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The area around the school doesnt have any definition between the school properties other property. Having signs to define this area can help with trespassing.

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1 The area around the school doesnt have any definition between the school properties other property. Having signs to define this area can help with trespassing issues as well as enforcing after hours trespassing. YesNoN/A x Is there a method that defines the school property, such as a fence, sidewalk, or easement? x Are there signs that identify the property as belonging to the school and prohibiting trespass? x Are perimeter gates to the property secured after school hours (except those required to permit staff access)? School Property Lines

2 NoYes x Are there lockable gates that can limit some areas from vehicular access? To help control vehicles from access to areas of the school, consider lockable gates. Some areas for consideration may be the area around the auto shop, house construction and the loading dock. X (1) Are bus loading, drop-off zones, and fire lanes clearly signed and painted to prevent unauthorized parking? x Are bicycle parking areas located where they can be easily observed from windows inside the school? X (2) Are bicycle racks provided to allow secure lockup? Clearly marked drop off / pick up zones assist in the orderly flow of traffic. Clearly marked Fire lanes allow for emergency equipment to have efficient access to the building and for enforcement. A locked bicycle area that is viewable from windows of occupied offices or monitored security cameras is preferable for security. Bicycle area was not set up. Parking

3 Loveland Classical School Lighting exterior If there are any after school events that go into the night time hours, it is better to have the parking lot well lit for safety. To have adequate security lighting around the building, all entry areas and sides of the building should be lighted from dusk to dawn. This would help with the detection of persons at an entry or by the building. x Does staff know where the mechanical override for the parking lot lighting is located? Staff having access and knowing how to function the manual override for the lighting will assist with after hour event safety. Parking lot lighting turns off automatically at 9 PM. x Is the school lighting adequate during nighttime hours when the building is unoccupied? NoYes X (10) During locked periods, when a key is used to enter an exterior door, does the door re-lock automatically when the key is removed? NoYes Doors that are unlocked have to be manually relocked and only administration personnel have the key. This leaves the potential for doors being left unlocked and allowing unauthorized access. Doors exterior

4 Loveland Classical School x Are there signs directing visitors to the appropriate locations for entry into the school? x Are windows in or near exterior doors equipped with shatterproof glass in order to prevent the ability to unlock a door through a broken window? x Are windows in concealed areas provided with grills, security screens, or burglary resistant glass? NoYes Because some of the exterior doors have crash bars on the inside, one could break the glass on or by the door to access the school. Consider replacing the glass with shatterproof glass or security bars over the existing glass Windows exterior Security / Safety Signs on all exterior doors directing people to the main entrance to sign in can assist in preventing and enforcing trespassing and enhance security throughout the building. The sign on the right is an example of the simplicity of some signs in the Thompson School District.

5 Loveland Classical School X (4) Are walkways equipped with bollards (strong metal or concrete posts) to prevent unauthorized vehicular access? NoYes Bollards prevent unauthorized parking near the building. They protect the building and walkways from intentional or unintentional vehicular traffic. Bollards can be posts or decorative displays (planters, statues, etc) as long as they are strong. x Are dumpsters locked to prevent concealment of school property? Suggested bollard locations By locking the dumpsters and dumpster access areas you help with theft issues and limit unlawful dumping. It also prevents the use of dumpsters with wheels to gain access to upper levels of school. Security / Safety Cont.

6 x Is there a written policy that prohibits sharing or writing down of alarm arm/disarm codes? x Is there an annual review of persons authorized to arm and disarm the system? NoYes Having a written policy for writing down or sharing alarm codes would allow for notification to employees. It would also make enforcement easier and keep school more secure from problem former employees or other people with unlawful intentions. Reviewing the policy annually keeps the correct people with codes and account for staff turnover. Security & Alarm System x Are there lockable doors or gates to secure unused sections of the building? x Are classroom doors equipped with locking devices that can be secured from the inside without the use of a key? Doors By having lockable gates inside the school you could lock off the classroom portion of the school and still allow after hours use of the auditorium and visa versa. This would deter unauthorized roaming around the school during events. By having the ability to lock a door from the inside would not expose a person trying to lock the door from the hallway during a lockdown. By locking all classroom doors when not in use would limit a person movement throughout the school especially if that person is there to do wrong.

7 X (5) Are the windows tamper-proof? NoYes Making windows tamper proof assists in preventing unintended damage as well as unauthorized entry into the school. The safety glass that is currently in place prevents large pieces of glass when it breaks. It does not deter entry. Would recommend a wire mesh type glass on lower floor windows. See photos for some examples. There are many types that you can see through as well.

8 x Is abandoned property (such as unattended backpacks and other property) confiscated, searched, and properly disposed of? NoYes Bags and other property left unattended could simply be lost or left by someone intending harm. Searching the bags or having professionals search suspicious items would enhance safety and possibly identify owner. A written policy would help with consistent action with these items. Security / Safety Interior x Is there a written policy that governs lost or stolen keys and provides direction in changing lock cylinders upon the loss of a key? Written policies generally help with consistency. In the case of lost or stolen keys clear direction on what to do will give staff and the school the ability to change locks before the school can be accessed by unauthorized people. Key Access / Control X (8) Are signs posted that advise visitors of the requirement to check in at the main office? x Are the badges stored in a secure location? x Does someone contact unknown people who enter the building without checking in with the office? School Entry Procedures NoYes There are signs on interior classroom doors advising folks to check in. There are none on exterior doors. This would help to direct people to the main entrance in order to check them and have them check in. Badges are stored on hooks by the front desk. Someone could come in and grab one if there was not someone at the desk. Putting them behind the desk out of site would be advised. Empowering, encouraging, and rewarding staff and volunteers to contact people without badges discourages unwanted people from wandering around the building and entering anywhere but main entrance.

9 Loveland Classical School x Is there two-way communication between exterior playgrounds and the main office? x Are those who answer the phones trained to handle bomb-threat calls and other suspicious phone calls? x In the case of a teacher being incapacitated, do the students know they can use the phones in the classrooms for emergencies? Two way communications is extremely important in a crisis situation. This should be issued to, at a minimum, all Administrators, crisis team members, custodial, and other key staff. Attached is a copy of a bomb threat checklist to follow when this type of incident occurs. Seek training for people who answer phones TSD might be a resource in that regard. COMMUNICATION PROCEDURES / SAFETY TOOLS NoYes Letting students know how and when to use phone in classroom will allow critical communication in case a teacher is unable for any reason.

10 Loveland Classical School x Are all staff members issued photo identification cards and required to display them when on school property or conducting school business? NoYes x Are students issued picture identification cards? x Are students required to carry their identification cards at all times while on school property? x Are they advised of the locations they can and cannot enter in the school during their contracted work? Having staff were IDs allows ready identification of staff members to students, parents, and new staff. It also helps emergency services personnel unfamiliar with staff. Student ID cards assist with identification of students both on campus and off. This prevents non students from roaming hallways. Contractors are unfamiliar to staff and can be in areas not typically accessed by anyone other than custodial staff. Mandating ID and restricting access to only certain areas they are working on keeps them away from students and staff as there are no checks performed on them prior to their work at your school Movement within school Building

11 Loveland Classical School X Are main electrical service disconnects and gas valves equipped with locking devices? x Is there an emergency generator connected to ensure that critical systems, i.e., security, alarm, fire alarm and communications systems, remain operational during power outages? I observed locking devices on some of the utility connections. Others were accessible to the public and not locked. There was minimal fencing around utility connections. This allows access to anyone who wishes to disrupt the services provided. Having a backup generator allows power to the building in the case of normal power outage or intentional disruption. The generator should automatically start when power is out allowing for the building to have power even during an over night power outage. This prevents damage and illegal entry. The generator should be regularly tested. x Are locations where the electric and gas utilities enter the building fenced to prevent unauthorized access? Utilities Control NoYes See Photos next slide

12 Electric access panel with no locks and accessible to public Utility boxes that are not fenced nor locked allow anyone to shut off power or other utilities. This could cause property damage or allow access to school during confusion.

13 Loveland Classical School x Is there an ample supply of flashlights, tools, radios, bullhorns, and other equipment in the go-box? x Is someone assigned to regularly maintain the go-box and change batteries etc.? NoYes Safety Devices Having a supply of emergency equipment available,and regularly checked, allows for staff to be more efficient in safe evacuation. Allows personal to know where key equipment is located when a crisis arises. Assigning the tasks to specific individuals whether equipment or task related helps avoid confusion during critical times of stress. X (12) Is identification and/or written permission required for persons, other than legitimate parents, to pick up students? School Attendance Control School policy prohibits children from being picked up by anyone other than parents. There is not written policy requesting identification for individuals who do come to pick up a child but are not known to staff. There may be a substitute working at school that is not familiar with the parents. This would assist with correct identification. Possible making a copy of ID for future reference. x Is there an effective conflict resolution program in place that is easily available to students, i.e., peer mediation? x Does the school have a written policy relating to student records access? NoYes Student Behavior There are several examples in the Thompson school District and other districts of successful student led staff mentored programs. They allow students to learn how to do this and gives students by in from talking to peers. With the restrictions of FERPA reference the release of records it is imperative the school has a written policy. This will assist with liability and possible law suits.

14 x Is there an agreement of understanding defining the roles and responsibilities of the school and local law enforcement? Loveland Classical School NoYes Security Pers. & Law Enforcement x Does local law enforcement provide a visible presence on campus during school hours and during school sponsored events? X (15) Are violence, crime, and other safety issues addressed at student orientation? There is no current agreement between Loveland Classical School and LE. The possibility of LE personnel, specifically School Resource Officers (SRO), would be advantageous. Contact Loveland PD for requirements. Due to this fact consider paying for LE to be at events with large crowds or were there is a potential for conflict even if not related directly to the school. Even though parents are notified prior to the start of school, notifying and educating students can help to deter issues before they arise. x Are violations of the law required to be reported to the police? All violations of law do not need to be reported to police. Keep the Mandatory Reporter criteria in mind when issues arise (see District Attorneys office or Thompson School District). Also notifying law enforcement of crimes can keep officers aware of issues and assist you with law enforcement involvement which does not always mean enforcement.

15 Loveland Classical School X (16) Is there a written school emergency plan designating responsibilities and actions for all types of emergencies that may arise? x Are all staff members informed about and prepared for emergencies during high volume special events? x Has the school ever practiced an emergency evacuation during a high volume movement time, like during a lunch period? X (17) Is there a written chain of command that establishes who is in charge during an emergency along with designated alternates? X (19) Is all staff encouraged by written policy to challenge strangers when the opportunity presents itself? X (20) Do teachers and other staff members know what to do if they cannot immediately contact a school administrator? x Is the staff provided with training in conflict identification, reporting, and resolution? NoYes Your crisis plan is started however completing and training staff and students is imperative to the successful use during a crisis. Having a yearly written task assignment list that is reviewed yearly assists with staff knowing their responsibilities during a crisis. Typically the school will be interacting with multiple agencies during a crisis and it will be confusing. This will alleviate some of the initial conflict. Completing drills for different crisis situation will assist in training both staff and students. Empowering your staff increases your eyes and ears around the building during the day and other times. Having a written policy that includes the Watchdog program assists with litigation and makes administrative intent clear. In essence this is a daily chain of command. It allows teachers to make decisions, and when they are not sure what to do, a clear path as to what to do. Much like the peer conflict resolution program, this allows staff to be trained on how to recognize and deal with situation. Having trained staff assists with liability and law suits. A written policy on training and conflict resolution would also be of assistance.

16 In conclusion This survey and report are in no way designed to force compliance with any of the suggestions in it. It is merely to assist you on a path to creating a safer school environment. Loveland Classical School is a relatively new school yet you have taken many steps to increase your security and keep your students and staff safe. Specifically you have a video camera system throughout the school that is impressive. You have the Watchdog program. This program allows parents to volunteer for a day and uses them in a roving security fashion. This program is unique in the Thompson School District and again impressive. The crisis plan and implementation is in ongoing development. The completion and implementation of training for both staff and students is imperative. There are areas of improvement and current development that the survey has brought to light. If there is anyway I can be of assistance please contact me at : Officer Gary Patzer #97 Loveland Police Department 970-962-2052 ext 1097

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