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Corporate Foundation Introduction Safety Noise Overview Graph –dBA -v- Safe Exposure Steps of Control Products –Industrial and Environmental Noise Control.

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2 Corporate Foundation Introduction Safety Noise Overview Graph –dBA -v- Safe Exposure Steps of Control Products –Industrial and Environmental Noise Control –Flexible PVC Screening | Factory Dividers –Safe Metal Trade Training Solutions Testimonials Photo Gallery Locations and Contacts Table of Contents

3 Corporate Foundation VISION STATEMENT The World will use Flexshield as a caring and complete solution to all industrial, environmental noise control and flexible screening wants MISSION STATEMENT A strong and positive team of people. Helping people live and work safer, healthier and happier. Achieving consistent growth by embracing continuous improvement with a thriving culture of customer interaction CORE VALUES Integrity: A hand shake is a promise, its that strong. Continuous Improvement: We encourage staff to make some small improvement everyday this ensures our clients are always approached with the best possible methodology and products. Loyalty: Flexshield treats clients with deep respect, as they should be. Our staff are committed to your needs and will build a long term relationship based on performance and trust. Honesty: Flexshield maintains a complete culture of honesty. Our word is true and so is yours. Community: Flexshield provides and cares for our staff and familys needs. We donate generously to charity and respect our place as Australians.

4 Flexshield is the leading manufacturer, supplier and installer for noise control & soundproofing products, acoustic enclosures, attenuators, baffle silencers, modular acoustic panel, flexible noise control barriers and much more! We have been servicing Australian Industry since 2003 and have a great reputation due to our customer relations, innovative products and knowledge for all noise issues. Being able to `back up` products with comprehensive NATA accredited test results, gives you complete faith in our ability to provide a solution that will perform. We offer you a consultancy and design service, by visiting site and assessing your requirement and taking Noise Level readings, site dimensions and details. This data is then used against product test results to achieve a well thought out solution to your noise problems. All products are available quickly, supplied in kit-form and are easy to install. Alternatively, we are happy to provide a complete measure and quote right through to supply and install service. Flexshield is committed to supplying industry with innovative Noise Control & Sound Proofing solutions. Carrying and sourcing a wide range of quality products and their relationship with customers is for the long term. Introduction

5 Flexshield carries out all operations in house and on site to ISO 9001:2008 & AS 4801:2001. We take pride in that from 2003 we have ZERO down time or incident from work related injury. All onsite staff are certified to: General Site Induction Certificate EWP License Structural Steel Erection Confined Space License Safety

6 Every year noise is costing Australian industry millions of dollars. This comes in many forms: decreased production rates due to the physical stress of a noisy workplace; down- time from employee sick leave days caused by Tinnitus or Industrial Deafness; and legal claims and litigation against employers not meeting government Regulations Australian law stipulates that the maximum safe level of noise exposure is 85dBA across an eight hour time period. An industry trend led by Europe points towards further reductions in the levels and there is general consensus that Australia will be soon to follow. The National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work [NOHSC: 2009(2004)]3rd Edition, (which may be downloaded from the governments website), states that: it is an employers prime responsibility to create and maintain a safe working environment, familiarise employees with the potential harm of noise exposure, and to carry out regular noise level audits Noise Overview

7 Once a noise assessment has been carried out, and the need to reduce exposure to noise is established, the task of controlling the noise may be addressed. Priority should be given to those noise sources that expose employees to peak noise levels above the National Standard for Occupational Noise and to those that contribute to the highest exposures affecting the largest number of people. Noise exposure levels should be reduced to or below, the national standard, whenever practical. Even if the national standard cannot be physically met, all practical measures to reduce noise levels must be carried out. In cases where acoustically treating the noise source is still insufficient in reducing the exposure to noise to or below the National Standard for Occupational Noise, employees should be supplied with and wear effective personal hearing protectors (PPE). However the standards clearly stipulate that: Personal hearing protectors should not be used when noise control by engineering or administrative noise control measures is practicable. PPE should generally be regarded as an interim measure while control of excessive noise is being achieved by these other means. There are two basic engineering noise control measures for controlling noise levels: 1. Engineering acoustic treatment of the source; and 2. Engineering acoustic treatment of the noise transmission path (including enclosure of the source and or operator and the use of Mobile Acoustic Screens).

8 Studies have shown that excessive noise causes an increased level of stress and a lack of concentration. Too much noise also seriously disturbs communication in the workplace which can lead to mistakes and decreased efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Research also supports that noise pollution whilst training leads to gaps in knowledge and educational errors. Not only is noise dangerous to the ears but the inability to communicate/hear machinery or warning signals is a potential danger itself. In the design of engineered acoustic treatments much consideration is taken to ensure that the treatment is viable and will not hinder production in any way. It is also recommended that Sonic System kit form or modular type enclosures (see details) are utilised as these allow for ease of access during major maintenance operations and are easily disassembled in the event of a re arrange or shift. A Sonic Curtain can also provide for access needs while delivering required attenuation of noise levels.

9 dBA -V- Safe Exposure

10 The Hierarchy of Noise Control is a series of measures, set out in priority of action that can be used to eliminate the risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the workplace. This order of action is the backbone of almost all Health and Safety legislation, guidelines, and standards, in Australia. Yet the process constantly fails to be followed. Why is this so? Simply, the concept starts with elimination of the hazard as the preferred or number one option. The final or least preferred action is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Legislation stipulates that only when all practical steps have been taken to action the preferred option, should a step down to the next level occur. Elimination of the hazard is the ideal control situation. PPE is the least desirable action as the hazard still remains and there is considerable reliance on having the right PPE for the requirement and ensuring its correct and consistent use. There are many success stories supporting the elimination of hazards. Unfortunately today, industry still mostly relies on PPE as the first step of control. The consequences of this are being felt today. The Steps of Control

11 Industrial and Environmental Noise Control Flexshield is the leading supplier of noise control solutions to all Australian mines and industry. They are conveniently based with main offices in both Queensland and Western Australia allowing them to offer their personalised service to all states and territories. With over forty years of solid experience and a full range of products and services, we are able to provide a complete support package -from noise assessments, right through to the supply and installation of engineered acoustic treatments. By creating a quieter workplace employers will benefit from: Increased employee morale Increases in productivity and efficiency improved workflow Cost savings. Products

12 Mobile Panels Mobile noise control panels or screens are an excellent and cost effective choice for treating modest noise problems. Acoustic Curtains Soundproof curtains and screens provide maximum noise reduction and soundproofing. Attenuators Acoustic attenuators are needed when it is necessary to control noise and still provide the required airflow for your application. Acoustic Enclosures Flexshield manufactures supplies and installs a complete range of acoustic enclosures Acoustic Doors Acoustic doors for a peaceful solution to every acoustic application. Acoustic Louvres Sonic acoustic louvres are the ideal solution when aesthetics are as important as noise reduction and/or ventilation.

13 Flexible PVC Screening | Factory Dividers Flexshield offers a complete turnkey range of flexible curtains, welding screens, flexible screens used for factory zoning and flexible swing doors. Flexible screens and doors are an excellent and cost effective choice for controlling many workshop and environmental hazards. Use them for the control of welding flash, dust, fumes, noise, weather protection and much more. All Flexshield industrial flexible screening solutions are custom made to suit your exact and unique size and requirements. Flexshield will provide a complete flexible zoning solution from consult and design through to manufacture, supply and install. Alternatively flexible curtains and screens are available in a comprehensive DIY kit. Products

14 Flexible Strip Curtains PVC Strip Curtains provide a flexible barrier while still allowing for 100% access. Welding Strip Curtains Flexshield welding screens solves problems associated with the 1 piece welding screen. Flexible Swing Doors Flexible swing doors allow a strong doorway barrier with complete visibility and access. Flexible Noise Barriers Flexshield flexible noise barriers and screens can be used in almost every noise control requirement. Welding Tents Welding tents provide protection of the welding process to the elements & allow welding in harsh conditions. Weather Protection Flexshield weather protection screens provide a flexible barrier to unwanted rain, wind and dust entering sensitive equipment or sensitive production areas.

15 Safe Metal Trade Training Solutions Flexshield will come to your facility throughout any stage of development and provide a turnkey customized answer to your Metal Trade Training problems. Delivering solutions for your unique application using materials that are state of the art Allowing you to exceed Australian standards and reduce your maintenance costs and liabilities. Flexshield delivers: Welding curtains and screens, Acoustic welding bay partitions | Grinding bay partitions, Grinding booths, Fume extraction systems | Downdraft benches, Welding tables | Oxy tables | Grinding tables, Gas reticulation, Machines, Installations, Layout design and recommendation Products

16 Grinding Bays Grinding bays can help control risks and assist employees in providing a safe work area. Fume Extraction Flexshield offers a complete fume extraction system solution. Mobile Screens Mobile Weldflex welding screens have all the advantages of the Weldflex strip and sheet systems. Welding Floor Mats FLEXWELD WELDING MATS are used to reduce the risk of electric shock in high voltage environments. Welding Tables Flexshield gas welding and gas cutting benches are custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Quench Tanks Flexshield has a complete range of quench tanks or hot works metal baths and hot works benches.

17 _________________________________________________________________________________ Good afternoon Ronnie, This noise box is awesome, the reduction in noise level is phenomenal. Thank you again so much for your kindness. Kind Regards, David Hewines | Manager Tolpark Systems Australia _________________________________________________________________________________ Mark Please find attached photos as requested. These are the best ones we have to show how they were set up. Panels are certainly very successful and still in use. We didn't need to put a curtain under the deck. Hope that helps. Regards, Peter Cook Project Manager (Mandalong Southern Extension) Centennial Coal (02) 4935 8903 (02) 4959 5314 0406 384 421 _________________________________________________________________________________ Testimonials

18 Testimonials continued… _________________________________________________________________________________ GDay Mark, Not much happening on these fronts at this time We did some unofficial testing the other day with the panels around the front of a bucket in the shop doorway, Noise reduction was around 10Dba so well worth the effort I will be putting out a flyer to or other sites shortly just to inform them. Cheers ken Ken Andrews Maintenance Project Technician Bengalla Mining Company Phone: 0265429615 _________________________________________________________________________________ Ronnie, At present we have no further need for your products panels have reduce noise by an incredible 8dB! so well worth the effort. I will be telling others about you and keeping an eye out for further applications. All the best Christopher _________________________________________________________________________________

19 Acoustic Wall Dividers – Factories, maintenance shops etc. Photo Gallery

20 Acoustic Enclosures – Pumps – Fans – Machines etc.

21 Acoustic Barrier Walls – Hall Roads – Rail Facilities etc.

22 Soundproof Enclosures – Control Rooms etc.

23 Sound Barriers – Mine Camps – Power Stations etc..

24 Mobile Acoustic Panels – Arcair Gouging – Grinding etc.

25 Acoustic Curtains – Flexible Enclosures – Soundproof Barriers etc.

26 Noise Control for Pumps – Generators etc.

27 Drill Rig Noise Control

28 Acoustic Doors

29 Saw House Noise Control

30 Welding Bay Curtains

31 Duraflex Strip Curtains

32 Locations Flexshield offers our personalised service to all states and territories. Contact us today on 1300 799 969 or or visit our website

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