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Gunwharf Quays Residents Company Management report & review of the first twelve months Tuesday 17 th December 2013 1.

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1 Gunwharf Quays Residents Company Management report & review of the first twelve months Tuesday 17 th December 2013 1

2 John Mortimer Property Management Ltd Family run business established 1990 Privately owned by John and Jacqui Mortimer Members of FSA and ARMA Management of over 490 blocks Management of an estimated 10,000 properties 2

3 Service Included - GQRC One main point of contact Collaboration with site managers Free AMR & Financial reports for meetings Projects Management on larger projects Specialist Decoration Manager Specialist Health & Safety Compliance Manager 3

4 Accounts Department o Dedicated Accounts Manager o Adaptable - Suits customers requirements for their property o All Service fee invoices comply with The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 and are sent out with the service charges summary of Tenants Rights and Obligations o We bring the accounts up to Trial balance for accountants to prepare Financial statements in accordance with the requirements of Companies House o We have a strong relationship with a debt recovery agency that has a very good success rate in getting in any debts from any persistent debtors o Attend Court or other hearings if required o We hold one or more separate client deposit bank accounts for each of our properties we manage 4.

5 Role of your Maintenance Manager Michael Fearon Primary point of Contact for Residents Day to day maintenance Sourcing of contractors Buildings Insurance claims assistance Co-operate with Site Management team Upholding the covenants of the lease Co-ordinates activities within all departments of JMPM 5

6 Annual Maintenance Report November 2012- November 2013 6

7 Building Insurance April 2013 – The Freeholders agent, Tysers Insurance & Risk Management, arranged the building insurance renewals for all blocks except the Vulcan, as this block has a different Freeholder. Under Ground Car Park Anson, Brecon House & Centurion Court for a premium of; £4,238.05 Under Ground Car Park Arethusa House & Blake House for a premium of £3,885.40 Anson Court including commercial units for a premium of £7,483.61 Arethusa House for a premium of £12,004.84 Blake House for a premium of £11,630.30 Brecon House & Commercial for a premium of £10,069.84 Centurion including the commercial units for a premium of £4,845.62 Jupiter 1-18 for a premium of £1,968.18 Jupiter 19-35 for a premium of £1,968.17 Lysander Court for a premium of £2,287.71 Neptune Court; for a premium of £1,918.77 The Old Infirmary for a premium of £1,015.22 The Lighthouse including the commercial units for a premium of £2,097.80 7

8 Redecorations The external redecoration of Anson Court, Brecon House, Centurion Court, Arethusa House and Blake House was all completed this year. The canal side blocks were decorated by Falcon Homes Ltd. Arethusa and Blake by The Site management team and subcontractors, both selected after competitive tender. Section 20 consultation has been started for the Vulcan Building which will be the next block to be decorated. Quotations are being obtained and will be disclosed in the second section 20 notice which will be issued in the near future. 8

9 Fire Risk & Health and Safety Kim Thomas, Health, Safety and Compliance Manager, from JMPM under took a full audit of the Fire Risk and Health & Safety requirements for Gunwharf Quays ensuring that the Safety and Compliance requirements were being met. The basis for this audit was the Risk Assessments that were carried out by Quantum Risk Management in December 2011. This is due for formal review at the end of 2013. We are currently reviewing the FRA and H&S The inspections included all Blocks, underground car parking, powered gates, man safe systems, lightning protection, lifts, electrical installations, water pumps, external walkways and roads under the control of GQRC. The audit was carried out over a 3 month period; we found that the site is broadly compliant and the regular testing of the Emergency lighting, Fire Alarms and Smoke venting systems as well as routine inspections of the site being carried out by the Estate Managers. The records are in good order with repairs being carried out quickly by the Estate staff. With regard to the Health & Safety we have been reviewing the documentation provided by all contractors ensuring they have provided their Risk & Method statements and all insurance documents. We have also reviewed this for the Staff employed by GQRC. The Health & Safety Compliance Manager carries out monthly visits to support the Estate Staff and to carry out routine inspections. 9

10 November 2012 New wheels were purchased from Egbert H Taylor & Co Ltd for the refuse bins. Eclipse Property Services provided stainless steel sleeves for the Millennium Walkway railings and relayed some sunken paving in this area. The Bi-monthly window cleaning was conducted by 1 st Choice. Eclipse Property Services attached to repair the roof on Jupiter Court. Eclipse Property Services attended to install drip trays in the underground car park of Arethusa House. HM&V Utilities attended to service the water pumps for the commercial and residual units of The Vulcan, and attended to a fault with the foul pumps. Fortress Security attended to repair a fault with the door entry system for Blake House and one at Brecon House. Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd replaced a faulty control board in the Automatic vent system at Brecon House and one in Centurion Court. 10

11 December 2012 Fortress Security replaced the motor on the front vehicle entrance gate. Additional gardening works were conducted by Greenacres Landscaping Services to re-shingle the beds and remove the Yukka. Security & Signs Services provided replacement door handles for Jupiter Court. Eclipse Property Services attended an out of hours call at Jupiter Court and the internal lights had stopped working. Fortress Security attended to repair the intercom in Jupiter Court 19-35, Blake House and Centurion Court. Eclipse Proper Services attended Centurion Court to clean waste from the communal hallway. Eclipse Property services jetted the drain line in 6-12 The Vulcan. 11

12 January 2013 HM&V Utilities Ltd attended the Old Infirmary as the foul pump was in alarm. A cherry picker was hired so the weathervane could be replaced. New Visitor Parking permits were purchased from Lesar UK Ltd. 1 st Choice attended to test the mansafe access equipment on The Old Infirmary, Arethusa House, Anson Court, Brecon House, Centurion Court, The Vulcan and Blake House. Eclipse Property Services fitted a new push button to the pedestrian gate lock in the underground car park in Arethusa House and Blake House. Fortress Security attended to replace a faulty intercom panel at Blake House. Hascomm Aerial Services attended to repairs a communal aerial fault at Anson Court and The Vulcan. 1st Choice installed Cowls on Anson Court. Eclipse Property Services replaced water damaged coconut matting and re- routed a section of down pipe on Anson Court. 12

13 February & March 2013 February 2013March 2013 Eclipse Property Services provided 50 bags of grit. Eclipse Property Services constructed a secure compound to house the on- site cherry picker. Eberhardt Signs Ltd, provided a new brushed silver sign. Quarterly window cleaning was conducted by 1 st Choice. Servian protection Ltd attended to repair the intercom in Centurion Court. H Monfared Builders Ltd re- painted the figure head. Eclipse Property Services completed works on the pedestrian gate. NAP Construction relayed the paving by the site office. Rolls of carpet were purchased from Eclipse Property Services for use as necessary. Eclipse Property Services conducted roof repairs and fitted a new vent pipe on Jupiter Court. 13

14 April & May 2013 April 2013May 2013 Eclipse Property Services rehung the doors in the Canalside Car Park, and replaced a double glazing unit at Blake House. Eclipse then investigated the source of a leak going into Café Rouge. Eberhardt Signs Ltd supplied and fitted two post signs. Eclipse Property Services repaired a leaking stack Pipe in Core 4 Arethusa House. Dyno Rod attended site to repair the pumps. 14

15 June & July 2013 June 2013July 2013 Servian called out to repair the main gates; they also supplied and fitted additional cabling circuits, cameras and miscellaneous equipment. In addition, Servian repaired the door entry system to Core 4 Arethusa House. Axis elevators called out to repair a lift in Vulcan Block. Eclipse Property Services repaired the taps in the Site Office and the communal door to Vulcan Block 37-41. NAP Construction carried out pavement repair works by the figurehead. JBM Electrical carried out repairs to external streetlights. Hascomm Aerial Services supplied new amplifiers for the communal Sky system. 15

16 August, September & October 2013 August 2013September 2013 Eclipse Property Services tested the camera in Core 1 Arethusa Car park. Axis Elevators called out to respond to a lift entrapment at Jupiter Court, they also repaired the lift at Centurion Court which had gotten stuck on the top floor. ASAP Fire Systems carried out necessary repairs to the dry risers at The Vulcan, Brecon House & Blake House. Eclipse Property Services called out to repair the main gate and trailer. Eclipse Property Services repaired the fire exit glass at Blake House, and helped repair a leak at Brecon House. Axis Elevators called out to repair a lift at Blake House. 16 October 2013

17 November 2013 Servian carried out six monthly maintenance of gates and access points across the development. Axis Elevators repaired the lift call button in Arethusa Core 4. Eclipse undertook gutter resealing works in Arethusa House, wall patch repairs in Anson Court & carpet cleaning in Centurion Court. 17

18 Going forwards Main point of contact- Michael Fearon Monthly meetings with site management (Minuted) Quarterly meetings with the GQRA Currently reviewing FRA and H&S requirements Decoration programme (Vulcan Building) Investigating a site survey 18

19 Questions Mr Atkey Wants to question the rigidity of the rules, and high costs regarding lost parking permits. Guy Osborne What, if anything, has been and/or is going to be paid to the Directors in the way of remuneration for their efforts in running the residents company? What items of capital equipment have been, and are planned to be purchased to aid site operations? What do the directors consider to be an adequate level of reserves (after all we dont want to turn into a bank) What rate of interest have we been getting on these reserves? Have the directors considered slightly more risky, but potentially more lucrative investments? Alan Batt Movers, installers, builders etc. – as well as residents themselves – regularly cause minor damage to the fabric of the building e.g. round door frames, walls. Can this be repaired on a regular basis, rather than just at the planned 3 – 5 year building maintenance time? Mrs Leigh Can the large kerb between the entrance and exit at Anson car park be cut back /narrowed down, as it is difficult to manoeuvre larger cars past this. Roger Shearn a) Why did we, the Blake House residents, receive a letter from Secus [dated 20th November 2013] acting as recovery agents for Scottish Power that contained the threat of disconnection? b) Who is our current communal electricity supplier? c) Do we pay a daily standing charge for electricity supply - if YES - how much? d) What is the current kWh rate we pay? e) Is the current contract for supply subject to an end date? What action will be taken to ensure that 'best available' rates are secured for the residents after that date/ or in the future? Why were telephone costs shown separately this year? Why were postage costs shown separately this year? Debtors amount is shown as £52,523.88. a) How many owners does this represent? b) What is the largest single amount owed? c) Why do JMPM not seek interest on these overdue amounts? When will estimated accounts for 2013/14 be shown? 19

20 Gunwharf Quays Residents Company Thank you for time this evening. We will be available for questions afterwards 20

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