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2 Hernandez Middle School We love it that you are here…welcome! Please be sure to arrive to school every day and on time Hernandez Middle School hours for SY 2013-14 8:15am-3:15pm Breakfast Offered daily in school cafeteria 7:50-8:05 During the morning, all students will be gathered in the courtyard If students arrive late, must enter through main doors and get tardy pass

3 Hernandez Uniform: SHIRT Solid navy blue polo No emblems WHITE undershirt, tucked in Color or lace shirts are unacceptable Solid navy blue sweater, over collared shirt No emblems No tied back shirts ** Gym uniform may only be worn only when the student has gym exploratory Navy blue HMS gym T-shirt or HMS polo Navy blue sweatpants (no emblems other than HMS) OR navy blue gym shorts (knee length)

4 Hernandez Uniform: PANTS Khaki pants No layering of pants No rolled up pant legs, no rubber bands/laces on legs, not tied in any way Rubber bands will be confiscated No shoelaces (or similar) wrapped around pant legs Leggings, or skinny jeans will not be allowed as uniform If students choose to wear a belt on their pants, it must be solid black or brown (no logos, lettering, symbols, etc.)

5 Hernandez Uniform: SHOES Closed-toe shoes o No sandals, no flip-flops Solid color shoes (Example: NOT Solid black shoes with white sole), not two-toned o Black, white, or brown Students may wear solid color boots (same colors as shoes) during winter months o However, pants must cover boots – no pants tucked in o If not, student must put on his/her school shoes (take boots off) once they arrive at their locker

6 Hernandez Uniform: GYM Navy blue HMS polo or navy blue HMS t-shirt Navy blue HMS sweatpants or navy blue HMS shorts Appropriate gym shoes (solid color – white, black, or brown) Undershirts must be tucked in pants at all times Long or short sleeve undershirts must be all white Pant legs must be down (not rolled up)

7 Hernandez Uniform: ACCESSORIES School ID around neck with HMS lanyard at all times No stickers or writing No outside lanyards accepted No piercings Ladies are only allowed to wear earrings in both ears, hoops cannot be larger than a quarter Religious items must be tucked under uniform Appropriate haircuts and hairstyles No tails, designs, mohawks, or gang color combinations

8 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? Yes!NO!

9 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? No!

10 No!Yes on Gym days!

11 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? Yes!No!

12 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? No!

13 No!Yes on Gym days!

14 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? No!Yes!

15 Uniform Review! Yes or No? Why? No!No!No!

16 Uniform Review (boots)! Yes or No? Why? No!Yes!

17 Casual/Dress Down Day Wording on clothing, if any, must be appropriate No holes/rips on clothing Leggings (as pants) are not permitted All pants must be worn at the waist No plunging necklines Tops must have sleeves Hoodies and jackets must remain inside lockers, not worn in the building Open-toed shoes are not allowed; all other shoes can be worn No combination of colors that can be considered gang-affiliated If you feel that it will be difficult to adhere to these guidelines, you may choose to come in Hernandez school uniform

18 Rules and Expectations Students will only be allowed to use restroom if they have their agenda to sign out NO AGENDA = NO RESTROOM (Only one student at a time) Agenda must be filled out in pen Students name must written in pen on the agenda One page/pass must be fully filled out before moving on to the next page Students will walk from one period to the next in quiet, straight line(s) led by their teacher NO permanent markers, decos, white out They will be confiscated and donated to the school NO candy, gum, or drinks from outside school permitted

19 Cell Phones/Electronics Students are not allowed to have a cell phone or electronics on their person during school hours Upon entering the building, electronics must be shut off and stored in lockers If cell phone/electronics are visible (even if in pocket or pencil pouch), they will be confiscated If a cell phone or electronic device is confiscated, ONLY parents or legal guardians will be allowed to pick it up – NO EXCEPTIONS This applies to first violation, different consequence applies after initial instance

20 Food, Liquids, & Makeup Students are not allowed to enter the building with any food or liquid (unless in lunchbox and to be taken out only in cafeteria) these will be confiscated by staff and NOT returned to you Students may not bring chips, candy, pop, etc…NOT even for lunch Food may not be shared Spray, perfume, cologne, etc. may not be brought into the school building (you may bring deodorant) These items (and similar) will be confiscated by staff and NOT returned to you Makeup, nail polish/remover, mirror/compact are not to be brought into the school building These items (and similar) will be confiscated by staff and NOT returned to you

21 Locker Permission Students may go to lockers during various times of the day; please speak with your homeroom teacher for the specific times (must have teacher permission) DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOCKER COMBINATION WITH ANYONE!!

22 Stairwell Procedures Students will be given a route by their teacher as to which stairwell to use during the day. If a student needs to go to any of the offices on the 1 st floor, they must walk through their grade floor and use east stairwell ONLY. Students will be walked to and from each class (including into the cafeteria or recess area) by their teacher/staff. ENTRANCE and EXIT doors and stairwells 6th and 7 th enter and exit through courtyard doors 7 th grade students will use the middle stairwell to the second floor and 6 th grade students will use the middle stairwell to the third floor (not entering 1 st floor) 8 th grade enter and exit through west doors by parking lot Hallways are always silent while classes are in session (i.e. going to and from lunch, exploratory classes, testing) Why is this important?

23 Lunch/Recess Procedures Teachers will line up their class outside of their homeroom; lunch duty staff will then walk them into the cafeteria or recess area Six homerooms will be in each area Students will receive lunch and be directed where to sit by lunch duty staff Students will be allowed to use the restrooms (near cafeteria) while they are in lunch Staff will supervise restroom area and collect IDs from students using the bathroom Students waiting to enter the restroom should be quiet while in the hallways Lunch duty staff dismiss students table by table and have them line up quietly with their monitor to exit cafeteria into recess area Recess staff will have students line up quietly to enter building and proceed to cafeteria After lunch/recess, lunch duty staff will walk students to their lockers to prepare for the next set of classes. Teachers will meet students by their lockers to guide them to their next class.

24 Grrrrreat Expectations (aka caught being awesome!) Students demonstrating appropriate behavior will be issued an Honored Husky raffle ticket (Fill out ticket and return to your homeroom teacher to place in homeroom raffle box) UPCOMING RAFFLE Friday, August 30 th : Casual Day Pass

25 Monthly Incentives To be able to attend the monhtly incentive event, you must be a model Hernandez student What does this look like? In uniform Present and on time with ID Grades of C or higher Respectful behavior Following the grrrrreat expectations

26 Sample Incentives for Students Chicago Fire tickets Chicago Cubs or White Sox tickets College basketball games Staff vs Students game Dress down days Lunch with friend Restaurant food delivered during lunch Gift cards Free homework passes Lunch with admin & preferred staff

27 Incentive Ideas?? Each class should come up with at least 10 free incentives for students that can be raffled off weekly or be used as a monthly incentives (Do not repeat what is already on the slides) Teachers: Please send your list to Ms. Arévalo by Friday, August 30 th


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