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System Change in the DD System

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1 System Change in the DD System
Kevin Casey – DHS/DDD Sheila Romano – IL Council on DD

2 Agenda Values Re Balancing – What Does it Mean?
Status of SODC Closures Ligas Case Management Final CMS Rules on HCBS Waivers Employment Council Initiatives Questions

3 Values All individual with DD/ID in Illinois will….
Be healthy and safe Have real relationships with family and friends Have a paying job if they want to work Make decisions about their lives Have opportunities to contribute to their community

4 What Does Re Balancing Mean?
Integration of Initiatives

5 Status of SODC Closures
Jacksonville Developmental Center Murray Developmental Center

6 Ligas Implementation Coordination of projects / activities
NASDDDS (#1) The Arc Family Project NASDDDS (#2) CQL – Outreach Mark Friedman UCED – Evaluation Family Council Equip for Equality MFP Other

7 Strengthening Case Management / ISC’s
Working with ISC’s Streamline Processes Re-examining PUNS Training Conflict-Free Case management Work with Individuals and their Families to develop their Profile and Desired Outcomes Plan

8 Federal CMS Rule on HCBS Services Settings (Final Rule released January 10, 2014)
For provider-owned or controlled residential settings, the rule states: Units or rooms must be a specific physical place, the kind that could be owned or rented in a typical landlord-tenant agreement Individuals have privacy in their living or sleeping units, meaning that: Units have lockable doors and entrances, with only appropriate staff having keys to doors Individuals who share rooms have a choice of roommate in that setting Individuals can furnish and decorate their own units within the limits of the lease or agreement Individuals control their own schedules, including access to food at any time Individuals can have visitors at any time The setting is physically accessible to the individual Describes home and community- based settings as having the following qualities: The setting is integrated in the greater community, including opportunities to seek employment in competitive integrated settings and engage in the community The setting is selected by the individual The setting ensures individual rights of privacy, dignity, and respect and freedom from coercion and restraint The setting optimizes individual initiative, autonomy, and independence in life choices

9 Illinois Waiver Updates
Adult Waiver

10 Employment Employment First Legislation DOJ Flexible Day Services

11 IL Council on DD Initiatives
Going Home Campaign Need your involvement Need Stories The Alliance Waiver Amendment for Self Direction Support a Chapter Corporation for Supportive Housing Customized Employment Community Colleges Speak Up and Speak Out

12 Chicago Community Trust and Coleman Foundation
Employment Housing

13 Questions?

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