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2 2 Removing the right of political parties to set up booths to assist voters establish their names on the electoral roll and saluran numbers, identity of voters before going into polling stations ( called "pondok panas" ) [Section (26)(1)(e)]

3 3 Removing the right of political parties to have representatives observing the process in the SPR booths inside polling stations ( Barung SPR ) where voters check their names and get their saluran numbers etc [section 26A]

4 4 Amending section 14 (1A) so that the SPR would dictate the time of arrival and departure of polling and counting agents of candidates at polling stations. The current law provided for polling and counting agents to arrive at the time decided by the political parties as long as they stayed at the polling stations for at least 2 hours.

5 5 Removal of section 11(1)(c) requiring all printed material during campaign to bear the name of the publisher and printer. This has opened the door to a dirtier election where all sorts of defamatory or inflammatory material could be put out without anyone taking responsibility for them.

6 6

7 7 Ketua PACABA, Timb Ket PACABA

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10 50 metre zone 10 Votes are cast and counted in public venues such as public schools.

11 11 Max 3,850 voters in 6 Polling Stations/saluran (classrooms). Each saluran max 700 voters, Saluran 1 for oldest voters have 350 voters. Every candidate should be represented by Polling Agents and Counting Agents in all salurans at all times! Winning in a campaign without PACAs to monitor & record results is pointless!

12 12 Polling Station/Saluran 1. Barung SPR assign voters to various saluran and issues them with a Saluran Slip. Per Saluran Max 700 Voters. Voter walks to Saluran BARUNG OBSERVER

13 13 SPR Tag Barung SPR (within 50 metre zone): To verify if voters are in this voting centre and direct them to their respective voting streams Kerani Penyemak Dafter Pemilih (KPDP) will issue voters a Saluran slip indicating Nombor Bilangan and Polling Station

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16 16 SPR Clerks Polling Agent PA Presiding Officer (KTM) Police Officer Ballot Box Voting Counter 123 One stream, two doors Enter Exit 1 2

17 SPR Clerks Clerk 1: Match Identity Document with voter roll. Read i/c no from ID only, not from voter roll. Not allowed to record ballot serial no. on the voter roll. Clerk 2: Tear Ballot Paper from Ballot Book. Not allowed to record voter Bil on ballot counterfoil. Clerk 3: Emboss ballot paper. 123 17

18 Polling Agents (PA): One for each party. One for Parliament & One for DUN !!!! 18



21 Kerani SPR PA Ketua Tempat Mengundi KTM Pegawai Polis Peti Undi Petak Undi 123 SATU SALURAN DUA PINTU Masuk Keluar B A 21 CARA MENGUNDI PA Jarak di antara Kerani SPR sekurangnya 6

22 Tempat Memangkah Undi 22 [COE 1981] Regulation 13 (3) mentions screen from observation but not how high. 12 is high enough for secrecy purposes.

23 23

24 7:00am 12 noon2pm4.30pm 5pm 10am BA1 BA2 PA1 starts at 6:30am, BA1 starts at 7:00am CA stays on till counting ends TWO HOURLY SHIFTS ON POLLING DAY PA1 CA = PA2

25 Answer: Kerani 4 will allow the KTM to open a new voter queue, overwhelming the PA in the process! 25 KP4

26 26

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