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Leveraging Automation to Close Renewal Opportunities.

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1 Leveraging Automation to Close Renewal Opportunities

2 Agenda Renewals CSPP Why Automation? Auto Quote Reseller Services Portal Accelerate Q&A

3 Services Renewals Provides the opportunity to capitalize on the initial investment in time and effort made when your customer first bought a service contract Helps secure your organization at least another years revenue for a far smaller outlay Creates opportunities to open the conversation around upgrades of the service coverage, extending coverage to other equipment, or even replacing existing hardware Customer loyalty and stickiness with VAR

4 Services Renewals A Minimum of 90 to 120 Days in Advance Understanding the Customers Business Needs Exploring Opportunities to Upsell Proposing a Solution to Meet Customer Requirements, Including Financing

5 Earn More for Selling Services with CSPP Compensation Performance Management Eligibility

6 Why Automation? $25K+ Renewals Sub-$25K Renewals 15% $0 - $2500 15% $0 - $2500 40% $2500 - $25000 40% $2500 - $25000 45% > $25000 45% > $25000 What segment of your renewal portfolio do you have the ability to touch?

7 Why Automation? Cost removed from generating low end quotes Open bandwidth to focus on larger opportunities Touch more opportunities = Close more sales Increase Cisco SMARTnet renewal & attach rates

8 Auto Quote Automated monthly Renewal opportunities Emailed directly to your inbox Linked to your CCO ID so Auto Quote is viewable in SCC (SMS3) for renewals Proactive, preapproved and validated Cisco Quotes Renewal Opportunity range= back 2 months & forward 3 months Unattached Opportunity range= items not covered 30-90 days after shipment *quote created through Reseller Services Portal

9 Renewal Auto Quote Email

10 Reseller Services Portal Partner Facing Tool for Organizing, Tracking & Ordering Cisco Service Contracts Use the Reseller Services Portal to View Renewal Auto Quotes & Track Closure Improve Renewal Rate Training Webinars Available

11 Reseller Services Portal Website -

12 Reseller Services Portal



15 Reseller Services Portal Webinar Attend the Reseller Services Portal Webinar to Learn More on How to Manage your Cisco Service Opportunities Through the Reseller Services Portal Contact your Ingram Market Account Representative For Registration Details

16 Cisco Services Accelerate Program Review the Selling Cisco Services Contract Renewals learning module in the Cisco Services Accelerate Program Addresses the process of pursuing renewals opportunities. Provides sales strategies, best practices, and objection handling. Contains information on the available Cisco tools Resources to assist with the process of selling service contract renewals.

17 Cisco Services Accelerate Program


19 Cisco Services Renewals Partner Incentives Contest Timeframe: April 29 th – July 26 th Every Cisco Services renewal contract you close* will earn you an entry into the contest drawing to win one of 25 $500 AMEX gift cards – Kicker: $1,000 goes to the partner that closes the largest renewal contract – Kicker: $1,000 goes to the partner that closes the most renewal contracts 60% of the devices on the contract must be closed in order for the contract to be eligible. Win $500!

20 Services Market Account Representatives Cisco Business Unit WA OR NV UT ID WY CA NM MT CO AZ TX OK KS NE SD ND MN IA MO IN IL AR LA MS TN ALGA FL SC NC KY WV VA OH PA WI MI NY ME VT NH MA RI CT NJ DE MD South Bernard Dent Market Account Representative 800.456.8000 Ext 66465 West Andrew Gates 800.456.8000 Ext 66468 Northeast Shawnta Woodard 800.456.8000 Ext 66457 GovEd– All U.S. Monica Froese 800.456.8000 Ext 65088 Monica. Central James Skelton 800.456.8000 Ext 66480

21 Questions? Ingram Micro

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