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Milan Valencia May 2004 - Slide 1 New light rail rolling stock for the new tramway lines Danilo Lentoni Azienda Trasporti Milanesi spa Milan.

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1 Milan Valencia May Slide 1 New light rail rolling stock for the new tramway lines Danilo Lentoni Azienda Trasporti Milanesi spa Milan

2 Milan Valencia May Slide 2 ATM rolling stock (surface service) ATM manages both surface and underground urban and inter-urban transport service, besides other special services. As far as surface service is concerned, the ATM rolling stock is now composed by: trams, buses, trolley-buses.

3 Milan Valencia May Slide 3 Current ATM tramway service: 18 lines with a total extension of 164,4 km (double track) 14,1 million km per vehicle per year

4 Milan Valencia May Slide development Line 14, with a length of 14,4,was fully refurbished and the service started at the beginning of the year 2001.

5 Milan Valencia May Slide 5 Recent developments North, opened in Dec. 2003, 8,5 km South, opened in Dec. 2003, 10 km Cinisello, the service will start in Dec. 2005, 10,9 km 29 / 30, is being refurb. and the service will start in Dec. 2004, 13,0 km This branch opened in Dec. 2003, 2,1 km, with 800 m in tunnel

6 Milan Valencia May Slide 6 New line main characteristics maximum independent way (it isnt easy to obtain it in Milan due to the narrow roads)

7 Milan Valencia May Slide 7 Platform with two different levels to match all kind of ATMs trams: 1)first part at 180 mm on T.O.R. for old trams 2)second part at 220 mm for more recent trams, using ramps in case of low floor trams or second part at 280 mm for low floor trams, where their ramps cant operate.

8 Milan Valencia May Slide 8 Stops with: Time table Radio controlled public information system to give service information to passengers Lights Seats Information maps

9 Milan Valencia May Slide 9 The Vehicles Eurotram 34 m 26 trams for refurbished Line 14

10 Milan Valencia May Slide 10 The Vehicles Sirio 35 m (pre-ordered) trams for:- Metrotranvia South; - Metrotranvia North. - Metrotranvia Cinisello 35 trams for the refurbished line 29 / 30. Sirio 25 m

11 Milan Valencia May Slide 11 Eurotram Main characteristics: Length: 34,1 m Width: 2,4 m Total passengers: 262 N° of seats: 68 Standees: 194 (6 p/m 2 ) 100% low floor, 350 mm above T.O.R. 3 motor bogies, 1 trailer bogies 6 single leaf doors (1300 mm) Weight: 372 kN

12 Milan Valencia May Slide 12 Sirio 35m Main characteristics: Length: 35,3 m Width: 2,4 m Total passengers: 285 N° of seats: 71 Standees: 214 (6 p/m 2 ) 100% low floor, 350 mm above T.O.R. 2 motor bogies, 2 trailer bogies 3 double leaf doors (1800 mm) and 2 single leaf doors (900 mm) Weight: 455 kN

13 Milan Valencia May Slide 13 Sirio 25m Main characteristics: Length: 25,2 m Width: 2,4 m Total passengers: 191 N° of seats: 50 Standees: 141 (6 p/m 2 ) 100% low floor, 350 mm above T.O.R. 2 motor bogies, 1 trailer bogies 2 double leaf doors (1800 mm) and 1 single leaf doors (900 mm) Weight: 365 kN

14 Milan Valencia May Slide 14 Eurotram and Sirio Main characteristics Differences are underlined

15 Milan Valencia May Slide 15 Commercial Speed Acceleration - 1,0 m/s 2 from 0 to 40 km/h; Max service deceleration - 1,2 m/s 2 ; Emergency brake deceleration - 2,2 m/s 2 ; Max speed - 70 km/h.

16 Milan Valencia May Slide 16 Body shells Alloy body shell structure, with special rivets to join parts Eurotram

17 Milan Valencia May Slide 17 Body shells Sirio Steel body shell welded structure

18 Milan Valencia May Slide 18 Independent Wheels bogies Eurotram Primary rubber suspensions 4 traction motors Wheel diameter: 561 mm new 511 mm worn Secondary air suspensions

19 Milan Valencia May Slide 19 Sirio Primary rubber suspensions 2 traction motors Wheel diameter: 660 mm new 610 mm worn Secondary suspensions with elastic elements Independent Wheels bogies

20 Milan Valencia May Slide 20 Hydra ulic brake Elastic Wheel Sirio Eurotram Hydraulic brake

21 Milan Valencia May Slide 21 Electronic traction and auxiliary converters At the state of art through: Asynchronous traction motors, IGBT converters (for traction and auxiliary); Energy saving by recovery braking.

22 Milan Valencia May Slide 22 Electronic control and diagnostic Based on microprocessor units distributed along the vehicle and European standard bus lines; Advanced on board diagnostic with the possibility to introduce maintenance experience; Redundancy of the main devices in order to limit service breakdown in case of failure.

23 Milan Valencia May Slide 23 Boarding Sirio Eurotram Easy boarding and alighting specially for eldery person and mobility impaired people thanks to floor completely at 350 mm on T.O.R.

24 Milan Valencia May Slide T.O.R _ 600 to nearest track W min 2700 Internal floor Interface between internal floor and platform Mobile ramp for wheel chairs

25 Milan Valencia May Slide 25 Air conditioning and heating Always active with temperature regulation in according to prEN13129 T ext T int

26 Milan Valencia May Slide 26 Safety Crash Good crash behaviour in order to protect driver and passengers: Body shell compressive strength > 350 kN Heads that can absorb, with ELE 4, impacts against a fixed obstacle: Elastically until 4,5 km/h Plastically until 15 km/h with integrity of drivers cabin.

27 Milan Valencia May Slide 27 Safety Dead Man device Button on driving lever to press during the run. Otherwise: 2 s acoustic alarm; 4 s safety brake;

28 Milan Valencia May Slide 28 Safety Static Event recorder To record all important signals during service (position of driving control, speed, dead man state, doors state….)

29 Milan Valencia May Slide 29 Security Video control system Internal cameras; Hard disc recorder with more days capacity - 3 frames per second; Video control for the driver; Camera

30 Milan Valencia May Slide 30 Communication Automatic vehicle Monitoring Communication between driver, passengers and central control room; Alarm; Automatic calculation of on board passengers; Next station announcement Tram Localization in Central Control Room and Waiting time information at stops.

31 Milan Valencia May Slide 31 Fire behaviour Components used for the production comply with metro train regulation (trains running in tunnel with safety evacuation time between 15 and 30 minutes) to maximize the rolling stock safety. These materials limit the risk of fire propagation and the toxicity, opacity and corrosiveness of emissions.

32 Milan Valencia May Slide 32 Preliminary test Preliminary test on prototype vehicles: Strasbourg Eurotram has been tested for 2 months in Milan Sirio prototype has been tested for 9 months in Milan. Particular attention was paid to the air conditioning device, traction and auxiliary equipments A 1928 type tram was equipped with shapes to simulate Eurotram and Sirio maximum gauge in order to evaluate the condition of the old part of the network.

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