. From logistics and storage systems to the special heavy load floor-system with invisibly integrated extra weights, ZENDOME also offers tool-boxes and even plug ins for the safe attachment of light and sound systems The extensive assembly instruction also belongs to the standard as well as a test book by the TÜV Rhineland which can be additionally purchased for all ZENDOME sizes below 75m². ZENDOME functionality and a perfect fit is guaranteed for each individual accessory … ZENDOME.extras Plug-InTool box ZENDOME.weights

23 23 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 Service right from the beginning comes natural to us and starts with your planning phase: we use new software and can support your planning with the newest technology in order to make your projects uncomplicated. We also provide concept studies, 3D renderings and planning aides as well as individual special solutions. and support Underfloor heatingSpecial design / swing door 3D Rendering-Service

24 24 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 For you to be able to concentrate on the organization and management of the event, our experienced team can organize transportation and logistics of the ZENDOME, and also make sure that all required material is on location in time so your event can start without delay. The details will be communicated well in advance and our planning will follow your requirements concerning the dimensions and resources of your project. Alternatively to the construction and deconstruction by the you can also hire our construction coach and use your own team. CoachingFull-service Assembling teams

25 25 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME GmbH Schwedter Str. 34a D-10435 Berlin Gordian Overschmidt All hereby presented concepts, ideas and proposals are intellectual property of ZENDOME and are subject to copyright laws. Only with explicit authorization may they be handed on, used or applied in any way. Should it none the less come to a use or application of above stated ideas and concepts, we will make you liable for sharing the financial gain of any such use in any way we see fit. All here stated things are subject to appropriate copyright laws. Every use of protected information is seen as accepted contract as stated above. LET´S ZENDOMEize Extravagant. Mobile. Mechanically perfect.

26 26 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENCUBE.3x3 The ZENCUBE 3X3 with its basic form is based on the most important platonic body - the hexahedron. Even Leonardo da Vinci - following Vitruv - incorporated the human body into a square and a circle. Exhibition space9 m² Side Length3,11 m Gutter Height3,10 m Total Height 3,40 m Total Weight825 kg Membrane¹ Weight54 kg Wind Loads (q 0,3)Beaufort 12 (DIN 4112) Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc. WDR, Muenster ZENCUBE 3X3

27 27 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENCUBE.5x5 The ZENCUBE 5x5 with its ratio of 1,618 is clearly based on the quintessence of harmony - the "Golden Ratio". All known efforts of describing harmony in design all come back to this ratio: From Vitruv to Le Corbusier, this ratio has been taught for centuries. Exhibition space25 m² Side Length5,13 m Gutter Height3,10 m Total Height 3,40 m Total Weight1.799 kg Membrane¹ Weight110 kg Wind Loads (q 0,3)Beaufort 12 (DIN 4112) Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc. WDR, MuensterPorsche, Eifel Nürburgring ZENCUBE 5X5

28 28 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.30M EnBW Davos The smallest ZENDOME with a ground size of 30m² is the perfect base for your event. You will definitely attract all visitors´ attention with this eye catcher. The flexible entrance offers multiple uses: as promotion stand, acoustic space, spotlight, meeting point or conference area (indoor/ outdoor). You will undoubtedly think of many more once you have seen it. Exhibition space30 m² Diameter6,29 m Height3,85 m Circular Entries1 (3) Upper Vents Mech. Ventilation Outlet1 Circular Windows4 Weight270 kg Membrane¹ Weight50 kg Wind load Beaufort 11 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc. WEF-EnBW Davos

29 29 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.45M IMM Cologne The ZENDOME with a ground size of 45m² is the ideal to accommodate people inside under the arched roof. Drawing attention and make use of the unique venue with the wow-effect, pushing your marketing plans and your outstanding events forward. Exhibition space45 m² Diameter7,66 m Height4,75 m Circular Entries1 (3) Upper Vents Mech. Ventilation Outlet1 Circular Windows4 Weight382 kg Membrane¹ Weight75 kg Wind load Beaufort 11 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc.

30 30 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.75M Röder Homeshow The classic ZENDOME with about 75m² of base size is predestined for spacious exhibitions, product presentations, catering use and all other events. Due to additional load capacity that the construction offers at its junction points, required technical equipment can easily be attached. No crossbeams or struts obstruct the view into the ZENDOME. All power cords can be invisibly run directly along the structure poles. Exhibition space75 m² Diameter9.84 m Height6,8 m Circular Entries1 (3) Upper Vents5 Mech. Ventilation Outlet1 Circular Windows5 Weight604 kg Membrane¹ Weight157 kg Wind load Beaufort 11 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc. Transport 07, Bieri

31 31 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.150M BMW, RoadhsowBMW, Roadshow The ground size of nearly 150m² is perfect for communication areas of every sort. No matter if you want to create product worlds, a lounge for presentations or relaxation or if you're planning to organize cultural events and exhibitions: The ZENDOME.150M will present you with the ideal space and perfect ambience. And the unique atmosphere comes free of charge. Exhibition space150 m² Diameter14 m Height8,05 m Circular Entries1 (3) Upper Vents5 Mech. Ventilation Outlet3 Circular Windows7 Weight1.088 kg Membrane¹ Weight220 kg Wind load Beaufort 12 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc.

32 32 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.300M Peppermint, Maschsee Sometimes one simply cannot find the right words. Entering the ZENDOME.300M is like entering another world. With its ground size of 300m² you can easily create worlds your visitors will never forget. A temporary hotel, presentation areas with bars, a wellness or party lounge or anything else you can think of is perfect in the ZENDOME.300M. The ideal choice for ambitious plans, because thinking big is today's motto. Exhibition space300 m² Diameter20 m Height10,2 m Circular Entries3 Upper Vents1(5) Mech. Ventilation Outlet3 Circular Windows8 Weight2.480 kg Membrane¹ Weight465 kg Wind load Beaufort 12 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc.

33 33 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.500 Nord Stream, LubminSartorius, Frankfurt Vibrant Diversity: The ZENDOME.500 is the new gem in the evolution series. Design and style let the geodesic dome unfold its full effect. It is equipped in the best ZENDOME quality, including patented Advanced Frame System, Colour Code, Power Coated Poles, Plug-Ins and Structure Feet. 500 exclusive square meters for all who want to place their conference, their live concert or their gala in a much larger context. Exhibition space491 m² Diameter25 m Height12,7 m Circular Entries3 Upper Vents5 Mech. Ventilation Outlet3 Circular Windows3 Weight2.690 kg Membrane¹ Weight1.000 kg Wind load Beaufort 12 / DIN 4112 Not included Heavy-Load Floor-System, Doors etc.

34 34 © ZENDOME 2006- 2013 ZENDOME.1000 Formula 1 Grand Prix, Abu DhabiBarasti Bar, DubaiFormula 1 Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi The ZENDOME.1000 - the superlative of an event location. Think big and invest the maximum of your imagination without compromising. This gigantic geodesic dome with its 1000 m² of base size provides you with new dimensions for planning and realising spectacular events. Unique world wide, in the usual ZENDOME.quality and every last tiny detail Made in Germany. We provide space for your creativity - it is up to you to raise the bar! Exhibition space960 m² Diameter35 m Height17,5 m Circular Entries3 Upper Vents3 Mech. Ventilation Outlet3 Circular Windows2 Weight20.000 kg Membrane¹ Weight2.000 kg Wind load Beaufort 12 / DIN 4112 Not including Heavy-Load Floor-System (not available), Doors etc.

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