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Sino-Africa Initiative Project Monitoring & Evaluation Final Exchange January 2014.

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1 Sino-Africa Initiative Project Monitoring & Evaluation Final Exchange January 2014

2 Overview Primary Goal: Identify areas in which Chinese, African, and U.S. cities can collaborate on economic development and urban poverty in Africa.

3 Operating at ¼ of its 1,600-student enrollment capacity - reduces amount of per-pupil City funding Improving facility conditions = Increase enrollment Increase city funding Improve education Improve health Increase development Madaraka Primary School City school in Nairobi, children ages 6-12

4 SAI Project Focus Renovate/repair water piping & flow to toilets/sinks WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) Training Sustainable City-to-City relationships Water supply limited and unhygienic Toilets & supply lines broken

5 Surrounding Conditions in Kibera Informal Settlement

6 Successes

7 Construction Completed Toilets (28) Cisterns (31) Water basins and sinks (17) Taps (17) Water tanks (3) Steel doors (4) Timber doors (7) Manhole covers (7) Steel grills on toilet walls Tiles on walls New roof for toilet block Drainages cleaned to improve water flow




11 Building Relationships & Global Partnerships

12 Principal Munene

13 Students of Madaraka

14 Teachers of Madaraka School

15 City Leaders

16 Building City-to-City & People-to-People Partnerships

17 Successful Tri-lateral Partnership!!!

18 Special thanks to NoKero – Solar Light Champion and Madaraka Supporter

19 Denver Delegates, County/City Leaders, Minister of Water U.S. International University, Metro State University, UC Boulder & Delegates Technical University of Kenya, Metro State University, & Chair, Denver-Nairobi SCI

20 Spreading the Word!!!

21 Challenges

22 Procuring Supplies & Implementing Work Money Supplies Paint: Interior/Exterior Doors + hinges/locks Window glass Desk/chair sets Delivery Coordination Labor Department of Education City/County Assembly Mr. Ashok Patel, Supplier

23 WASH Training

24 Increased enrollment Reduced absenteeism Motivated teaching staff Improved hygiene Increasing Test Scores Water Supply & usage Storage capacity, metered supply, weekly usage, etc. Rain collection WASH related Reliable Performance Metrics

25 Next Steps DC Conference Delegates & Panelists Kenyan & Chinese Embassies Private donors Madaraka Sustainability Prioritized list of needs One Classroom at a Time Fundraiser(s) Parent Gardening Plots Future exchanges Follow through & continue building the network Unlimited potential

26 One Classroom at a Time


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